Life's a Wreck
Life's a Wreck
Kyle Moore
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S3E13: Stigma on College Campuses with the Drop The Puck Boys (Stefan Lehtoborich and Adan Moallemi)
47 minutes Posted Dec 11, 2020 at 4:00 am.
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Welcome back to Life's a Wreck where this week I'm joined by the boys from Drop The Puck for Mental Health (DTP), Stefan Lehtoborich and Adan Moallemi. These UBC undergrads and brothers at their respective fraternities started DTP as a way to combat the stigma surrounding mental health on their campus. Since starting the organization 2 years ago they have raised nearly $50,000 for mental health initiatives. Kick back, chill out and listen to a couple of guys be guys, bros be bros, and mental health advocates shoot the breeze about all things mental health.

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