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Lew Later is a show discussing technology, the internet and the future.
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I live his voice 😂
Lew’s voice is something else
Love both personalities and commentaries on stories. Also quite impressive how neutral he stays on topics even politics if there’s any story with it in it.
What the actual eff did I just listen to? Why does anyone bother with these two guys and their boring rambling, with long stretches of silence and awkward pauses...ouch. Not for me.
Amazing show
I love these shows so much. I’ve been watching them since I was like 8. I’m 16 now and I love technology so much. Lew and WILLY DUE, you guys are awesome.
Lew and Willy Do. My favorite Tech News channel.
These 2 have great personalities and talk about the most interesting technology related topics. I always enjoy their podcast or watching their YouTube channel. When a new episode airs, I’m always excited to start it. A much better way to consume tech news rather than scrolling on a device. Thank you guys for the content, it’s much enjoyed.
Great show Lew is the man
Totally worth it
I listen to this podcast when I go for my evening run and it totally lightens your mind if knowing tech news is really your thing. Lew’s style is inimitable and his unique take on stories is both funny and relatable. Keep it going, all the best!
Let talking tech, what more do you want
Just two guys having a time
Interesting topics
great podcast, i have been listening to it months ago, so entertaining !
The man. The myth. The legend.
Love the short clips on YouTube. It’s only right that I try out the podcast as well! Thanks for the info, the humor, and for making my breaks something to look forward to. Willy Du!!!!
dew and lew
the dream team the dynamic duo
Excellent Podcast
It’s a great duo between Lew and Will. Interesting topics, perfect with breakfast, or for a quick work break. Highly recommend you give it a listen!
Samuel Shally
My favorite part of the podcast.
My favorite part of the podcast is when I believe it’s Otis barks and you can hear one of the guys shush him.
Guy From Round Rock
Great podcast
They both are great personalities and they have good chemistry and lew is great outgoing guy and when he’s excited about a story he gets ecstatic and will he’s more of the middle ground he’s more serious but he does get excited about stuff that is really ground breaking
White Privilage
One of the most entertaining, funny, and important podcasts you will ever listen to. Love you WillyDu
Love this Podcast
Entertaining AF to listen to and I could honestly listen for hours without getting bored
I can't get enough!
The way that Lew makes business and tech talk so enjoyable to listen to is priceless! I'm able to get all the updates on tech, business, and sometimes just random news, all in one place while laughing the whole entire time! Lew and Willy Du are such a dynamic duo!
Great Podcast
5/5 Great Podcast
An Amazon Reviewer
Great for casual listening! Their YouTube channel has the visual part but they format the content to be both audio only and video friendly!
great podcast
this is a great podcast 5 out of 5 for sure. Lew goes very in depth on all topics and you learn everything you need to know. i try to listen to all of them but his schedule is so consistent sometimes i can’t even keep up. if you don’t have the chance to listen to all of it he even posts certain stories and his youtube channel laterclips. also very easy on the audio listener. awesome podcast overall
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Truly dives deep
Captivating, honest heartfelt, has turned into people you come to love and want to hear from.. happy to get the laughs in as well the cherry on top to these hard working online buds
Cali Alcala
Really interesting content
Great Tech Talk!
I can’t ask for a better podcast about tech and other things! Thanks Lew!
Great Podcast
Keep up the great work
Amazing, Great, Up to Date
I also listen to Lew later, while playing my xbox 1.
A great catch up
The best
Super great podcast
Insightful and entertaining
Lew is so interesting with his analysis to describe why we should care about tech or a particular product. Very captivating speaker. Willy Du is great. Otis should make more appearances.
Watch them all but still subscribe to podcast
I watch every single Youtube episode but wanted to subscribe to the Podcast just in case I ever can’t make it to the video. I hope you continue forever and ever! Willy Du the bomb also!
Just amazing
Noah Brumbaugh
The best place for internet, tech, and business news. Keep it up Willy dooo and Lew.
A child's perspective
Best tech podcast
First I had become a fan of Unbox Therapy on YouTube, and then I got into podcasts, so this is perfect combination of both. It gives great in depth tech news, from computers to gaming to cars, it gives you up to date information. It has no ads and it gets right into it from start to finish, starting Lew and Willy Du.
Actually fun to listen to
Great podcast, no stupid intro, gets to the point, nice voice, no adds
I love this podcast!
Never been in to podcasts but love this one!
Great Show
I love listening to this when I go for a walk!
Jonathan Wellington
The Doooooooooooo and the loooooooo, like fine wine and cheetos!
Bill R1423
Thank you!
Hey Lou, thanks for keeping the podcast updated. A lot of people just upload on YouTube and let the audio-only die out.
Awesome show!!!
I’m glad to see you see you guys are back!! Mad respect Willy Doooooo and Lew!!!
Love the Willy doo and Lew duo
Good stuff
Willyyy doooooo........ willy willy do willy do willy doo dooooo!!!!
Amazing podcast
The only reason I have the Apple Podcasts app on my iPhone is because of Lew Later. They’re amazing.
Charanveer Singh
Freaking GREAT
I love the Lew Later podcast and YouTube videos, I’ve been watching the videos since they started, and I just watched the video “Apple silicon closer than you think” and he talked about the podcast and I forgot they had this podcast on Apple podcast as-well, so now that I know I will definitely be listening this instead of my Comedy Central podcast while I run since Lew and Willy Duuuuuuuuuuuu are some of the best people to learn about what’s trending and happening in the world of technology! Thank you Lew and Willy Du for keeping me up to date with the latest and greatest in tech!
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Willi duuuuu
The only podcast i listen to almost daily!!
Love the Willy-Dew name
I love how Lee interacts with Will. I wish he wasn’t so mad at him, what did he do to you, Lew
Great Podcast
Strongly recommend! You will learn a lot about what’s happening right now in tech and it very entertaining!
Lord person the 3rd
Entertaining good to listen to at work
Don’t forget about us listening without video and I hope you keep updating daily and thanks for not having a million ads.
Podcasts won’t play
None of your Podcasts play for me! It just sits there and loads and loads and loads. It’s only Lew Later, everyone else’s podcasts work and play great for me.
Lew and WILLY-DU voice are calming for the end of the day.
why all da nicknames taken?
Give Kirk mic
Do it
This is by far my favorite tech podcast, super high production. Crispy audio for days!
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