Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
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Episode 9: The Birth of Awakened Souls with Lyndsey Harper
25 minutes Posted Mar 25, 2022 at 5:00 am.
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Lyndsey Harper founded her human design and Homeopathic counseling practice in 2018. She works with women who want to step into their true matriarchal roles. She teaches mothers and soon-to-be mothers to use human design and homeopathy to deeply understand themselves and heal their physical, mental and emotional bodies. Lyndsey's programs are designed to give women the knowledge and tools to have the conscious experience they desire from pregnancy to parenthood. These women emerge as leaders, equipped to help the entire family unit resolve chronic patterns and deeply connect to one another. After the birth of her first child, Lyndsey experienced many physical and emotional issues that Western medicine could not explain. It was through human design, Kundalini yoga and homeopathy that she was able to reclaim her wellness again. Armed with these tools, she was able to have her second child in a completely different, very conscious and transcendent experience.

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