Let's Make Work Optional
Let's Make Work Optional
Bryan Sarff
Making Work Optional is what life is about. We provide strategies, resources, and insights to help you aspire to make this dream a reality! See all of our podcasts at: https://retirewithtrue.com/podcast/ #letsmakeworkoptional #makeworkoptional
#92 - Determining A True Value For Your Company When You're Ready To Sell With Debbie Douglas
Bryan Sarff talks with Debbie Douglas from the Douglas Group in St. Louis, Missouri about determining the true value of your company, when you get ready to sell it.  Hear how to get the top price for your company and the key elements that go on during the sale.  Plus, what are the "deal sweeteners" that improve value for the seller to enhance your company. If you're a business owner, don't miss this episode of "Let's Make Work Optional".
Apr 21, 2020
29 min
#91 - Employee Benefits-Stay Out Of Hot Water And Still Offer Great New Opportunities!
Melissa Windon from Hub International is back to discuss COBRA benefits for employees and keeping yourself out of hot water as an employer.  Plus, learn how to offer employees new, creative benefits like financial wellness, family planning, student loans, smart phone reimbursement-even pet insurance. All of these things help you, as an employer, attract the best new employees while retaining the ones you have!  It's another fantastic episode of Let's Make Work Optional.
Apr 14, 2020
21 min
#90 - Learn How To Set Attainable Goals With The Book "Atomic Habits"
Have you ever tried to reach a goal and wind up being frustrated until you actually hit that goal?  And once you hit that goal, then what..... Bryan Sarff and Shawn Kinkade of AspireKC discuss the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear as part of our quarterly Books For Business Series.  From this book, Bryan and Shawn talk about setting goals everyday on your way to reaching your overall goal. Be less frustrated and achieve attainable goals everyday on the way to your ultimate goal in this episode of Let's Make Work Optional.
Apr 7, 2020
41 min
#89 - From Kenya To Kansas, The Isaac Wambua Story.
Isaac Wambua was born in Kenya.  He is a formally trained industrial engineer and business strategist. His company, Synergy Business Solutions, focuses on coaching business owners and training. Bryan Sarff talks with Isaac to learn about his life in Kenya, his education there, what brought him to America and how he wound up in Kansas City!  It's a fascinating story that you don't want to miss on Let's Make Work Optional.
Mar 31, 2020
25 min
#88 - Discover A Whole New Passion For Life with "Get Real" Author, Harry Campbell.
Bryan Sarff sits down to talk to one of the most fascinating "Connectors" in Kansas City....Harry Campbell.  Harry is a motivational individual with a true spirit for life.  He has written a series of books called Get Real.  The third book in the series is coming out in Spring 2020! Harry has been the CEO of Durrie Vision, the President of FreightQuote, Embarq and Sprint and a Brand Manager for Proctor & Gamble.  He simply wants to make a difference.  He can do that for you when you listen to this episode of "Lets Make Work Optional".
Mar 24, 2020
27 min
#87 - How To Build Healthcare Engagement With Benefits Expert, Melissa Windon.
Melissa Windon is back to talk with Bryan Sarff about building healthcare engagement!  Melissa's job with Hub International is to help you, as a business owner, build employee engagement, increase your business profitability and increase employee retention. In this episode of Let's Make Work Optional, Melissa gives you insight on new offerings in the healthcare field.  You'll be amazed-check out this episode of Let's Make Work Optional !
Mar 10, 2020
23 min
#86 - Create More Demand For Your Business With Sean Stormes From Third Door!
This is the most high energy and high impact podcast we've ever produced.  Bryan Sarff introduces you to Sean Stormes from the Third Door.  Sean can help you create more demand for your business and/or products and services.  He has a unique approach that shows you a whole new way of looking at business.  Don't miss this episode of "Let's Make Work Optional" !!!!
Mar 10, 2020
41 min
#85 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Coronavirus And It's Affect On The Stock Market And Your Portfolio.
DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!  Bryan Sarff and Brian Paulsen discuss the Coronavirus and it's affect on the Stock Market and your portfolio.  They also take a look at previous viruses, their affect on the market and how the Coronavirus compares. Bryan and Brian also talk about the True Wealth & Company philosophy during the midst of the large financial swing and how they deal with it for their clients. It's topical, it's today's news, it's front page headlines on this episode of Let's Make Work Optional! Reference Material: Market Watch Report 2/24/20 Brian Westbury - First Trust
Mar 3, 2020
16 min
#84 - Here's Your Small Business IT Solutions With The Purple Guys!
If you're a small business owner and the IT world is a huge hurdle, we have the solution for you.  Brian Paulsen introduces you to Jon Schram, owner of The Purple Guys!  Jon explains how he got started in the IT industry and how The Purple Guys can really help out your small business.
Feb 25, 2020
23 min
#83 - The New Secure Act And What It Means For You!
Bryan Sarff reviews the new Secure Act that was passed in December 2019.  He covers 4 areas that may be important to you... 1. New IRA rules 2. 401k provisions 3. Other provisions 4. Tax extenders Retirement rules can be complicated to understand. We encourage you to listen and take notes as many times as necessary. On this episode of Let's Make Work Optional, we cover the Secure Act and what it may mean for you.
Feb 18, 2020
19 min
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