Liquid Lunch with John & Roma
Liquid Lunch with John & Roma
Team Liquid Lunch
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Fun Show
Such a fun Podcast. These two have great chemistry - cover it all - and leave no stone unturned! The cover all my fav reality shows and real life topics too. So much fun. A must listen!!
So informative!!!
I tuned into this podcast because I love my Bravo shows but honestly I now listen because they give me concise and informative news each week that I can’t get from other news outlets. It’s just simple and easy and they make me crack up while doing it! Love these two.
Relatable, informative and fun!
I love tuning into this podcast. They break down social and economic events in an easy and fun way while also covering some of my favorite shows. Really easy, funny and light hearted listen that I don’t see often, highly suggest!
Liquid Lunch with John and Roma
Updated news and entertainment with a hilarious Touch!!!! John and Roma are so enjoyable to listen to. They fill us in with financial updates and entertainment with an upbeat flair. They are so funny together, and especially with the virus and the craziness going on, it is surely welcomed! Wish they were on everyday!!!!
My favorite glass of wine
John and Roma cover everything from entertainment to the economy and are light hearted about everything, love them! Their camaraderie makes for an eclectic mix and I feel like I’m having a glass of wine with them, everything they say is so relatable!