Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Greek & Roman Mythology Retold
Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Greek & Roman Mythology Retold
Liv Albert
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Love the addition of the scholarly conversations
I enjoy the style of talking about the myths, but this year’s addition of the conversations with scholars has taken the podcast to another level. I’ve saved several episodes to share with my students. I’ve really enjoyed learning more from your guests. Keep up the great work.
MI Laura D
Smart, funny, informative. It’s wonderful!!
I found this podcast sometime smack in the middle of pandemic, and before I knew it, I was 3 hours in, non stop, binging, and I never stopped. I love Liv. her passion, her confidence, sense of humour, her potty mouth, but most of all her feminist loving views. I have to be honest it took few episodes for this 50 + old-school Gen x-er to warm up to this millennial . At firs, I listened just so I can argue with Liv. “Oh yea! “You think you can do better than us , You young people ??? Oh, we’ll just see “….. but, as I listened on,…. well, she won me over. This podcast is so smart, informative, entertaining. I absolutely love it !!! I hope you never stop informing and entertaining us.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feminist commentary
I’m only writing this review because Liv occasionally mentions that people are annoyed by the feminist commentary. It makes my life so much better. So refreshing, funny and down right healing.
I love this podcast!!
My friend told me about this podcast, knowing that I love Greek myth and I am eternally grateful. I had difficulty finding books and information on myths that go past the basics and Liv does just that in her podcast and book referrals. It’s also awesome having a feminist woman telling these stories and saying what we’re all thinking. Highly recommend!!
Amazing podcast
Liv is so amazing. She blends humor and myths so well. She kindled my love of mythology. Over time she has gotten better and better. Hope for more of the Heroides!
Love love love
I have always had a love for all types of mythology and was so excited when I found this podcast. I binged the entire back log in just a couple months and now excitedly wait for each new episode 😍 Liv tells the stories in fun ways and I love that she adds commentary through a modern lens. PS her book is also fantastic, go buy it now!!
You are great even though I listens to you for two days I love your podcast and don’t you need another person?
Why is it always red rugs?
I love the readings and I love the podcast in general. Lots of “Daughter of morning, rosy fingered dawn.” But why is it always red rugs for guests at bedtime?
My favorite!
I’ve been digging into Greek mythology since reading Madeline Miller and Natalie Haynes and the dozens of other novels based on minor characters in Greek mythology. I’ve also been listening to a bunch of podcasts on Greek mythology but Liv’s is 100% my favorite for her feminist spin.
This is amazing sooooooo great
So I really love this podcast and I rarely write reviews and everything is perfect one thing I’d like to say though is ive read comments that said that lib went through horrible things with a man and I disagree because part of what I love is the puts her opinion out there to make it more interesting and so you can look at it another way and I love listening to it to help me pass my time
Everything about this podcast is absolutely amazing but the baby in the most recent episode was extremely rough to listen to despite the excellent content.
Greek Mythology is my LIFE
Perfect. Love this, I can listen to it forever
Good but
As a huge fan of Greek mythology it was really nice to stumble upon this podcast. I started from the beginning and so far I have to say I really enjoy the host and her presentation overall, but the hosts excessive mention of feminism and clear issue with the misogyny of Ancient Greek lore can become quite annoying. We get it, the Olympian gods were awful, and so we’re the goddesses. We know the stories were mostly made up by men. Besides this one thing it’s a great podcast but the constant mentions of it do make me have to take frequent breaks. Hopefully it gets toned down a bit over time as I still do intend on listening.
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Ridicky Donkey
Love this podcast.
You make my weeks way more exiting !
I’ve always loved reading and learning about Greek mythology, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on this podcast. It’s amazing, refreshing, and quite honestly, it’s just a great take on some of the stories we know and love. Liv, you rock! Keep it up!
My favorite podcast! I listen to it everyday got me through lockdown. Love the feminist take on classic and unknown myths as well as the LBGTQIA+ stories and commentary. I love love love this podcast.
person who loves myths
Hooked immediately
Do you like myths? Feminism? Sarcasm? The occasional cat?? Then this is the podcast for you! I tell all my friends to listen to this podcast, it perfectly balances the historical telling of Greek mythology while also criticizing misogyny in the ancient world. The format feels like you’re listening to a friend rather than being lectured at, and I always walk away feeling like I learned something new.
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Super interesting
Just found this and cant stop listening! Question - and I'm still in the first season so this might be answered - do Zeus and Hera have any children together?
So Intriguing!
I originally started listening to this podcast because my wife loves Greek mythology and I wanted to be able to connect with her about the topic. Little did I know that all of the “heroes“ that I had grown up seeing in movies and even animated kid shows we’re all terrible people and basically rapists. Even “the main man” odysseus let us down so many times. As a man, this podcast has helped open my eyes to how patriarchal the world was, and unfortunately, the world continues to be. Liv does a great job of connecting real life situations with the horrors of Greek mythology. If anything, this should make listeners strive to be more aware of how they treat and talk to women, and to look at the practices and ideas that are engrained in their brain that ultimately keep women from feeling safe or respected. I know I had to. Thanks Liv.
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I love this show. Being told stories by an extremely fun person is like my favorite thing. Random anecdote but I wish the apple podcast app let me queue up a ton of episodes at once so I could listen to all of Liv’s episodes in order during a commute without having to select the next one. This show’s gonna have me downloading some other app despite my laziness, which probably means something.
The Podcast that saved my sanity
This is the best podcast out there. Liv is witty, hilarious, blunt, detailed and a great story teller. I work at a hotel and we’ve been predictably understaffed for the entirety of the pandemic. On days where we’re slammed and I have to make more beds than I can count I turn this podcast on and the work fades as I get lost in Ancient Greek mythology. So many stories I knew the bases of but I love the detail of this podcast as well as her sources. The lens of modern feminism is also important as some of the acts in these myths are atrocious and were watered down when told them during my childhood. Obsessed with this podcast, Liv’s incredible, go listen and nerd out with the rest of us. Big thank you to Liv for all the hard work that constantly goes into this. So excited to continue to listen and learn!
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Myths Baby Has Gotten Me Through So Much
I started listening to this podcast back in January. I had seen it mentioned on reddit and decided to check it out because Greek mythology has interested me since I was a kid. I immediately binged from the beginning episodes and it helped me get through the last month of my husband’s deployment. I listen to it with my sons so they not only get good lessons on mythology, but also learn how flawed the patriarchal viewpoint of these stories can be. My oldest kid and I have had so many discussions about positive masculinity versus the problematic mindsets of the past because of this podcast. Liv is hilarious, too. If you are offended by swearing, this might not be the Greek mythology podcast you are looking for. Personally, I think it’s funny and adds to the show. Myths Baby is currently helping me get through this weird time of quarantining during a pandemic. I am especially enjoying her episodes where she is just straight reading a translation of The Iliad. Thank you for a great show, Liv! I look forward to all future episodes.
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I love this podcast!! I’ve been obsessed with Greek mythology forever but never knew where to start to learn about it without having to read textbooks or boring “academic” style literature. Liv makes it so graspable and funny and makes it fun to learn about, plus easy to understand. Also bonus that she calls out the misogyny in Ancient Greece. Somehow that’s overlooked in other retellings so it’s really refreshing! Huge fan.
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We Get It, You’re Angry
Most episodes the host just complains about the male characters in made up stories. Someone is really angry at her life’s choices.
Absolutely love!
On a whim I downloaded the audio book “Greek Mythology” just for something else to do besides scrolling through social media and fell in love! I almost died when I saw there were well over 250 episodes, but only two days in I have already listened to 20 episodes 😬 This podcast has made my work day go a lot quicker with plenty of laughs and cringes.
Gets me through my long days doordashing
I listened to almost the entirety of this podcast while I was working doordash this summer. Every episode was fun to listen to, and made my day waaaaay easier. I just wanna say thank you Liv!
Brony of gj
I. LOVE. LIV!!!!
OMG! So, I hate Podcasts. I'm not one for indulging in media by audio only, unless music. They're generally boring and dry. Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! is amazing, though. Listening to the Greek and Roman Mythologies centered around the Male Patriarchy but from a woman who is 100% a feminist is amazing. Liv makes is entertaining, informational, and isn't afraid to admit in later episodes if she F'd up in a previous one. I binged every episode, up until she went to Greece recently and took a break from posting, at no fault of her own but data issues. I then waited, biting my nails daily waiting for new episodes. Finally, she's back! Now I'm bindging again. Thank you, Liv, for providing the best Podcast ever! I'm so happy I found you on accident on Spotify 🥰
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Oh my gosh! I love this podcast so much! I tried a few podcasts about Greek mythology but none of them came close to being as informative and entertaining to listen to. I also would like some longer episodes about individual gods (if you haven’t already.)
Lillianne H.
I tried a few mythology podcasts. Liv’s personality and passion definitely make it for me. I hadn’t explored classical mythology since I was a kid so this has been really fun. I do lots of tedious work for money so binge listening to this podcast helps so much. Also as a Canadian living on the west coast of the US who still doesn’t know a ton of people, I kinda feel like we’re friends, and love the 90s references etc, I think we’re the same age. Also Love the recent conversation episodes with so many wonderful women.
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I don’t recall how this podcast blessed my ears but I’m glad I found it. It’s very informative and fun plus Liv has a great voice. A true joy to listen to and there are so many episode lengths such as Mini myths, multiple part episodes, etc. Thanks Liv!
Duck book
Too distracting
This would be much more entertaining and less distracting if you stop injecting “you know you know” in your conversation. It’s my pet peeve, I can’t focus on listening with these fillers. Moving on
I love this podcast so much!
Always one of the best parts of my week
Let’s Talk About Myths Baby has been a source of comfort and happiness throughout this pandemic. Liv is hilarious, smart, and supremely talented. Every episode she says how much she loves this stuff — and as a listener, I can tell. Come for the myths, stay for Liv!!!!
Total genius
Amazing content!!! I am binging the entire thing!! A flawless combination of entertainment and education. Love it thank you so much
I'm Mello and i love this podcast
I. Love. Your. Podcast. It’s amazing. Im a huge mythology nerd too, so I find it very interesting. Also, your Spence of humor is great.
Sooo gooood!
I love this podcast. I discovered Liv on Spotify last week and I’ve been listening non-stop! I was always a little interested in Greek mythology but felt intimidated by it. Listening to Liv makes me feel connected to the stories and definitely keeps me wanting more. Thanks for the amazing work and keep it up!
Great fun
I’m having a great time listening to these pod casts. I’m glad I found this series.
Liv is amazing
This is my favorite podcast I listen to it all day at work
Love this podcast. I started from the very beginning when I found it and I’m half way through the episodes now. I understand that everyone has their own opinions about this podcast but I do have to say that if I wanted to just listen to the myths, I’d buy an audible book. I listen to Liv because she brings a realness and entertaining view to Greek Mythology. Alas, haters gonna hate. All the love to you Nerds out there!! 🖤
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Entertaining storytelling of Greek Myths.
I discovered this pod around June 21 and have been a steady listener since. I’ve just finished episode 58 and am happy to say Liv is getting better and better! Apparently some people (they seem to exclusively be uptight dudes) don’t like her tone or commentary — but this guy finds her hilarious and completely apt. Highly recommended!
Get over it and move on
I, apparently, am not the only one who finds Liv’s constant complaints about the poor treatment of women in ANCIENT GREECE exasperating. Believe me girl, we friggin get it, the Greeks were super terrible to women. Even if someone had never learned about the Greek myths before, they would get it after the the first couple of episodes. But hey, newsflash that was how the whole world was back then, it was what it was and we can’t change that. The never ending “cutesy” quips she makes about this every 5 minutes (and no that is not an exaggeration) really got old. I’m as prowoman as the next girl, but I also understand that these myths were created ages ago and it was a different world back then. Was it messed up? Of course it was. But Liv’s never ending snarky comments are like kicking a dead horse. Just. Move. On. I wish I could say she were a good story teller at least, but her never ending repetition on this subject proves that to be untrue. I made it through episode 30 something before I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I also find it confusing that she claims to love Greek Mythology but then spends a good chunk of every episode complaining about the stories.
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Amusing and Delightful Retelling of Ancient Mythology
Being a fan of mythology, I was pleasantly surprised to find this podcast. I am reading “Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes: From Aphrodite to Zeus, a Profile of Who’s Who in Greek Mythology” authored by the host. The book and the accompanying podcast are very enjoyable for a mythology nut like me. The stories are told in a witty manner and are accessible for anyone who may have run across other more academic sources . The host’s passion for mythology is refreshing. I would recommend this podcast to any mythology enthusiast.
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Painful to listen to
This series is not for those who actually like mythology. To me this podcast was like listening to a failing high school student summarize what they read on Wikipedia. The addition of the slang, foul language and personal political point of view come together to make this a “hot mess”. You have been warned and you will never get the time back that you spent listening to this series.
All the Snark
I was super excited about this podcast bc I love mythology. All mythology. Obviously Greek mythology is pretty sexist. Duh. Unfortunately the narrator won't let it go. Every other comment made is her opinion on sexism and male stupidity. I'm a female. I get it. But good lord let it go. If there was any way to listen to this without all of the extra over the top (super irritating) snarky commentary, I'd give it a 5. Because the stories are great.
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Makes My Days More Bearable
I stumbled across this podcast on Spotify while looking for something to listen to while getting ready for work each morning. I fell in love with the comedic feel Liv gives to Greek and Roman mythology. I also love that Liv explains myths through a feminist perspective. I now listen each morning while preparing myself for another workday. Sometimes all you need is a sarcastic retelling of the Oedipus Cycle to get you through a Monday.
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Liv brings new life to old mythology through a current social lens. This is one of the best podcasts out there!
I've always loved Greek mythology but hated research so in really wanted to learn more, I looked for a podcast and stumbled upon this one. And boy am I glad I did. Liv tells these Greek stories in a way that makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend. She's knowledgeable and funny and I love her feminist input because we'll, now we know why women are treated the way we are due to cultured way back then. Anyway, absolutelylove this podcast and recommend it for anyone wanting to learn and just have a fun time.
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Rename podcast: Highlighting Misogyny in Classic Myths
The narrator is over the top editorializing, which takes away from the fresh perspective it seems she’s trying to bring. Editing out some of the comments that don’t add to story. Ex, Arachne story, all female characters, why man bash men not being present here; save that for the Zeus sexcapades. The F bombs are gratuitous, but mostly it’s obnoxious to hear snark on everything to the point it’s 1 part mythology to 2 parts misogyny comments.
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Leuk O'Dont
I don’t like podcasts, but I love this one
I have never been a podcast person, but Liv you’ve done me in. I started out just listening to the first episode from way back in 2017, and I got hooked. I’m currently binging all of the previous episodes in an attempt to catch up to the latest releases and I’m having such a good time. I never had to read the Iliad and the Odyssey for school nor did I learn anything about Greek mythology because I went to Catholic school, but this has gotten me into it and now I’m such a myths nerd. Thank you Liv ❤️
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