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Learn French by Podcast
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Any plans to put out transcripts?
Please make transcripts available! This is important for accessibility.
Very good platform… But
This is a very good platform for learning French, but it is use also as a loudspeaker for leftist politics. The dialogs are written in a way that makes that abundantly clear. I did not come here for politics… I have my own opinions and I prefer to think for myself, but otherwise the choice and selection of vocabulary and especially expressions is excellent. I would prefer personally if the author would drop the politics and instead focus on French culture in history.
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checkmate king two
Good Material
They do a good job for intermediate and more advanced learners, but the leftist political subject matter is nauseating
Pioneers. Great podcast
I started listening to them ten years ago when I began learning French. I’m so glad they’re still around and doing podcasts! You’re the best in the industry, keep it up!
Great for intermediate learners!
This is a great podcast. The topics are very interesting. The pace is great and the method is very clear. One is supposed to listen to the conversation, including the explanations at the end, then listen again. The first time I listen each conversation, I understand about 60%, on the second time around, I understand more than 90%. I am more concern about getting my ear to decipher the sounds than to understand word for word. I love that it is French/English because I sometimes forget what language I am listening too. My native language is Spanish. I was an advanced French student about 30 years ago, but stopped practicing when I moved to the US, now all the vocabulary is coming back to my mind! I love this podcast!
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Love it!
Exactly what i needed. Allows for educated conversations versus too beginner or too advanced. This gives great vocabulary plus the topics chosen are excellent and informative. Also the translations word for word help not only worth knowing the words but how to apply them in context. Thank you!
Plenty of episodes to learn from
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot !
Très bien pour les avancées par contre
Je suis d’accord que ce podcast n’est pas précisément pour les initiés dans le français mais c’est trop bon pour nous les intermédiaires / avancés à fin de pratiquer.
El Mero Jefe de Jefes
Please speak faster/do more advanced lessons with less formal language
Love this podcast. ☺️☺️☺️
Terrific resource!
Interesting stories. It really gives you a feel for the language in a natural setting.
To fast
To fast. Not for beginners at all.
Too much too fast
It would seem the instructors are a bit out of touch with the reality of how people actually learn. Beginners, do not use this course, it is more an elite refresher for the child of a diplomat who grew up in country and now actually needs to learn the rules of the language as an adult.
Please slow down for us
I love listening and learning but it’s way too fast. I can obviously rewind but it would be more helpful if you all could slow down the pronunciation of words and phrases. Thank you so much for making these Episodes. X
Learn French by Podcast
Thank you, Hugh, Aurelie, and Xavier for putting together this absolutely wonderful program. I can’t say enough good things about it, but I’ll try. The dialogues are realistic, intelligent, well thought out, and chock full of idioms, grammar, and speech patterns that are the essence of really speaking French. The pdf accompanying each lesson adds a lot to the learning. Please don’t ever stop these lessons.
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Best podcast for intermediate learners
This is the best French-learning podcast I've found for people at the intermediate level, hands down. I studied French in high school and college many years ago, and have been trying, off and on, to progress through self-study for decades. My results had been lukewarm at best. I struggle more with comprehension than I do with expression. However, since finding Learn French by Podcast (as well as my other favorite teacher on YouTube--Johan Tekfak from Français Authentique...intermediates, check him out as well) and diligently making my way through the lessons almost daily, my comprehension has greatly improved. I love that the topics covered are things you might talk about to a friend, not made-up and inauthentic dialogs about going to "la piscine avec Luc." I listened to one this morning that was all about Hugh being called out for being a victim of cell phone inattention syndrome, as he was supposed to be having a conversation but was instead half-looking at his phone the whole time. I learned how to say "I'll make a deal/bet with you." Yesterday I learned how to express the metaphor of "backing the right horse." Terrific stuff. But as others have said, the podcast is not targeted for beginners.
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Claudine in Long Island
Do not try to use this podcast if you are trying to learn. Awful planning, with irrelevant words that a beginner doesn't need. They shove so much down your throat without starting with the very basics. Wasted hours of my life trying to listen to this podcast before realizing there are 1000 better ones out there.
Transcripts ??
How can I download the pdf with the transcripts ? I appreciate if somebody can help me with that
Enjoyable and educational but hard to hear
I’ve learned quite a bit with this podcast, but recent episodes have the volume too low. So I end up having to max out the volumes to hear the speakers. Please turn up the volume when recording new episodes. Merci!
Really good
This is a great podcast, they cover a lot of topics in each episode. You can listen to it a few times a learn new things each time as your knowledge of the language improves. It's also quite good for learning how to speak French, with full expressions and phrases. It's a bit hard without the downloadable lessons, but extremely useful. One of the best french-learning podcasts I've heard.
Camila 41934D6E92
Excellent and Useful!
I can speak French fluently, but haven't had the opportunity to practice where I live. These are excellent podcasts for expanding the language! Lessons are in a few minutes of dialogue and then the key words and phrases are broken down. Short enough to do it everyday without feeling like a chore, and with a great quality of vocabulary words, phrasing and scope of subjects. Haven't tried the pdfs yet but excited to do so after reading the other reviews!
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Up until a short time ago I was able to play all podcasts. Now I am only seeing the latest 20 listed. Has something changed? Can anyone help?
One of the best French Podcasts
I have done all of the episodes and has helped me to build lots of vocabulary. I'm using this in conjuction with memrise and conversation class via Skype and my french has improved tremendously. Good Job!
Exceptionally Well Done Podcast
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The French instruction is so accessible.
Stupid program.
What a stupid program. You will spend hours trying to get it on your computer. Not easy to download.
Joe the part time observer
Excellent Lessons
Great for learning french. I took some french in high school, and now I listen to these podcasts to keep it fresh in my mind.
I rarely rate podcasts so this alone tells you how impressed I am by learn French by podcast. The warmth , delivery and clarity of Hugh's voice draw you in and the structure of the lessons is very comprehensive, bringing to life a range of everyday scenarios and equipping us with vocabulary for almost any situation in French! Well done!
Glencar Scotch
Highly Recommended
I've spent money on a number of learn French resources. Some have been decent...some pretty poor. These are fantastic. Far and away outstanding. I recommend you buy the guides as well. I've focused on the intermediate + advanced lessons (primarily the later ones). Some of the earliest lessons are aimed at beginners...I have not tested those...
This series is not bad its just more advanced than I thought. I do not take French classes but I want to. Since I am trying to teach myself, i have tried to listen to this. I would recommend this series for people who are taking French classes and also know the language grammar well.
G 22
Great podcast for improving your French!
I have been studying French for the past several months and I listen to a lot of podcasts and other online audio for French learners. I love this podcast and find myself listening to it over and over again thought the week on my iPhone. It is a good chunk of time with enough variety and new information that I haven't gotten bored with repeating the episodes at all. I really hope they continue to produce new episodes. It really works for me. My friend wants one in Spanish, too. Merci beaucoup !!
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Good but scatter-brained
This is a helpful podcast for beginners, but the lessons are very scatter-brained, with no apparent rhyme or reason to the selection of material covered in any given lesson. Coffee Break French is far superior, especially for beginners.
Robert Blair
Superb podcast to improve French listening skills
I have studied French for 3 months, on and off. Just downloaded the newest one about Facebook and listened to it. IT IS AWESOME!! So basically, you listen to a conversation, then he explains what the conversation is about, explain key word/phrase, and let you listen again to get the whole conversation. Many realistic situations and words to learn in a perfectly designed format. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you have basic French skills already. These are definitely intermediate or advance levels, so if you are still struggling over simple words, then this is not for you. Thanks for providing this great podcast!!!!
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Outstanding...much easier than Rosetta Stone
Started on Jan 5th without almost no French. Studied 1 hour per day on my commute...just completed my first french-speaking vacation. I'm amazed at how much I've learned in just 6 weeks. Buy the guides too. They are a great help!
Love this Podcast
I love this podcast. Wish I was fluent already ... I'm just a beginner but I understand so much. Great job with explanations, sounds, grammar, and perfect narrators. Makes me think instead of only repeating words.
More!!!! Amazing
I love this, it's so helpful.
Outsource luvr
Great way to refresh your French!
I studied French in college and then on my own off and on and i find this is a great way to refresh my listing comprehension skills. The dialogue relates to current topics and teaches up to date phrases! Highly recommend for intermediate level students. It may be hard to follow for beginners if you don't have the PDF. I don't have the PDF, but will look into getting it.
A must have!!!
Tried many French podcasts! This is the best!! Even without PDF 's you can learn. But I highly recommend going online to purchase PDF. When I started using them I have been learning faster. And the extra info in the PDF is very very useful. Worth every dime!! Le plus meilleurs!
French tout Les temps
Must Have In Your Podcast Library
I started listening two weeks ago. These podcasts make me think rather than simply repeat phrases. I have been studying French for only eight months, but I am amazed at how much I have already learned.
Bonjour Lisa
The best French teaching podcast. Good not only for beginners, but also to intermediate students. Great job!!!
Très bien!
I'm using this a refresher and it's comprehensive without being too slow. Oui, c'est très bien!
I have studied French before and am using this podcast as a reminder/refresher. Lessons start with a dialogue in French, which is then separated into easy to digest sections and explained with some detail. Finally the entire dialogue is repeated, usually with me understanding most or all of what is going on by the end of the podcast. The narrator speaks mostly in English, and others speak almost only French. One note to speakers of American English: The narrator uses British English (sounds like an Irish accent to me), so occasionally there is an extra translation issue. Two examples: I had to look up the phrase "to sit an exam" to find out it means "to take an exam." The letter Z is pronounced "Zed" instead of "Zee," etc. Overall I highly recommend this podcast.
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Defitely one of the best
I searched through many different podcasts, of a few languages in fact, and found this one to be very effective. The learning style is more on par with higher level professional paid courses. If you're looking for a "list" of grammer and conjugation, don't look here! (and that's a compliment!) Not only is the learning structure very well done and well prepared and presented but the material is accesible and presented for different skill levels - reference the visual lesson title graphics. I highly recommend this podcast.
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Wonderful podcast!
This podcast is really great. It's very thorough and goes over a lot of possibly unfamiliar terms and expressions for the listener. I definitely recommend it! :D
Best teaching structure and voices
I have tried all the French learning podcasts and found this to the best by far for anyone who already has a basic foundation. (If you are a total beginner check out Coffee Break French.) In this podcast the prof, Hugh, is a native English speaker. He explains even subtle points very clearly. He works with native French speakers who do the dialogue or role play on which each lesson is based. This is presented twice in succession at the beginning of each lesson. Then Hugh goes through the vocabary and grammar points in the dialogue or role play, usually with the assistance of Emelie, who has a beautiful voice and clear pronunciation. Finally, we hear the dialogue one more time. It is the perfect structure for learning. I have also checked out other PDF support materials available for other podcasts from their web sites. None of them hold a candle to the ones produced by Learn French By Podcast. I hadn't spoken French since the 2 years of study in college (35 years ago). Within 3 weeks of podcast practice my comprehension, accent, and fluency are better than ever.
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Mon homme et moi ... We are learning French and are enjoying it a lot. Merci!
One Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast to use. I am currently learning French and this will help me a lot.
Love this podcast! I'm an intermediate-advanced french speaker, and this is great practice for me.
great podcasts
Hugh and Emily awesome... I really appreciate explainations in english. keep up the great work!
great for those wanting to hear a lot of French being spoken
excellent extended french dialogue on current events and applications to daily life. for an intermediate audience.
great job!
I love the conversations, current events, and dialogue between people. highly recommended.
Most Helpful
This gives one structure when learning the French language. I have listened to a few of the other podcasts, but this one gives one the framework along with pronunciation instead of leaping into dialogues.
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