Let Me Put A List Together
Let Me Put A List Together
Brian Mitchell
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Must listen podcast
Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. I am a huge pop culture nerd and this just hits the spot.
The Glove Side
Love listening
Car rides, commutes or at my desk! Definitely enjoying the lists!
Well done podcast!
One of my favorite podcasts! Informative, interesting and entertaining!
Season One
Great job on season one looking forward to season two. The list are great and the two of you together are funny & uplifting.
Good job
But... to be fast food has to have a drive thru, no chipotle, Panera, subways etx
Rethink these
Great lists!
I know Mark Grote from his work at WSCR and his work on the Bears sideline but it’s been fun learning the style of Brian Mitchell. I look forward to every knee episode. Keep up the great work, gents!
Top 10 Comedians
I know Grote from the Score - Wake and Bake Club, Grober, Bears, etc. My wife who is definitely not a sports fan is miffed at you because you only listed one woman comedian. I think “Sextist!” Is the word she used. A few of my favs without a mention...Andy Kaufman who was one of the funniest and weirdest dudes ever, which you would know if you were my age or if you ever saw the fantastic movie Man on the Moon about him. I like Don Rickles as king of the put down. Bill Cosby deserves to be high on list. I know you banned him for being a bad guy as has been revealed in recent times, but what is this? The Hall of a Fame and Bill Cosby is Pete Rose?
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Lord Dougie
No list is complete without...
I enjoyed listening to your take on Top Ten Movies Filmed in Chicago and liked that you listed High Fidelity so high. BUT how could you list this movie and fail to mention that throughout the film, Cusack’s character and others share with the audience a dozen or more of their own Top Five lists including a major plot line in the film, ‘Rob’s all time top five most memorable breakups’. High Fidelity would top the list of films about your personal obsession, making lists.
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