Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing
Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing
Rod Khleif
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Super! My 1st subscribed Multifamily Podcast.
I found Rod through YouTube around 2018. Since then, his podcast has been nothing but helpful. His mindset series "Own your power" is enough to get you inspired to take action.
You must listen!
If you are serious about commercial multifamily, this needs to be one of your top podcasts. Always great value with amazing guests.
Almost too much value!!!
Every podcast offers so much value from Rod and his guest that I feel like I’m in college again!
Rocky Mastro
Stepped into true wealth after listening to multiple episodes - take massive action
L/Learned - Mo
Not as much value as others
A little condescending, very little understanding of COVID, and can’t interview his hosts without interrupting. Much of it is an ad for his paid virtual trainings.
Neil real estate
Lots of value and information, awesome people that talk and share their journey and experience. Love it.
Constant Sales Pitch
Could not get through even one episode - it was just one giant sales pitch for his speaking conferences.
Absolutely the best real estate podcast!
Rod is phenomenal at interviewing his guests with relevant and insightful question and answer format. He also emphasizes on many aspects involving your mindset, which I value immensely. Thank you for being a creator and helping others on their journey Rod Khleif. I’m grateful for your podcast and look forward to new episodes.
Good info
The information that Rod provides, along with his guest is really valuable. However, because he continues to interrupt his guest when they’re speaking and talks over them, it makes it hard to listen to. He doesn’t do it in a malicious or mean way, he’s just very passionate.
Genuine Guy Wanting To Help People Out
You can tell Rod is such a genuine guy trying his best to give as much value as possible. I’ve learned so much from his podcast and continue to learn every single week. The motivational episodes are definitely something a little different too that can give your day a little boost.
Interrupting way too much
Rod read some of these reviews!! Great guest but you interrupt them way too much and it messes up the flow!!
wow jyst wow
Inspiring for investors of all ages!
Rod is an excellent host who brings on some amazing guests. Highly recommend listening to if you haven't before!
Trevor Oldham
Rod - it is great to meet you
We love Rod’s content. And your interview on the big Capital Hacking podcastHe’s going to help us introduce you and all your opportunities to our incredible community.
Was trying to listen to the episode where he had guest Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets and Rod kept interrupting him to basically say the exact thing that Brandon just said. Sooo frustrating. I couldn’t finish the episode. Let your guest talk please! Isn’t that why you invited them???
The Best REI Podcast
Great podcast with invaluable information and insight into the REI world.
Don’t interrupt
I like the podcast but it is a big turn off and then I sign off on the podcast because of the constant interruptions of the host. I cannot learn anything because I’m so aggravated at the interruptions. There is no way I would pay to go to his in person training because I would have walk out due to the disrespect from him.
Jerry Cunningham
One of my all time favorites
Lots and lots of value. Great guests.
I thought I could. Now I know I can.
I started with episode one from 2016 and I am listening to every single one of them. With just a few under my belt, I already feel empowered and encouraged. Every episode is rich with information and profound insight. Rod is a master interviewer who knows how to penetrate to the essence of the lesson because he’s been there too and knows what to ask. Plus you can hear it in his voice: he has a genuine curiosity and interest in not only the subject but also in his student. He wants us to learn. He’s honest, clear, instructive, empathetic and grateful. I always wanted to get into real estate more deeply. I certainly don’t know enough yet. But I do know that now I really am developing a solid foundation for my future.
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J Newbold
Great content
Love the content with constructive criticism of Mr. Khleif to not interrupt his guests constantly thru the podcast
Lifetime cash flow through real estate investing
WOW. If you are interested in learning and investing this is the podcast to listen to. Rods depth of knowledge and the level of guest he brings on is remarkable. It’s not just real estate, it’s life lessons, mindset, and education at a higher level. Thanks Rod. Dean
Lots of Content to be Inspired From!
Kudos on your podcast Rod! We are fans of your show and e look forward to your next episodes. If you haven't tuned in to Rod's show yet, better start now!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Inspiring and full of information !!
I love hearing this podcast. Rod is amazing.
Meetu Bhatnagar
Great but...
A lot to learn from the guests however it’s hard to listen to how they are constantly interrupted and sidetracked by Ron.
Kyarii B
Great Content! But needs improvement
Great content and lots to learn. I just wish this guy will let the other people talk and finish. This guy is interrupting all the time. It is annoying:(
Some good information but I think he needs to tone it down a notch. Less interrupting guests.....just let them speak or just don’t have guests at all if you want to talk all the time.
Great Podcast!
Easy to listen to while on the road. Very informative and enjoyable!!!
Magnus Ovland
Rod does such a great job of bringing value everytime and teaching how he and others create wealth!!!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Rod, host of The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast highlights all aspects of real estate, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Rod is the man!
Rod is awesome! Great value! Tons of good info for multi unit complexes
Getting started
VALUE DENSE! I started listening to this podcast because I wanted to know how to take action and get started. Rod is an excellent speaker. His podcasts are packed with solid, sound advice and wisdom of experienced investors. He knows how the business of real estate works and he knows how the brain works - the short podcasts on psychology, I find to be incredibly powerful. I feel empowered by every episode and encouraged that when I find that first deal, I’ll have as many of the right questions asked, the right team assembled and the best shot at success a guy could hope for!
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Will Persevere
Rod is not a good listener!!!
Great content shared by the guests but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... let them finish their sentences man!!! You can be listening if you’re cutting them off to respond before they’ve even finished their thought! IT’S YOUR #1 COMPLAINT!
The best, most inspirational podcast!!!
This podcast is amazing. I look forward to it every Monday. Thank you Rod you have changed my life. Not only am I starting to kill it in the real estate world but I am becoming a better person. My wife and children see a difference. I am there for them more now then I have ever been. I can not thank you enough. Whether you are a entrepreneur, real estate professional, or want more out of life this podcast is for you. You will be inspired. This will change you! We need more people like Rod out there. Not only is he an amazing person he is also approachable!!! Unbelievable!!! I feel so freaking fortunate to have found this PODCAST!!!! Thank you David I
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Wealth of Knowledge
Rod, thank you for providing such high quality content on business and life. I love that you are not smoke & mirrors and admit the good and the bad in your podcasts. I’ve learned so much from you and wanted to send a giant Thanks. P.S. to all of the people ranting about interrupting, it’s called a conversation. As a member of a large family, I can assure you that sometimes that’s the best/only way to get your point across. Perhaps a thank you to Rod for his FREE & valuable content is in order. ✌🏻
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Listen to this man and make money!
I am a 22 year old recent college grad. I started listening to this podcasts the summer before my senior year. I am happy to say I am closing on my first investment property in the coming weeks and it is all as a result of the knowledge and motivation I gained from listening to Rod. Take his advice and run with it. He can give you the tools but you must take action to achieve your goals! Thanks Rod!
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Harold 9
Very inspirational!
Rod is a great podcast host. His information is straight to the point with no fluff. His experience and helpful hints really help build a new multi family investors confidence. It’s been hard to hit the pause button, I’ve listened to several of his podcasts for 4-5hrs straight! Nice work Rod!
Constructive criticism
Overall, a great podcast with lots of inspiration and knowledge. However, Rod is constantly interrupting the guest and killing the flow as the guest are often annoyed by this.
Very inspirational
I came across this podcast when Rod was being interviewed on another podcast. I’ve been listening to it ever since! My favorite episodes are his 5 minute driving for success tips. It’s so true that 80% of anything you do, especially in real estate, is your psychology. The other 20% is taking action. The interviews are great as well but I think what makes him unique is that you can tell in his voice that he really wants his listeners to succeed in this business.
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New to Real State
I really enjoy the way Rod is able to breakdown information to a usable bit, rather than it going over my head, it resonates with me. Just started listening and already see great value. Strong work.
More than just words
I love this podcast! Rod does an awesome job of getting into the details with his guests on how to apply their advice and what they actually DID. It's so easy to listen to other investing podcasts and hear guests share empty words. Rod really focuses on what's useable and actionable right now and that makes this podcast a go-to for me!
Let the guests talk
Great content and info but I want to scream through my phone saying “let them talk!”. Rod is constantly stopping and interrupting the guests and makes it difficult to have any sort of flow to the messaging.
Good information
The show gives a lot of great information. My biggest complaint about the show is the CONSTANT interruptions by Rod. Please stop doing that. It’s disrespectful to your guests and interrupts their train of thought. If you want to add to their information, take a note of that topic point and wait until they’re finished. Why have guests if you won’t allow them to speak?
One of my favorite Podcasts!
I have to thank Rod immensely for providing such an impactful and educational podcast week after week. He does so much to ensure his listeners learn as much as possible and grow both professionally and personally. If you want to learn how to become both a better real estate investor, and a better human being, please subscribe to Rod’s show! Thank you, Rod!
So much knowledge
This podcast has taught me so much. I have listened to every episode and Rod has taught me so much about real estate investing. Even better he has given me the motivation, confidence, and mindset to make moves. Rod, I will continue to listen as long as you’ll have me. Thank you for creating a podcast that applies to so many of us.
Jon Derickson
Adding fuel
At this moment in my life, I am not able to invest in real estate, but this podcast is helping me to store up all the knowledge I will need when I am ready to jump in. Thanks, Rod!
Always glad to see the new episode in my feed
Rod Khleif's podcast has been a staple of my real estate education for more than a year now and I always enjoy the quality of people and the variety of topics.
Daniel Holmlund
Tremendous value added
Rod is awesome! He brings in great guests and asks all the questions that a new guy or a season MF investor would want the answer to. From the Tampa area, hope to meet him someday!
Life changing !!!
Because of this podcast alone , I immersed myself into real estate , and have no regrets. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Prior I couldn’t make a career decision.
5 stars
You learn just as much about real estate as you do about having the right mind set for success. Awesome podcast.
I appreciate the insights to go forward to obtain my goals with concrete ideas.
Good info sans the interruptions
A lot of good info shared on the podcast. If you can look past the constant interruptions from the show’s host, you’ll learn.
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