Let's Have Some Fun
Let's Have Some Fun
Due North Podcasts
Co-creator of Due North Danny is joined by great pal Brendan for a podcast where two pals chew the fat about life, along with switch off each week sharing their fun facts and fun items of the week.
Big Hair Industry & Danny's Week
The boys have absolutely returned to talk self-help books, handwriting, Brendan's hair, problems with Interstellar/Christopher Nolan, and it's Danny's week for Fun Facts and Items of the week! 
Feb 23, 2021
46 min
Front Yard Yeti & Brendan's Week
The boys are back on the pod to talk a new giveaway, crazy Bitcoin story, backyard football game, winning with class, what we ate as kids, Chick-Fil-A, credit card points and Brendan's week for fun facts and items of the week! 
Feb 16, 2021
45 min
Where's The Money & Danny's Week
The boys are back and it's Danny's week for a fun fact and fun items of the week! We also talk our marketing strategy to grow, comedies being dead, Hans Zimmer, and getting back to movie theaters! 
Feb 2, 2021
44 min
Bitcoin & Brendan's Week
We talk Due North LLC, Bitcoins, Haircuts, and it's Brendan's week for fun facts and fun items! 
Jan 24, 2021
44 min
79 Miles & Danny's Week
The boys are back in town! Before getting into Danny's fun facts and items of the week - Brendan and Danny talk updates on their lives since taking a hiatus from the pod including their 79 mile hog ride, life without caffeine and essentials, earning a vacation, and so much more! 
Jan 12, 2021
41 min
Special Guest Gary Vee & Ami Kozak (Impressionist, Comedian, and Musician)
Danny talks with the amazingly talented Ami Kozak - impressionist, comedian, and musician. But first Danny gets the unbelievable opportunity to chat with Gary Vee and grab some advice on how to grow the podcast. Check out Ami on all social channels for hilarious videos of all his impressions, along with his incredible band Distant Cousins. Enjoy this great chat with Ami and Gary!  
Jul 13, 2020
43 min
Special Guest BrilliantlyDumb Show (Robby Berger)
Danny has an awesome conversation with special guest Robby Berger from the BrilliantlyDumb Show. The boys talk Bob's crazy momentum and the incredible guests he's had on his BrilliantlyDumb Show Podcast. We talk Bob's background, starting his career in the hotel industry, turning down a Barstool Sports offer, having confidence in himself, The Match Round 2, and his new vlog series with the international carpool. Bob is an awesome and hilarious guy, doing incredible things right now. Follow him on instagram @brilliantlydumb and subscribe to his podcast The BrilliantlyDumb Show. 
Jun 11, 2020
33 min
Unibrows & Mike's Week
It's Mike's week! Mike Giacomini joins Danny on the pod to share his fun facts and fun items of the week. The boys talk Mike having to take the ACT for their fantasy football league's punishment, Mike answers questions from our friends, and Mike's fun facts and fun items consists of unibrows, amazon fighters, and getting old and chunky! 
May 28, 2020
30 min
Special Guest Brendan Gay (Comedian & Send It Show Podcast)
Danny has a conversation with Brendan Gay - hilarious comedian and host of the Send It Show Podcast. We talk Brendan's 52 X 52 tour, performing comedy in front of his family and friends in Minnesota for the first time, finding his one true love - stand up comedy, bombing and how it builds character, plans for the future and his upcoming 50 X 50 tour. Follow Brendan on his Instagram and subscribe to the Send It Show Podcast!  
May 21, 2020
47 min
Special Guest JR Hickey (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Podcast)
Danny has a conversation with JR Hickey - host of the Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast and writer/content creator. We talk his podcast Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, following his dream and moving out to California from the Midwest, Golden State Warriors, quarantine life, and the upcoming seasons of the Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah podcast. Follow JR and the pod on the insta channels below!   https://www.instagram.com/jrwilldoit/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/ohyeahpod/?hl=en
May 14, 2020
41 min
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