Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast
Litzenberger's Sailing Podcast
A sailing podcast!! We are the Litzenbergers and we sail, in fact we've sailed for 9 years on 7 different boats. This podcast delves into everyday life when living on a sailboat and cruising. We try to talk about what it's really like out here and the challenges we face as we cruise on our aluminum Rumba41. Hope you enjoy!
Synthetic Rigging with SV Badfish the King Rigger
We talk to our friends on SV Badfish who installed synthetic rigging on their Babba 40 and have sailed with it for 4 years, throughout the Caribbean. Eric now works as a rigger in Maine and he talks all about synthetic rigging and when to use it.
Nov 19
41 min
Best Places to Sail in the United States
With borders closed and entry fees rising, sailors are thinking more about sailing close to home. We talk about our favorite places to sail on the coast, here at home. We've sailed Washington, Oregon and California on the West coast and then Florida to New Jersey on the East coast so we tell you all the must-see spots!
Nov 12
37 min
How Much Does it Cost to Build a MicroCruiser Sailboat
Spencer has completed his Wharram 14 foot plywood sailboat build and we talk about the final cost and all the things he learned during the build. We talk about our first sail on the boat in Maui, Hawaii and if we think you should build your own boat!
Nov 5
30 min
Sailing Ghost Stories! Litzenberger's Halloween Special
This week we give you 4 spooky sailing stories and you get to guess which one is fake. We also talk about the time Breena saw a ghost ship off the coast of the Bahamas and Spencer relives a harrowing event when he almost drifted off to sea in the dinghy. Strap in! It's a Spoooo-oo-oo-ky one!!!
Oct 29
24 min
Boat Shop with Us - Learn the Smartest Way to Find Your Dream Sailboat!
This week Spencer finds 11 ads for sailboats on the market and we go through them with you. We talk about how to judge photos, assess equipment lists, and how to filter through ads to find the boat of your dreams. We set our budget at $50,000. Follow along by going to our blog post where we link all the ads for you to follow along!
Oct 23
1 hr
Lin Pardey; the Mother of Modern Cruising
Spencer and I have the honor of interviewing Lin Pardey the legend that built 2 boats with her husband Larry and sailed around the world both backwards and forwards. She tells us what she is up to now and all about her life as a cruiser. She's the most humble badass we've ever had the pleasure of interviewing! We hope you enjoy her quick wit and inclusive outlook on sailing as much as we did.
Oct 8
42 min
Sifting through Misinformation in the Sailing World
With border closures and all sorts of other information flying around sailing facebook pages and forums, it's hard to know what and who to trust. We talk about our own experience trying to find the truth and we even find ourselves guilty of spreading some misinformation of our own.
Oct 1
37 min
The Skills you Need to Build a Wood Boat
This week we talk about the core skills you need in order to build your own wood boat. Spencer has been building his Wharram 14 foot catamaran for the past 7 weeks and is almost done! He talks about stitch and glueing, laminating, filleting and fiberglassing. If you're thinking about building a boat you absolutely need to listen!
Sep 24
29 min
You Too Can Fail at Making Money While Cruising!!
In keeping with last week's theme, we talk about our failures in the business world. It's a tough to find a way to make money and fulfill your dreams of sailing around the world. We talk about all the things we've tried to do in order to keep on sailing. A lot of them haven't worked out and yet we still keep trying. We just love sailing and cruising THAT much!
Sep 17
40 min
All our Sailing Failures
This week we walk you through 10 years of sailing failures, but don't worry it isn't depressing! More of a fun look back on things we should have known and how we've learned from them, or in some cases, have not learned from them.
Sep 10
46 min
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