Let's Talk Canine Fitness
Let's Talk Canine Fitness
Leslie Eide & Katharina Mattioli
Leslie Eide DVM & Katharina Mattioli
Episode 6 – Fitness For Agility
Agility Right From The Start - Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh Bad Dog Agility Podcast - https://baddogagility.com/category/podcast/ Internet-based survey of the nature and perceived causes of injury to dogs participating in agility training and competition events Kimberley L. Cullen, MSc; James P. Dickey, PhD; Leah R. Bent, PhD; Jeffrey J. Thomason, PhD; Noel M. M. Moëns, MSc, DVM, DACVS
Nov 2
54 min
Minisode 5 – Proprioception and Sits
Dr. Leslie and Katharina answer Patron questions and discuss on recent article on Sits. http://www.turid-rugaas.no/sit.html?fbclid=IwAR22VpVPtMeFTLKx5J98JCuTxGQzAStI8prZpbjZFFLNSvLblSf6xozndbA
Oct 18
39 min
Episode 5 – Fitness For Conformation
Talking about why fitness training is important for conformation show dogs and why they have to be seen as athletes.
Sep 20
48 min
Minisode 4: Books, Consent, Structure and More!
Answering Patron Questions about books, stretching, super seniors, DIY equipment, consent, exercise variety, and structure. www.letstalkcaninefitness.com Find us on Facebook and Instagram Find us on Patreon: www.patreaon.com/letstalkcaninefitness Learn more about Katharina: https://flexiness-fitness.com/site/ Learn more about Leslie: www.thetotalcanine.net
Aug 29
42 min
Episode 4 – Is it Fitness or Rehabilitation?
We discuss the differences between canine rehabilitation and canine fitness. What is canine fitness? Why canine fitness? How can the canine fitness trainer become part of the team and provide benefits to both the medical professional and the pet owner?
Aug 15
41 min
Minisode 3 – Fitness Tests Fatigue Hips & Tripawds
We answer our patron questions about fitness tests, how to assess fatigue, hip dysplasia and tripawds. Interested in becoming a patron? You can join at www.patreon.com/letstalkcaninefitness Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Aug 1
38 min
Minisode 2 – Puppies, Pretty, and Physiology
the second minisode!answering the patron questionshttps://www.patreon.com/letstalkcaninefitnesshttp://www.letstalkcaninefitness.com#stayfitstayinthegame
Jul 3
41 min
Minisode 1 – Introducing Patron Questions
the first minisode!answering the patron questionshttps://www.patreon.com/letstalkcaninefitnesshttp://www.letstalkcaninefitness.com#stayfitstayinthegame
Jun 5
30 min