听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories
听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories
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Great. But the audio is not always loud enough.
Challenging but Very Interesting
My mandarin level is Intermediate after living in China for a few years. I think these stories are perfect for that level. They are challenging, and I don’t understand 100%, but they are very helpful for conversational speaking/listening
Can the show notes translation and description from Patreon show here ?
Really awesome
Glad I found this
The best, the best! Decided to be a patron.
The couple’s chemistry makes me smile and very clear pronunciation, especially female. Male’s voice quality is very good too.
I like this podcast because it helps me recognize sounds and also because this is a very standard accent and it is great to just pick up and listen to. What i don’t like about this is that i have no idea what they are saying. I am trying to learn chinese, but i am not fluent yet so i don’t know what she is saying. I wish there was an english translation after every few sentences.
Mandalorian mandarin
A Unique Podcast
This podcast occupies a unique space in Chinese-teaching podcasts, and it serves a great unmet need for many of us language learners. Most Chinese-teaching products out there are 1) geared toward children with inane stories of farm animals and/or 2) geared toward beginners who need extensive native-language support. This podcast is so unique because it is aimed at an audience who know enough Chinese to understand a podcast narrated entirely in Chinese. It also is aimed at adults with sophisticated themes and stories. Although I can get by fairly well in Chinese conversation, I have been blown away by the sheer number of new vocabulary words I pick up each week. This is truly a remarkable resource and worth subscribing.
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The best podcast for mandarin
This podcast uses all Chinese all the time, even for beginner lessons. The stories and songs are fun and hold your attention. By far the best podcast I have found for learning Mandarin.
Listening is King
After learning Chinese for three months now I can say as a fact listening is the most crucial part of the learning process. Majority of my learning has come from listening, primarily ChinesePod which is a great resource, however I believe it’s the most useful when you solely listen to the dialogues in the beginning. I was getting a little bored with it and wanted longer form content to diversify my listening, so I discovered this podcast. At first, I thought learning through immersion on a 100% Chinese podcast with having only a high elementary level of comprehension would be impossible. At first even the novices were challenging, but now it’s quickly getting easier and it’s amazing how just looking at the vocabulary list “unlocks” my understanding of the story and I love that they give examples with vocabulary I do know to impress the new input. 太谢谢你们了!
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我第一次听 普通讨论的时候没问题,但是开始说“孩子经常被问的问题”的时候,问题很简单,比讨论的部分简单多了,但是还是被重复说了好几次。第一次我以为我不小心按了往后30秒。但是我没有!就一直重复说那么容易的问题,换来换去谁对谁说。“你叫什么名字?”......“你叫什么名字?”......“你叫什么名字?”......“你叫什么名字?”......
Myst player...I guess
Really Great and Perfect for Intermediate Learners
Their accents are really standard and it’s great listening practice . I really hope that there will be more content that will teach us words that we can use in a more 口语 settings! - 陈予安
Wonderful explanations!
Perfect for intermediate and beyond. Thank you guys for all the little explanations while keeping the content interesting! I especially like when you cover current events/pop culture/internet culture. I lived in China for 8 years and keep up with my Chinese with this podcast!
Great Podcast
Great Podcast and really worth the Patreon. You get a lot of material on there, especially for $5/month. I love the conversational format of the shows. Only suggestion is I wish they would take a little bit more of an extensive reading approach: fewer vocab words and more repetition of those vocab words. (I’ve seen a lot of progress from Mandarin Companion and Chinese Breeze and would give an unreserved 5 stars if this was a podcast version of extensive reading at the 750, 1000, etc character levels.)
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This podcast is excellent, and I’m very appreciative of all the speakers on the show! Even if you speak, or understand, no Mandarin at all— as was the case for me when I began— even listening to this podcast (which is only in Mandarin), as well as reading the episode details, will lead you in the right direction to learn as much as you’d like. It is even helpful (and definitely fun!) to listen to the episodes several times. I would give this podcast 10 stars if I could, as it has helped me so, so much. I recommend it very highly!
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Like that they explain in Chinese
It’s hard find a podcast that takes the time to explain the meanings in Chinese. Helps me to have a deeper understanding of the language. Thanks for the great podcast!
Teacup media fan
“Stories.” Really?
Decent podcast. Not for beginners as they speak really quick, but that does get you used to hearing Chinese like it’s really spoken. My only criticism is that most episodes really aren’t stories, but lyrics to sappy love songs. Since nearly all Chinese learners have never heard these songs, the lyrics mean nothing to us. These episodes are cheesy and boring.
All in Chinese
Nice because they only speak in Chinese.
Excellent but too much new words
Heard one episode today. Thought all the episodes are story telling, but apparently some are conversations. Really liked the conversation, it was very insightful. However, too much information or new words per episode. Would like to suggest focus on few new words, proverbs or slangs at a time. Thank you and keep up the good work !
Excellent resource for all levels
Great podcast for Chinese listening comprehension and vocabulary in a fun and informative way. I’ve been studying Chinese for years and this is one of the best resources I’ve found. Suggest this to anyone who wants better listening.
I’m currently HSK-3 and this helps me learn new words and grammar structures. Thank you for putting the pinyin and English definitions in the details
Aurora Cheryl
Great for intermediate level learners
This podcast is really great for intermediate level learners to practice their listening skills. There is a ton of material on the web for beginners and of course you can find Chinese language programs that are for native speakers and advanced students, but very little exists for the intermediate level. 感谢你们给我们这个播客!
Best Chinese Podcast for Learner
Thank you so much to whoever making this happen.
I love this podcast!
I love this podcast because it reminds me so much of the class format studying at 北师大 in China. Great resource!
You guys are fantastic.
Thorough and immersive content for intermediate learners
I love that no English is used in the explanation of the stories - this is perfect for my level and this type of immersive learning will boost my Chinese and is unlike the typical traditional educational materials out there. Thank you so much for creating this content!!
chinese born overseas
The best way to learn Chinese
Having spent the last 6 months of my life dedicated to learning Chinese I wish I would have come across this podcast sooner. I immediately joined their Patreon. Don’t waste your money on a textbook. Comprehensible input is the way to go. This offers comprehensible input for all levels. They use Chinese to explain all the vocabulary and integrate the words into interesting conversations. Through this you are exposed to the vocal multiple times, and this it becomes easier to acquire and truly embed the vocabulary into your long term memory. If you are serious about learning Chinese, this is the way to go. Highly recommend contributing to their Patreon.
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Gold standard
I haven't seen anything like this before. It's amazing that it's entirely in Mandarin, but has a lower target vocabulary AND be fluid and professional quality at the same time. I listen to this in bed, in the car, while walking... anytime I can.
Awesome podcast
they explain things thoroughly and well im really grateful thank you so much guys
Simply the best!
It’s easily the best among all the other podcasts and sites I’ve explored for learning the language. It truly helps that the hosts explain everything in mandarin. Thanks for the additional notes on new vocabulary and their pinyin.
Great 听力 podcast for intermediate learner!
This is an awesome podcast for an intermediate learner. I’m at HSK 4 level and this feels perfect for me - lots of new vocab and phraseology, but wonderful natural banter and support that makes it so that I can basically understand everything. Also each episode includes written Hanzi and pinyin, which is an amazing additional help! Thanks so much for a great podcast!
Perfect for Intermediate level learning
I love this podcast ... I love that they explain everything in Chinese. I love the natural banter. It really helps you develop an ear for conversational Chinese and pick up new vocabulary. The best Chinese learning podcast I've listened to so far!!!
Amazing! Please keep it coming
I'm an American with a Chinese heritage. I visit Asia quite often and loved being immersed in the language. I can understand pretty well but I have a hard time speaking it and regurgitating it. This is going to help greatly! Thank you
Excellent Podcast - thanks for doing this
This is a great learning tool, thank you very much for doing this. Please keep going! 非常感谢🙏
Best Chinese learning content
My son listens to it every day. Keep up the good work!
Good content. More episodes please!
Interesting content! This podcast tells stories — from ancient tales to modern anecdotes — in Chinese. It is an excellent way to learn and to understand how people converse in Chinese currently. Please keep going!!
Love this Podcast
好好学习,天天向上 Makes learning Chinese accessible and convenient to everyone!
Wonderful Chinese listening lessons
These podcasts are wonderful for those with a basic grasp of Chinese seeking intermediate or advanced language study. The hosts teach through a short story, stopping frequently to explain - in Chinese - the concepts of that story, making it fairly easy to understand new concepts. No English or other languages spoken here; just Mandarin Chinese. Great listening practice! 非常好的中文听力练习!这两位老师用中文解释中文。你如果拥有基本中文能力的话,不太难懂他们的说话、故事解释。
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Great Program!
Thank you for this program. You do an excellent job of teaching words and phrases by providing repetition, synonyms, and context. 很好的节目。听得越多学得越好!
Thanks for this podcast. It’s really a nice and effective way to practice your listening comprehension.
Very good!
Great way to learn!
Best Chinese language podcast
If you’re an advanced learner looking for native speakers but not fully comfortable listening to mainland media/content, this is a perfect middle ground. The pace is perfect and the content interesting, and there is still an element of teaching present; it’s not only presented “as is”.
tshirt face
The best yet
Best podcast for intermediate Chinese learners ever.
I am a *STAR*
Terrific learning tool!
Great way to learn vocabulary and Chinese culture. Love the lessons about Chinese pops songs and sports stars!
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