Lez Hang Out | A Lesbian Podcast
Lez Hang Out | A Lesbian Podcast
Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster
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Fun, casual, & informative!
These two have a great dynamic and it’s fun to Hang Out with the while they chat about a variety of topics. 6 minutes into the first episode I listened to, I’d already learned something new about myself! Check it out!!
They are really great podcasters and you should subscribe!!!!
So good
Love Ellie & Leigh’s ENERGY!!!
You can feel their energy and passion on every episode.
I listened to the episode about Coyote Ugly. The cohosts have great chemistry and are funny. The episode was engaging....and no....Coyote Ugly did not make me gay 😂
Tamara tilthebreakof Dawn
Funny and interesting. They obviously care a lot and research their topics well. I really liked the episode about exes!
Mado V
Absolutely Phenomenal
I love this podcast from Ellie and Leigh. They talk on all sorts of queer media, from movies that totally should have been gay, to singers, video games, and all sorts of other stuff. I binged it at work in like two weeks, it’s that good.
Really Enjoyable
This podcast is great. I love the hosts and really appreciate the content they cover. If you like conversational podcasts where you feel like you’re hanging with friends, definitely give this one a try!
The podcast I never knew I needed
Honestly. Loving this so far, and can’t wait to continue on this gay journey with you. You have a new fan, for sure!
Like hanging out with friends
I just found this podcast and I’m in love! It’s comforting and entertaining, like sitting on the couch with your best friends chatting about gay stuff. It’s pretty stress free and fluffy, and a true joy to listen to.
I want to like this podcast
From a tech POV this podcast is two stars. The audio is all over the place from episode to episode and after a few seasons, running ads, and setting up a patreon account I expected to see the sound quality and editing get better, however it remains flat. From a content POV I just don’t feel like Ellie and Leigh are really inclusive of perspectives outside their own lesbian identities. They do try to acknowledge it a little bit but then miss the mark when they spend an entire episode discussing identities under the bi umbrella without having a single bi guest on the show. I’ve noticed the same thing with queer POC and other minority’s in the LGBT community. This podcast could be great, and I do think Ellie and Leigh mean well, but unless you identify as a cis lesbian this podcast is just ok, and sometimes horribly offensive.
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New but in love
Just found this podcast last week and have been binging hard. Love you guys though some of the Should Have Been Gay segments I have nits to pick 😂
Cherry the Ginger
Listening to this podcast feels like sitting in a living room talking to friends. I’m really enjoying the season. Keep going girls. 👍🏽
Debo's corner
So good
Grateful to have this podcast as a safe space! ✨💫
Marie Marie Marie marie
LHO drinking game: sip every time El mentions “little human” or “married.”
Gay aka Magic
Leigh and Ellie take a fun approach to finding the gay everywhere in tv, movies, books, media. Whether you are new to the lezdom or you just need some rainbow serotonin they make all listeners feel included and welcome. Keep up the great work!
as a young gaybie this podcast has helped me SO MUCH omg we stan i love y’all
Love it!
On my lonely days, you guys get me through it.
Yes iZombie!!!
I caught up on all the SBG episodes at work last week. Now, I’m super excited for this iZombie episode. Thank you so much for doing this and putting a voice to all those thoughts that I low-key worried I was alone in!
Watch this podcast! They’re hilarious and so relatable. Laid back and chill. Only listen, if you want to have a good time.
I have been listening to this podcast since it started and love it! Thank you for the great content. Love how I can relate to this.
So good!
Inclusive, exciting, thoughtful and fun! It’s nice to have a space to hear relative material. And they are working on their gender and sexuality spectrum inclusiveness.
Cute and Funny (and amazingly Gay)
I’m usually very picky when it comes to podcasts but I fell in love with this straight away! So funny and I love the film reviews and ‘should have been gay’ segments. I live in a super straight neighbourhood so I just want to say thank you for cheering me up and offering me a little gay comfort :)
Lesbians Talk About Lesbian Topics
Honestly if you can't tell by the title of the podcast then I dont know what to tell you. Two funny (and amazingly talented) lesbian women talk about pop culture and Queer culture! Have you ever watched a movie with two women who had red hot chemistry, but in the end they don't get together? These two cover it with "Should've Been Gay". Want to find out about Lesbian or Queer Women focused projects or events? They talk about it! Want to know how gay acapella groups actually are? You'll definitely find out here. Honestly if you're a lesbian, or a Queer woman in general, give these two a listen. They're funny and incredible!
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Thyme Paradox
12/10 relatable
Gay girl essential 💯💯💯
This podcast is perfect
I love the consistency of this amazing podcast, these lovely women are so creative so hilarious
Well produced show! I love how casual and great the conversations and topics are. Thanks ladies and keep it up!
10 Out Of 10 Would Recommend!
The discussions between the hosts are both a load of fun and thought provoking! The episodes range from short to on average a hour so there's definitely an episode for every listening schedule. The variety of topics also provides listeners with an assortment of choices! Audio quality is great!
Kiera Sadler
Love this!
Very gay and wonderful. Listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with 2 lesbro-friends and it is the greatest. Great discussion topics, love the should’ve been gay segment, love it all.
It's so gay!
It was fun. It was great. And it couldn't possibly be more gay! LOVE IT!
The freakin best
This podcast is the best thing since the bodega on my street started selling almond milk. I am constantly walking around the city cracking up because I am listening to this podcast in my headphones. Never stop doing what you're doing.
Love it
Super inclusive and insightful. Dig real hard
It’s honestly wonderful!
Pretty much everything that’s said is so relatable. It’s funny to sit back and realize I’m not the only one thinking the things they talk about. Keep spitting that fire!
Lesbian Soul Sisters😘🌈
I first heard of this podcast off of Ellie & Lee's appearance on 'Drunk Lesbians Watch' on YouTube. These girls are hysterical; I was hooked from the first ep. Especially love the 'Should've Been Gay' segments; can I get an amen to Rizzoli & Isles. Love you ladies & can't wait for more!! xoxo Em (SoCal Lesbean)
emmy roe
Amazing and So Bingeable
I have been listening like a fiend since I found this podcast through Girl Ship TV. So grateful and thankful for fantastic content and creators like these two. Have literally listened to back to back to back episodes.
This is a must listen!!
I love this podcast so much!! I have been binge listening since I started and can’t stop. Just amazing. Keep at it ladies!
Top notch!
These ladies are a breath of fresh air and play off of each other so well. We want more! We want more! We really like it - we want more!
Gays are always great!!!
This is so much fun to listen to! Everyone should be listening!
Thx for the autographs!
Love your podcasts. It’s great getting intelligent and humorous conversation from both of you & the little ditty “Lez Hang Out” gets stuck in my head at odd times of the day! It was wonderful meeting you both at ClexaCon. Keep up the good work! Ellen (and Amy) the T-shirt fan nerds
Love 🌈🙌🏻🌈
These ladies crack me up. Love the pop culture analysis through a lesbian lens - and I am constantly laughing out loud while listening. My girlfriend and I have discovered other awesome lesbian content because Leigh and Ellie - including Feminine/Feminine and D.E.B.S.!
Love this podcast!!
Speaks volumes in such a humorous light! The first podcast I have actually binged! Can’t wait to see where you guys take this!
Love love love
These girls are incredible and the content is informative, fun, and so so gay. I love it
Infectious humor!
Hilarious and fun! Great choice of subject matter and interviewees. Way to go, gals!
rinda ri
Exactly what I was looking for
Omg your podcast is so funny and enjoyable! You two talk about things that are also on my lesbian brain all the time. I love that you are representing us in the media! I hope to one day start podcasting about being LGBT and I hope y'all keep creating content! I'd never heard of DEBS before this and you guys have a lot of knowledge to impart to baby lesbians. Thanks for everything :)
So kind and insightful!
These women have such interesting things to say about lesbian culture, while also being aware of other identities on the sexuality spectrum. Can’t wait to hear where this podcast goes!
Just what I've been looking for
Great podcast. Specific is definitely not a bad things when it comes to media, and this has all the great inside queer jokes and references
Taking the words outta my mouth!
I love love love this podcast! These aca-lezbos are super funny and relatable and say pretty much everything I'm thinking. I find myself yelling at my phone 'me too!' so many times while listening to them. Can't get enough!
Lesbians in my living room!
This podcast makes me laugh out loud in every episode so far (4/4) which is saying a lot. I love listening to queer ladies and find myself nodding along as if we are all hanging out together. The episodes fly by and I can't wait for the next one!
Informative but fun.
I’m not a lesbian—or even a woman. But it’s interesting to hear a different perspective with a voice that is starting to be heard more recently. Keep it up, ladies!
Prof. Vincent
Yas Queens
Great show, great ladies. I consider myself to have very few gay friends, so this show is a nice way to connect with the community and see that my experience is not as unique as I might have thought. Also a pretty good way to laugh a lot!
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