Letters To My Daughters
Letters To My Daughters
Claudia B
Letters To My Daughters was created to give women a safe space to share experiences, advice, knowledge, lessons learned, and resources on subjects that affect people to help motivate, inspire, and help others get through their own journey.
Choose Yourself
On todays episode, with guest co-host Sheriah aka PolyNubian, we discuss what traits we carry that can contribute to TOXIC relationships. We all have been there, whether friends, family, or your significant other. Toxic relationships take a toll on us individually. At some point you start questioning what you're  doing that causes you to step into these type of relationships. We discuss past traumas, signs we miss, and the BIGGEST lesson learned. Make sure you follow Sheriah on IG and TIkTok @polynubian! 
Oct 16, 2020
33 min
Role Switch
Welcome back to Letters To My Daughters!! In todays episode I will be giving you a little bit more insight on how life is with an incarcerated spouse, specifically, in the beginning of this crazy journey. I also will share the main resource I used to help find an attorney and that helped me understand the process when it comes to military law. If you or anyone you know is facing court martial and was unjustly accused of a crime please click on the link below for resources you may want to use or share!  Save Our Heroes:  www.saveourheroesproject.org
Oct 2, 2020
16 min
Caged & Rock Bottom
Welcome Queens & Kings to Letters To My Daughters very FIRST episode! In this episode you will find out why I chose to create Letters To My Daughters and you will get to hear my story of hitting rock bottom and the MOST life changing situation I've been in. Get to know me a little better and continue to tune in to Letters To My Daughters as special guests share their stories of life, give advice, and resources to those going through something similar. By sharing stories we can MOTIVATE, INSPIRE & HELP others.
Sep 25, 2020
14 min