LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed: An Animal Chiropractic Podcast
LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed: An Animal Chiropractic Podcast
Dr. Scott Little, Animal Chiropractic Academy
Join in on a discussion of the Philosophy, Art, and Science - The Story of Animal Chiropractic. Our goal is to share information, knowledge, and stories to help us all become the very best communicators and practitioners Animal Chiropractic. This show is a production of the Animal Chiropractic Academy.
LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed 011: Introducing the Animal Chiropractic Academy
In this session, we relaunch the podcast after about 6 months and introduce the world to the formation of the Animal Chiropractic Academy (of Colorado) - a 220-hour Animal Chiropractic certification program for Chiropractors and Veterinarians.  Check...
Sep 29
17 min
LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed 009: "We don't have any patients that need Chiropractic" | Jim Chester
In this session I share a great interview with chiropractic warrior, Jim Chester; and tackle some chiropractic communication ideas.
Mar 6
59 min
LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed 008:  The Professional Objective of Animal Chiropractic | Chiropractor, Nolan Ethridge
In this session we discuss the professional objective of the Animal Chiropractor and I interview Parker Student and Parker Animal Chiropractic Graduate, Nolan Ethridge.
Feb 5
1 hr 4 min
LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed 007: My Struggle with the Expectancy of Rejection | DC2B Chelsea Jones
In this session I talk about my struggles with low self-esteem, inferiority, and the expectancy of rejection, and attempt to encourage those of us in a similar boat to reach out. We have the greatest job on the Planet, but with laws the way they are in...
Jan 13
41 min
LifeUnbridled 006: My Take on the Advanced Animal Chiropractic Seminar in Mancos, CO | Dr. Jack Bourla
Not much to share in the notes.  The Advanced Animal Chiropractic Seminar, hosted by Drs. Jay Komarek and Petra Sullwold, was spectacular - except when I locked my keys in the Suburban in a coin-operated car wash.Dr. Jack Bourla offered an excellent...
Dec 9, 2019
41 min
LifeUnbridled 005: To Whom are You Grateful for Fostering Your Animal Chiropractic Journey? | Dr. Bruce Indek
Please enjoy and share this session of the podcast.  A special thanks to Animal Chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Indek for an excellent interview.
Dec 2, 2019
39 min
LifeUnbridled 004: BJ Palmer Explains Chiropractic | Dr. Petra Sullwold
This session starts with the promotion of an Advanced Animal Chiropractic seminar hosted by Drs. Petra Sullwold and Jay Komarek, December 6-8 in Mancos, Colorado.Then we enjoy a 5 minute recording, from 1931, in which, BJ Palmer, the Developer of...
Nov 25, 2019
55 min
LifeUnbridled 003: The Importance of the ROF | Dr. Katie Lackey
Hey Gang, my apologies if you've tried to listen to this podcast and been frustrated.  We had to change hosts and providers and it was a mess.  Please go back and listen to previous sessions if you get a chance, and share with others.  If you would like...
Nov 22, 2019
42 min