Legendary Mindset
Legendary Mindset
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This podcast is all about the formidable and LEGENDARY minds of the goat and sheep industry. Hear the ins and the outs from the minds that built the empires. This is Legendary Mindset
NAILE Post-Sort w/ Dr. Mark Hoge and Dr. Scott Greiner
Dr. Mark Hoge and Dr. Scott Greiner discuss their process on going through NAILE this year.
Nov 21
42 min
KC Post Sort with Steve Sturtz and Jeff Ripley
Hear from our American Royal sheep and goat judges as we dive into each division and discuss the champions
Nov 1
54 min
Brandon Callis & Craig Beckmier - Post Sort
Hear from Brandon Callis and Craig Beckmier as they discuss their thoughts and initial sorts on the sheep and goats shown at the Tulsa State Fair, Arkansas Youth Expo and Georgia National.
Oct 21
40 min
Dr. Mark Hoge - Spittin Science
Listen as Dr. Mark Hoge discusses his initial sorts when evaluating sheep and goats in a pre-sort turned episode turned sheep and goat philosophy session.
Oct 13
49 min
Megan Hobbs
Megan and her husband Joe raise high quality show lambs in Kansas. Giving back and teaching kids is their forte, and they do it well!
Oct 6
58 min
Post-Sort, State Fair of Texas
Hear from our sheep and goat judges, Jimmy Davis and Barrett Carlisle, as they discuss what they saw in the ring and how the show played out.
Sep 30
19 min
Douglas Bean - Just Ranchin
Douglas virtually invented the square loined, big legged show goat. Listen as this kind soul discusses his early life and ventures in the livestock world.
Sep 29
50 min
Kashen Urban - He’s won em all, twice
Kashen devotes his life to giving back to the industry that gave him so much. He’s incredibly humble and we should all strive to carry ourselves the way he does.
Sep 22
58 min
Kathryn Kelly Black
Kathryn’s lifestyle has revolved around show stock her entire life and her experience has been extremely successful. Legendary is the perfect word to describe her mindset and approach to cultivating good ones.
Sep 8
41 min
Larry Shell - They Gotta Wedge
Larry Shells influence in our industry is major and he is an incredible story teller. Listen while Larry discusses his perspective on trends and the every changing show lamb.
Sep 1
43 min
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