Listen - We Need To Talk
Listen - We Need To Talk
Episode 1 - Men n’ Love πŸ’“ Relationship Advice For Men
41 minutes Posted Apr 15, 2020 at 11:38 am.
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Podcast - Episode 1 - Men n' Love
Budding Relationship
Hi, My name is Jyotsna Rai from, a platform to sharing love n happiness for mind, body, and soul. I welcome you all to my podcast 'Listen - We need to talk', where we will be bringing up the issues which need some light and are hidden in our subconscious self.
Let’s illuminate each other and see how it works for us.
In this episode, we will talk about men, their issues, their thoughts, their strategies from them. I m pleased to introduce my friend and a leading Men's Blogger Kavesh Khanna, from who will be sharing his viewpoints on Men's Psyche and provide us with his insights on the same.
I again repeat this series does not cover any specific gender, though the name says men but women are more than welcome to know what goes in their mind to understand them better. Please take this if it resonates and if it