Level Up - Real Estate Investing Podcast
Robert Heyder
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This is a no fluff podcast discussing the journey of scaling your residential real estate investing / wholesaling business, as well how to break into commercial real estate sector and the mindset it take to get there. At the surface real estate investing is easy, but there are specific reasons why the truly successful investors are successful, as well as huge pitfalls to avoid. We dig into the 1-2% variables that make these investors great. On this podcast Robert Heyder will interview the most successful entrepreneurs in the residential and commercial real estate business. We will specifically dig into our journey, struggles and breakthroughs to get to the next level. Robert Heyder is not your average real estate guy. He is an active residential and commercial real estate investor, multiple business owner, note purchasing, consultant and strategist. He bought over 150 houses last year alone, has acquired over 110,000 sf of commercial investment real estate, owns a real estate brokerage, speaker and author. If you’re looking to get rich quick, you’re in the wrong place. Visit: https://robertheyder.com
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