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Tarig Waldron Motorsport Show
Tarig Waldron
On The Tarig Waldron Motorsport Show, Tarig gives his unfiltered opinions on motorsport across multiple race disciplines. Once a week, you’ll hear his perspective on racing events, motorsport developments, as well as interviews with motorsport icons and personnel. And stay tuned for giveaways!
Can The Las Vegas GP Provide Something Spectacular
In today's episode, Tarig discusses his predictions and hopes for the all-new Las Vegas GP in Formula One. He talks about the potential the event has and the way it can affect the world. He also discusses some IMSA news as well.
Nov 16, 2023
27 min
No Love For Nyck DeVries At Alpha Tauri, Danny Ric Is Back
In this episode, I discuss the lack of support for Nyck DeVries during his ejection from his seat in Formula One. I also welcome Daniel Ricciardo back to racing even though the circumstances aren't the most ideal.
Jul 12, 2023
20 min
Here Is Why Dominance In Racing Does Not Make It Boring
In the newest episode of the show, Tarig gives his views on the recent discussions about Formula One and racing in general being boring when one team is dominant against the rest, the lack of support for Nyck DeVries in F1 and Alex Palou's unprecedented display of greatness in IndyCar.
Jul 11, 2023
39 min
What Does F1 Need To Boost Its Popularity In North America & Much More
The past few days have brought out some good news. A Super Formula champion, a strong NASCAR Xfinity Series fight, the possibility of  Colton Herta joining Formula One and more. Tarig brings his insights in full swing about these topics and more. Thank you for tuning in!    All My Links: https://drum.io/thebigticket07
Oct 20, 2021
57 min
Controversial Wins & New Partnerships
From gaming, F1 recaps, to NASCAR and also DTM, Tarig dives into a few of the races and events of these series'. He discusses DTM's new partner MAHLE and their developments to make DTM Electric a reality. He also converses on Bubba Wallace's maiden victory in the Nascar Cup Series, and also the Turkish GP. Thank you for tuning in. Subscribe to the channel!   Click here to view all of my links in one place: https://drum.io/thebigticket07
Oct 16, 2021
46 min
Girls On Track UK Event Recap | Grosjean's Message & More |
Tarig goes over a multitude of topics this week. He discusses the possibility of a F1 merch giveaway. He talks about German driver Sofia Floersch grabbing her first points in DTM as well as Esmee Hawkey. He discusses Toyota's hydrogen powered racecar, the Girls On Track Event, and also Nascar. He even covers IndyCar at Laguna Seca and Romain Grosjean's big race. Thank You For Tuning In!   Subscribe to the channel!  Click here to view all of my links in one place: https://drum.io/thebigticket07
Oct 16, 2021
40 min
The Championship Fight Continues
Thank you so much for tuning into this weeks podcast episode. Tarig covers the Monza GP, as well as the W Series, some IMSA development news, and also the Greek Acropolis Rally.      Click here to view all of my links in one place: https://drum.io/thebigticket07
Sep 15, 2021
50 min
Rumble In London
A late episode, but still an episode that had to be made. Tarig discusses some WEC news as well as Formula One's controversial Silverstone GP.; He talks about the impacts of what happened on and off the track. Tarig also talks about rounds 12 and 13 of the Formula E series, with the unique indoor-outdoor circuit. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Od5PHQ8hANcjojsyWYDYw
Jul 31, 2021
46 min
KTM Becoming More Dominant In Moto GP?
KTM showcased they have the necessary pace for Moto GP championship contention. Verstappen and Lewis are separated by a mere 12 points. IndyCar is showing it can be that adventurous and exciting racing series everyone wants to talk about. Tarig discusses all this and more, in this weeks episode of the TWMS Podcast. New podcast episodes every Tuesday. Check out the Tarig Waldron YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Od5PHQ8hANcjojsyWYDYw
Jun 23, 2021
41 min
What An Azerbaijan GP
Tarig comes back in full swing with his recap of Formula One's Baku GP. He dives into his interpretation of the race and also the remarkable work of Pierre Gasly. He also discusses the Catalan GP and what should've happened to Fabio Quartararo. Check out the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Od5PHQ8hANcjojsyWYDYw
Jun 10, 2021
32 min
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