Listen Hunnay with Jeannie Mai
Listen Hunnay with Jeannie Mai
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So happy that you had Kamil back she is phenomenal!
Good energy
Heard about this pod from Kaitlyn’s podcast, enjoying it!!
Thank u
Just started listening. Thank u , love listening to the prodcast
You saved me !
One of my good friends introduced me too your podcast and I started from episode ONE ! And I listen every single day and it’s such a STRESS RELIEVER so thank you ! My question would be how would I be able to start a podcast because I know I can talk about everything and anything and I’m such a talker ! I would love advice on how I would be able to start up a podcast I’m from Fresno CA and i truly appreciate you thank you (:
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I have been listening to Listen Hunnay since the beginning. I was so excited that Jeannie had a podcast because I knew there would be amazing fun topics! There have been so many episodes I haven’t agreed with Jeannie’s point of view but it seemed silly to me to stop listening and not keep my ears open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things. However, the episode that just dropped today (11/9) just pushed me over the edge. For Jeannie to give the impression that Communist Vietnam was better than America went too far and was too much. Her family risked their lives to escape there and yet she speaks so fondly of it in comparison to America. We have our problems here, yes. This country isn’t perfect. But to hint that a Communist country is better than America is blasphemous and such a slap in the face to the liberties and freedoms we have here. So sad to be leaving the podcast as a listener but I wish Jeannie the best in her future endeavors.
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Lady Rivers
Hi Jeannie, this is an appreciation review for your podcast as a whole.Your topics and guest choices are thoughtful. I love how candid you are about your own experiences. Your podcast has really helped me with my own self love journey and healing. You’re my go to when I need a little pick me up. You’ve also inspired me to push through self perceived limitations. Your passion for helping and enlightening others really shines through. I cannot thank you enough for what you do!
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DWTS Episode
Wow. Brandon's insight in this episode is so deep and inspiring. I loved hearing his ideas! Such a great episode, you guys are DWTS couple goals!
Love it!
I loved the interview with Brandon! I’ve been a fan of dancing with the stars for years, but this was the first time hearing his story. I have voted for you guys every week!
I love her honesty and fresh perspective.
Amazing podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! I really appreciate that you have diverse interviewees that you interview every week that come from diverse careers and backgrounds. The way you interview is entertaining and informative. I think it would be awesome if you talked more about your weight gain journey and your overall journey to emotional, mental, and physical wellness. Personally, I struggle with gaining weight and moving to a healthier lifestyle. I would love to hear about you achieved a healthier lifestyle. As the guest, I think it would be cool to invite a nutritionist or personal trainer or something like that. Thanks!! Love your podcast!!
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Jeannie Mai, it’s Sally I’m speechless!
I’m very proud of the beautiful, ambitious, and successful person you have meant to be since we 1st interact in Mr. Hunter’s 5th grade class. I knew you were a star since day 1 and you deserve all the fame & success because you wanted to be more than just “normal”. Cheers to you and what you have worked so hard for since we were just kids. Hope to see you and reminisce about the good times of us bumping heads🤩
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Love You Sis
With love always! I adore you; there are so much things that I can relate to you. I love watching Hello Hunnay, it always cracks me up and put me in a good mood. I have to say, I love you too Mama Mai because me and my mom can definitely relate. I love how real and down to earth you are Jeannie, I know I may be late on congratulating you and Jeezy. But CONGRATULATIONS, it’s so good to see you happy. 💕
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Meaningful + Impactful Learning
Hi Jeannie, I am a person who loves to learn...and I want to genuinely express my gratitude to you for using your podcast as a platform for meaningful learning. I just listened to the podcast on shared empathy with Dr. Kafui Dzirasa, and there were so many lessons that I took away from these 45 minutes. I quite literally use your podcasts as lectures (I bust out my pen & paper or notes app on my phone while I listen). Seriously though, one of the lessons that resonated with me so much in this discussion is the fact that it is okay to feel uncomfortable when we are working towards creating positive change. I think that lesson extends itself into so many other areas as well. For example, when I started meditating, it felt uncomfortable to be still because I was so used to constantly moving around and not really sitting with myself, my body, and my thoughts. In time though, by starting small and growing in my practice, meditation has come to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. It is a beautiful reminder that I can just be. So, thank you for what you do in this world, Jeannie. I admire you so much. I look up to you, and I definitely see you and your efforts as a light in this world. I am carrying the lessons from these podcasts to be a better human, a better contributor to my community, and a better physician and healer in the future (yes—your boy is going to medical school!) Sending you so much love and good energy, Hemant Kadiamada
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Hemant Kadiamada
this 18 year old loves it
I LOVE JEANNIES PODCAST😭❤️ so informative n life changing! -Ale
Excessive long ads
Love Jeannie Mai and her choice of topics, but she includes wayyyyy too many lengthy ads. It started to bother me that some of them came in between her guest’s story. If only it was a smoother transition... It’s still a new podcast so there’s room for improvement. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot!
Go reflect and try again
I like you Jeannie, but not on this type of platform. I listened to a few episodes and some were okay but definitely not the latest one with Curly Nikki. First, please stop taking over/more than your guests. How can you have invited guest and talk over them like you’re the expert? Second, you are giving opinions on issues in which you cannot relate because you are not black and will never have a personal black experience. That Doja Cat incident was so much deeper than what you touched on. It was more than hair. You are engaged to a black man, but that doesn’t grant you a pass. Please just sit back, listen and learn and stop doing podcasts with black issues unless you’re going to let a knowledgeable expert speak.
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No Fe Fe
Annoying ... who has an author on oscast but doesn’t read tier books before. Tacky.
Love your podcast
Awesome topics! Can’t wait for the new episodes! Congrats to you and Jay!
Length and placement of the ads is disruptive
Podcast is good but it’s hard to absorb the topic when sentences are cut off by ads that are extremely long.
Cynthia Greschler
Jeannie I love you so much!! You’re so relatable and real and tangible and I just so enjoy your company (because it does feel like that when I listen to you.) Also thanks for introducing me to Shan Boody! Love listening to you both together!
Jeannie this episode was so enlightening for me. I can’t believe I am approaching 30 and didn’t even know half the things spoken about in this episode. I feel empowered now to go forward and love and get to know my self. I have dealt with insecurity and body shame my whole life. But now I want to be the best version of my self by truly loving myself. Thank you Thank you!😘
Jeannie I really hope you see this. I really think you will like this source :) I first want to say thank you for your podcast I am obsessed! I just finished listening the Shan Boodram and could not help but to let you know about Carlin Boss and Betty Dodson. Betty was my first source in discovery my body. Look her up please check out her YouTube channel under Carlin Ross, she both held workshops about discovering your body. I am 30 years old and when I started having sex I had no one to go to bc it was taboo living in a Mexican House. This youtube channel saved me! Betty is the I would say Original pioneer for the pro-sex feminist sex movement! Please check her out and her youtube channel with Carlin. Omg I love them! Let me know what you think!! :)
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Need videos!!
I love these podcast!!! I need a video of the actual conversation happening 😭😭😭 I need hand gestures, facial expression I need it ALLLLLLLL Love you jeannie!!
Love me some Shan!
Jeanie & Shan Boody
I love you both. When it comes to relationships and advice y’all are my favorite podcast. Love y’all! Nothing else to say.
The best part of THE REAL has a podcast
I love your energy, Jeannie! I wish you much success with this podcast. You’re a pleasure on The Real, so this is no surprise. Best episode thus far is the one featuring Jim Kwik!
Alana Branch
This podcast is amazing! I absolutely love the education piece and how diverse the guests and topics are. Please keep inviting Shan Boodram!! The Mai and Boody combo brings me so much joy
Love this podcast. I like the different types of content, it’s not the same thing all of the time. You guys are all awesome, keep doing a great job
bring back... Anjelah Johnson💕
Great podcast 💕⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love it!
Really enjoy this podcast!!! Jeannie, I think it would be really awesome if you did some kind of one on one interview with all of your REAL co-hosts :)
Emily the great!
Jeanie! You’ve changed my life in so many ways, thank you! But this podcast! Is literally everything! No matter what the title or the podcast I ALWAYS learn something new about myself, or something new that if like to try, or just some really good information every time! Keep being great, love you!!! ♥️
I Love Jeannie
So authentic and open. She is very openly passionate and speaks with conviction that keeps your attention the whole time. She is down to earth and shares “embarrassing “ things that we all experience or think about.
This was my first Jeannie Mai podcast and 2nd podcast ever! I gotta say I love the positivity and ideas. I never new there was such a thing as bumble and I want to try it now. Thanks for the challenge Jeannie!
Finding Purpose
I don’t even know where to begin with how much Jeannie has CHANGED my life. I started watching the real so many years ago, and I always felt such a connection with Jeannie from her deep thinking to humanitarian heart and positivity. She’s so real and is constantly being her organic self. I’ve grown up in a uber religious household and always felt inside that I had my own beliefs and dreams but felt like I couldn’t express myself. As I’ve gotten older my parents
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Noah Halleck
Too many sponsored ads
Cool content but every episode doesn’t have to be sponsored. It takes away from the human to human trust.
Pretty Lady Tymeia
Recommended Listen
I like that Jeannie Mai allows her audience to learn her personal anecdotes from her life and brother Dennis. Her guests are relevant and speaks to a wide spread aged women audience. I think the audio sounds better to her more recent podcasts. The beginning echoed too much. I think Jeannie Mai is able to bring about topics that are very modern and informative but also provides entertainment.
Kathleen Ann Sagun
Thank You Hunnay!!!!!
I love your listen Hunnay podcast and YouTube channel. I don’t have a social media account but would follow you on there to support as well. I love your energy, positivity, and nature to share all the joyful things you do in each episode. So thankful for you and your entire team for their time and sacrifices for making it all possible! Love from the Bay 🌁💕
From a Sis to a Sis!!
The inspiration you give , the drive and hope you have for others is so rare! You are the epitome of a REAL woman!! I love your confidence and your GODfidence , you bring so much joy to me and I’m sure to others as well. You give me hope that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday, and to laugh at my mistakes rather than be ashamed of them! I love you Hunnayy 🤞🏽💛
I want to lick your brain!!!
When you speak I just am in awe and enthralled by it, you breath laced with wisdom. I didn’t know you had a podcast until listening to Naz podcasts. I’m so here for this. #SapioSexual
Diana Saintine
Love the realness
You are so inspiring. I come to watch or listen to you because it gives me inspiration and courage when I’m low on it. I love you’re videos because sometimes we just need things that bring us up. You are a bright light in the world and I hope you feel the love from everyone you are touching. Keep on keeping on girl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeannie mai I love you and your personality is bomb like I could listen to this all day love you and hey keep smiling and grinding you go jeannie ❤️
cone on mnsdhsjja
Jeannie wants blackness without respecting the black!
Although I do admire her as a personality and person, her anti black sentiments have forced me to really examine her as a person. Her segment on the real about the older Asian man being harassed was the last straw! I have never seen her this visibly upset when white people conduct such atrocities on BIPOC. But homegirl said send this black man to jail!!!!!! I have never heard her say that about the plethora of racist whites they talk about on the show. Pls be mindful of the complexities when you want another black man in prison. I am not trying to justify his atrocious act and violence, but you have to b intersectional and less anti black 🖤
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read read angela davis <3
Girl I love your personality and how your so true to yourself you are everything! ✨💗🦋
Love your podcast
I love listening to you when I’m at work
endoMEtriosis warrior
Slow down
I like your podcast.. slow down you’re talking so fast it sounds like your on fast forward.. slow down take a breathe...
jusy saying
Anything that Jeannie Mai works on is always AMAZING! I constantly watch The Real because or her and am subscribed to her YouTube show Hello Hunnay. So obviously I would come and take a listen to her podcast and omg I feel powerful and revived after every episode. And I feel reminded that deep conversations are OKAY, because just like Jeannie I LOVE getting into the deep stuff. Like small talk, what is that I don’t know her? Lol take a listen when you can, you won’t regret ❤️
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I love this podcast!
I love everything about this podcast, so thankful that I found it.. Keep up all the good work, love ya Jeannie!
The Most Real-Emotionally (Intelligent)-Authentic-Loyal Woman Ever!
God Bless You Jeannie Mai- I want to Honor You For being so respectably true to who you are! While I am so very new to listening to any Podcast; you were the one that I looked up and after the Anjelah Johnson episode; I SUBSCRIBED!!!!! You brought up a lot of things that resonated with my own life and I APPLAUD you for speaking up on this! I am also looking at Anjelah Johnson from a whole new perspective and I thank you both for being so courageous and so true to the Here and Now! It speaks volumes yet again that our own personal life experiences are our greatest teachers in order to optimize the change needed; equip us with useful tools while shaping our need to grow in turn helping us become better humans! I empathized and I am a Fan of You both-Today & Always!!!!!
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Love it
I love Jeanie she’s always been true to herself and keep it real and has a great personality.I’m so happy for her In all areas of her are blossomed 🌸..
Nurse Monique
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