Let's Chat With Lexi Frat
Let's Chat With Lexi Frat
Lexi Frat
I have such a passion for listening to people's stories and I wanted to give people a platform to share theirs! This podcast will be a mixture of inspiration, motivation, advice and storytelling. In 30 minutes, listeners will (hopefully) leave with a little bit more perspective and appreciation for the people around them! I am a 22 year old PA student with a lot to learn, but excited to take you all on this journey! So, without further ado... Let's Chat with Lexi Frat!
Dealing With Burnout And Winter Break Routine
Hey guys! long time no chat :( So happy to be back and sharing my tips for how to deal with burnout!! And my winter break routine since I will have nothing to do these next couple of weeks, I might as well feel productive in some sense!
Dec 16, 2020
18 min
We Back Baby! PA School, Books To Read And Catching Up!
I'm back baby!!! Long time no talk guys but I'm so happy to be back! In this episode I just chat about my life updates, PA school and some books/podcasts/tv shows that I recommend! Just a casual episode but I hope you enjoy it!
Oct 3, 2020
29 min
Lucas Interviews Lexi? All About Going Back To School And How To Stay Sane During This Time!
Lucas does a spontaneous interview for Lexi and asks her about going back to school, and how it's going to be in the midst of the COVID pandemic. We touch upon Lucas in the job market and fun activities we have been doing in the midst of all the chaos! I hope you are able to unwind and have fun listening to this episode! It was a lot of fun to make!!
Aug 8, 2020
34 min
Part 2 Interview With Grace
Wow! So proud of Grace for this episode! I know that you guys will enjoy Part 2, from my interview with Grace! Seeing her standpoint, her views and her advice- is enough to motivate anyone to fight for social change! I hope that you enjoy!
Jul 24, 2020
41 min
How to be an Ally and fight for social change- Interview with Grace PART 1
Part 1 of my interview with Grace! I hope that this episode gives you a sneak peak into the amazing conversation Grace and I will continue to have in this series. We are talking about how to be an ally and how to fight for social change, and try not to be a bystander. I have always wanted to interview Grace- you will be able to hear her passion, care and determination for social change in this 20 minute episode... stay tuned for our next part!
Jul 15, 2020
23 min