Lisa Paige Made Me Do It
Lisa Paige Made Me Do It
Lisa Paige
Looking to find the perfect tanning product? Need a sinful dessert that won't make you hate yourself? Want to find the one mascara that works twice as well for half the cost? Dying to know if that new curling wand everyone is talking about is really worth it? Need workout gear that will have you looking cute at the gym and the new music to be blasting through your AirPods while you're there? How about a fix of healthy snacks that don't taste like cardboard?Most importantly, when that credit card bill comes in, do you need someone to blame? No problem. Just say #LisaPaigeMadeMeDoIt.National radio personality Lisa Paige has all the everyday life hacks to make your daily existence easier, prettier, and more delicious. Get her fashion, beauty, food, music, home decor, and healthy lifestyle tips every week right here. 
ADULTS ONLY Episode! Help With The Shelf Plus A Call From Santa !
Happy Tuesday! The Elves are back and I'm freaking out that it may be the last year they visit bc my son is starting to catch on. Thanksgiving recap too!
Dec 1
20 min
Do As I Say, Not as I do! Stu's Meatless Thanksgiving & Feel Good News!
Happy Thanksgiving week! So how does a vegetarian do thanksgiving? Stu's side dishes for the big day.
Nov 24
19 min
Thanksgiving is Cancelled!
Did you know you're not allowed to have Thanksgiving this year? You're not allowed to see your extended family. You also have to wear a mask in your house! STFU!
Nov 20
18 min
The Dessert I Never Knew Existed. Kenny Loggins Rules & the Triggered Trolls are Back!
Lots to discuss! My MIL moved down, Kenny Loggins is amazing and I found a new protein bar that tastes like a sweet sugary dessert. Oh, and the triggered trolls are back. Poor people. Bless.
Nov 17
16 min
Marketplace Ballers. How To Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of When You're Selling Online.
This episode was inspired by the random lady who offered me peanuts for the Christmas tree I'm trying to sell on fb marketplace.
Nov 10
20 min
Impulse Buys, The Sephora Sale and Do Your Kids Still Believe?
In today's episode I cover the sephora sale, my new and unnecessary Christmas tree, keeping the magic of Christmas alive and anniversary gifts.
Nov 6
14 min
Coffee Talk. Launching a Business in the Middle of A Pandemic. Who Dis?
My friend Aly Gwin joins me on today's episode to talk about her new venture into the coffee business.
Oct 27
19 min
Snoozing Friends To Keep Your Own Sanity & We remember Collin Kartchner.
Bible friend Lindsey is back to chat about snoozing OR divorcing friends. If there's ever been a time to take a break from certain people in your life, it might be now. I think this episode will help you decide your next move.
Oct 23
38 min
Products I Refuse to Buy Because of This One Reason & Influencers Who Do Anything But Influence.
Today's quickie episode is about brands we're turned off by because of their never ending ads that continually crepep in our on social feeds.
Oct 16
15 min
The Blonde Baker Babe's "Fall into Your Mouth" Cookies & Who Influences Us on the Daily?
On today's episode, my girl Ester joins me to talk about her new side hustle as "The Blonde Baker Babe."
Oct 13
34 min
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