Life Will Be the Death of Me with Chelsea Handler
Life Will Be the Death of Me with Chelsea Handler
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To the people who left harsh reviews
It’s crazy how several comments are straight negative and about being a liberal 😂 y’all are crazy - just don’t listen then if you’re upset. Great work though Chelsea! Love listening to you.
narcassist and puppet
chelsea handler used to be entertaining when ahe avoided politics and was her unique self. But now shes a puppet of some snarky left wing media apparatus
Horrible liberal scum
america first!!!
I love this podcast. Anyone who puts a negative review is just mad at how well spoken Chelsea is and how she uses her voice to incite positive change.
Seeking new podcasts, I miss you!
Missing you! Just talk truth, I could listen to your rambles, curiosity and PSAs any time of day. Please bring back more content please! You speak the honest truth and truly bring entertaining material worth listening to and learning from. 🥰🤩
holla koala
This is how white liberals think. They feel threatened when they no longer have control over minorities. Treating minorities like pets gives them warm and fuzzies with virtue signaling thinking people like 50 cent could not operate in the real world without their charity and vast knowledge. It makes them feel good inside. Virtuous. In reality 50 cent is 10X more wealthy than his ex girlfriend. 50 is doing just fine and will be voting to keep his wealth. Trump 2020!!!!
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Freddie bag of donuts
Horrible. Wish I could get the hour of my life back. Will never listen to again.
Kelly C Dover
Trump 50 cent
I heard when fitty busted on your face he made you call him black Donald trump . Is chewy homeless now I heard that or
She worked her way to fame and money and realized she became a narcissistic celebrity. So she cashed in on that celebrity again by letting everyone know how narcissistic she is. I would like to see a modest Chelsea....and one that spends more time speaking about women’s rights than her desire to take down Trump. THAT I would listen to!
Chealsea, You can afford to look into your sponsors, and you have made enough you don’t need harming fans. Please reconsider and research their past with YouTubers who all dropped them. Shame on you!
Totally hilarious. Filled with real talk and unique perspective. Chelsea is the self-aware comedian I needed right now
All the Stars
One of my all-time favorite podcasts. I love the variety of episodes, especially those with her psychiatrist, trainer, the one with the meditation dude... I learned a lot, and this definitely led me down some new paths. So good, definitely worth a listen!!
Wish it was
less political.
Disgusting lib
Why doesnt her PSD detail surrender their weapons
So real!
I’ve been a fan of Chelsea since Chelsea Lately. I love that she is staying true to who she is, even the changes she’s made. Truly inspiring!
Brittany Fraser
Thank You Chelsea!
I was first introduced to your humor on your TV show and was really disappointed when it ended. I read all your books and was struck by the incredible pain you must have felt after your brothers death. You wrote about the (emotional) absence of your parents. I admit I wondered if your humor was somehow rooted in the pain of your past. Thank you for allowing people like me to share in this process (I too hate the word journey). We all suffer loss but some are blessed with a support system to help us work through the pain and be able to move on with our lives. Thank you for bringing another facet of your life to your fans and for making difficult concepts so relatable. I wish you continued success, peace, and happiness.
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Fun and informative
I love Chelsea and her guests. The topics are interesting, they stay on topic and always keep my attention.
Thank you
Honest, hilarious, insightful, relatable
Getting ready to read your book. I lost my sister unexpectedly 2006 her children were the age you were when you lost your brother. I still can not get over it. I was with her the night she died till midnight her husband was hunting so when I left the girls who were 13 and 10 were left alone With her. Oldest daughter slept with her and she died in her sleep and her daughter was first to find her. The guilt kills me thinking was there any signs I didn’t see or that she didn’t feel good how could her young daughter find her like that. I have helped raise the girls but I’m so mad she is not here.
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Best Podcast Ever
I really resonated with the book, and loved the podcast just as much. Life changing!
Dear Chelsea,
Did it hurt having sex with 50 Cent? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I read her book so it was a no brainer I'd be listening to the pod! It was so nice to be able to listen to important topics, fun/ funny topics, light hearted, and all of the above!
Still making me laugh
She’s always made me laugh in delight, but since her therapy, there is a gentler, empathic quality that has replaced the bitter and reactive humor. We are so lucky to have her. Loved the old Chelsea, adore the evolved Chelsea. Also, while not still on, Two Dope Queens made me laugh. Laughing is healing.
Amy Reetz Reed
Honest and Refreshing
I love how blunt Chelsea Handler is. She’s doing all the work that others won’t do when she shares her therapy experiences. Also her honest conversation about cannabis is refreshing. This podcast was the highlight of my week. Wish they’d keep coming forever.
Katherine Lee White
Still have to read the actual book, but just couldn’t start bc I LOVED this podcast. Thank you Chelsea for sharing your story- I laughed out loud, cried, and learned so much that has helped me with the loss of my dad and how I’ve been interacting (or reacting) to the world. It’s not a self help podcast, it’s just raw truth with her amazing humor on a broad range of topics that has just made me want to learn more. PLEASE COME BACK AND DO MORE PODCASTS & I’ll see you on on tour in Pittsburgh :)
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Thank you
I have to say that I am definitely a fan that has grown up with you. I knew when I first started listening to this podcast that something was needed in my life , a change within myself and then you showed me that I could do it. That I was worth it for myself and everybody around me to be more considerate, to be nicer , to be less quick to react and give myself time to reflect. I truly just want to say thank you for coming to me at my moment when I needed Something to change your truly are an inspiration to us all.
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Cassandra Vaughn
Last episode
Just listed to the last one, I’m a little sad! But extremely grateful to you Chelsea, thanks for allowing us to grow with you, be more mindful! Loved every single one of them! 🥰
Life altering
Still waiting to read ACTUAL book-did you do the audio??? You are going to Australia and Aotearoa... Can you please find time to stop on the Big Island??? Have lots of small theaters, classics, Palace in Hilo, Honokaa. Would be wonderful-I would Post flyers for ya!!! Malama Pono!!! Episode with Laura Lynne Jackson really shows how far you have gone/grown. She blew my mind as she said the things my wife has said, BUT, she said in a way positive vibe... Malama Pono, say hi to Bert and Bernice from Wiley, Li’i, Skipper, and the latest additions Tawny and Diego-misnamed gender cats (we live country on big island) Listened—awesome and inspiring! I am REALLY gonna miss your downloads. Seriously!!! You have inspired and opened my mind to new places... a therapist??? Please don’t stay gone long, stop by Big Island on your way to or from! Mahalo for all you have shared and taught. Malama pono
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Chelsea at her BEST
Think you know her? THINK AGAIN! Thoughtful, sensitive, lovable, and funny as ever. Give this a listen!
Love me some Chelsea ☺️
I’ve watched Chelsea Handler since E!. Love, love, love her! Read every book and it’s nice to know someone can be just as sarcastic as me! And now...I too started smoking and drinking less, meditate and am kinder. Happy to have someone I love to listen to growing along with me 🔥💯
Abw 927
Hello, my name is Courtney Randy Albert Stahl. I just felt the urge to share how much I adore and sincerely appreciate you Chelsea. Your truth and details about your life’s story have really helped me navigate my own at times of trial and of ease! I am ever grateful for you honesty, curiousness, and your added flavor!!! Take care with love, randal.
Episode on 9/25 is the best!
Thank you for everything! For using your platform for good and for enlightening us with such great interviews!
challenge fan 28
The open book that is Chelsea Handler
Man I thought I loved this woman 13 years ago when I read her first book. Reading her 6th and hearing her speak so openly about her journey just makes me love her more. Such an inspirational, funny, brilliant, accepting, advocating, growing, woman.
A part of my day to day!
I’ve always been a fan and I really appreciate this podcast. I love that she is discussing things that makes most people uncomfortable and really bringing important matters to the forefront by using her platform. Keep doing what you’re doing Chelsea!
Mary Jane
Loved this episode. I am reading a book right now all about CBD/Marijuana for health. I can’t wait til we can try your products. I just hope you keep the pricing in line w other brands...please don’t use your notoriety to make hand over fist gf. Make money. Do you. But keep it realistic. K?
Raw and Honest
Love that Chelsea is so open and honest and willing to admit her faults. Look forward to this podcast every week!
Bold and hilarious
This podcast is absolutely wonderful. It makes my commute to work so much easier and I’ve learned so much in just the few episodes I’ve listened to. I’m currently listening to the Audio book Essentialism and continue to gather tools and.really helpful information from all that is shared in these episodes. Anything Chelsea Handler does, you can tell she gives it her all ❤️
Healthy Listen
Chelsea is doing such a great job. She is growing, and we are growing with her while still enjoying her humor and charm.
Love your Podcast!
I have a new found love for Chelsea Handler! Amazing podcast! :)
A self described elitist pretends to be relatable
Chelsea is a neoliberal, ignorant about politics, yet all too willing to chime in. She and her friends are everything wrong with “liberal” Hollywood. Arrogant, ignorant, and completely blinded by how their wealth affects their worldview. They celebrate warmongers and wall st shills but like to throw real leftists under the bus because they don’t care about uninsured people and don’t see what the big deal is.
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Too repetitive
I was hooked from the first 5 episodes but the readings for the physiology and wisdom learned from therapy. Then you post me. Chelsea’s comments were almost exactly the same phrasing. I love her comedy style but started to no longer feel like she was interviewed but setting her up for what she wants to say.. Readings are the exact same.
Love the Subject Matter
I love the subject matter discussed on this podcast. It refreshing, informative and of course funny. Please don’t stop making this podcast!
KP from MN
I love this podcast so much! Chelsea is super funny and it’s nice to see how much she has blossomed through therapy, keep up the good work! 😘
This has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to! Relatable, funny and all around informative.
Ketamine Infusion
thank you for bringing this to the mainstream. it has helped me.
She’s a gross person. I used to like her back in the day. Downhill from there. I’m out...
Real woman, really funny
Love this!
I love the podcast, and I also love room temperature water. Go figure!
Haters Gonna Hate 👋🏽
LOVING this podcast - it’s a perfect blend of exactly the conversations you’d expect her to have, along with ones that touch your heart, soul and mind. It’s refreshing and inspiring. An obvious must-listen for all Chelsea fans. Only downsides..... * I keep laughing aloud and waking my dog up. * It’s gonna end with her book tour 😭😭😭
Love this podcast
I have been a huge fan of Chelsea since Chelsea Lately. The more I here from her the more I love her. Keep it coming lady! Love this podcast!
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