Learn Chinese - Easy Situational Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
Learn Chinese - Easy Situational Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
Melnyks Chinese
Learn Mandarin Chinese with Situational, Practical and Easy Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons
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Very good, I am teaching myself Mandarin, this is a great podcast if you already understand tones and can read pinyin but are not learning characters yet.
This is a great podcast to learn or improve on your mandarin. I highly recommend it.
Very helpful
I have been listening to/testing out a lot of different podcasts aimed at teaching Chinese to beginners. This one by far is the easiest to follow and most informative.
Awe some Jonah
I study Chinese on my own. This is a great way to get some listening practice in the car on the way to work, etc. I’ve always surprisingly learned a lot of new vocabulary with his lessons, such as 摇滚音乐 haha! 非常感谢
thank you
I live in china and these episodes have been so helpful..多谢🙏🏽
Shen Rui Ming
Excellent and well detailed lectures
Thank you so much for bringing the light
I just want to say thank you that you doing this podcast. Hope you continue doing because it means a lot to someone (me)
Thank you Serge. I’m a 25 year old female and I’ve been using your podcast for the last few months to learn chinese to go to China to study tai chi. Your lessons are amazing. You’re so good at putting them together. For anyone else out there, I suggest this order: 1) listen to all the new vocab 2) listen and write down new vocab 3) listen again and write down the short sentences he says as examples 4) study all the words with flash cards 5) listen to the dialogue and try to guess what it is 6) write down all the dialogue Again THANK YOU SO MUCH SERGE. You’re a great teacher!
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Listened to this podcast
I have listened to this podcast and it helped me with my chinese.
No one atandt
Long time listener
I started to listen to these podcasts in the summer of 2006 when I was in China studying Chinese. They were very helpful to my study then and they are still helpful all these years later as refreshers. 5 stars
Mad Jack McMas
Love this podcast but could use improvements
I learn so much new Chinese vocabulary and grammar points, and this podcast has helped me through many situations! I love that each episode is topic based so I know exactly which ones to review before I do something in China! However… 1. He often mentions to go back to episode X to find out what a word means and it’s really not helpful. I’m not going to get out of this episode to listen to 5 other episodes for 5 vocabulary words/grammar points. You could simply briefly explain them and then say to listen to the other episodes to understand them more thoroughly. 2. It is very difficult to understand the situational dialogues with one person talking to themselves! Please at least change the voices of the two people otherwise it can be very confusing to know who is saying what during the first listen and it makes it confusing. 谢谢您~^ω^~
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Best Chinese Podcast Available
I was searching far and wide for a podcast that delivers organized English then Chinese lessons and thankfully found it here. Serge offers frequent lessons covering real world daily conversational topics in the best format I’ve found. Thank you so much. Keep it up. Really enjoying.
Def the best
Clear, concise, and at a reasonable pace, this was a really fantastic introduction to the Chinese language.
Super high quality content!
Very well put together and thought through. I’ve listened twice a day for three months so far and don’t intend to stop! Serge is the best I’m very grateful for this podcast
peewee reviews
Good but too many vocab words
I really like this podcast! Especially the beginning lessons. My one qualm is that there are too many vocabulary words to keep track of. I think it would be more helpful for learners to have fewer new vocab words to learn and focus more on sentence making! :)
Great and thorough, however..
The music drives me crazy! And is not necessary. Also for such a voice heavy podcast, it would be worth it to invest in a better microphone. Otherwise, great!
Best teacher
Thank you!! I’m learning Chinise, I’m so motivated. His voice amazing, the gaps between conversations and words are great and let you repeat. Love typos ap, thank you , let’s go far learning Chinise.
For beginners
Speaks slowly, loudly, and clearly. Very good for beginner and intermediate learners. If you’re advanced, you’ll find some tones are off and the vocab is nothing beyond ordinary. If you’re looking for a test, check out Mandarin pod. News articles, cultural norms, chengyu are all in Chinese.
Cub nation
Not good
Poor introduction, does not give overview or explanation before going into full sentences or statements or questions. Does not explain tones well enough from the beginning.
It's great, not boring at all
Usually I get really bored studying Chinese specially listening but this Postc is really great
Fantastic Lessons
I love listening to Serge's lessons. The lessons progress at a reasonable pace, follow a logical pattern (word, phrase, sentence/conversation), and are usually very easy to understand. I have been studying Chinese for several years and haven't yet found a better way to learn Chinese.
Very helpful
This podcast has helped me so much in learning to speak Chinese
Only a few podcasts are free
This podcast used to be good but only the beginner podcasts (15 total) are free. There are much better podcasts available on iTunes. Plus this person isn't Chinese, and some of his tones and words are incorrect.
謝謝你 great lessons! Keep them coming!
Great Podcast to Learn Mandarin Chinese
Highly recommend, a must have in your learn Chinese collection
Excellent, especially the tones
I learned Mandarin when I was working in Taiwan, and I always had difficulty with the tonality. But Serge Melnyk really nails it, and the tones come through very clearly. I also like the structure, pacing and content of the lessons. (Lessons 11, 35 and 96 will really help for my next trip!)
j.d. blake
Excellent Pronunciation of Both Hosts!
Previous reviewer doesn’t know what she/he is talking about. The pronunciation of both hosts is excellent and very clear. Serge obviously isn’t Chinese, but I prefer his pronunciation because it’s very clear and easy for me to understand. When listening to “real” Chinese tapes and CDs, it's often very difficult to distinguish the sounds. Serge’s native Chinese partner also speaks super clear and very standard Mandarin. Thank you!
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The note for people wants to learn Chinese.
As a Chinese. I have to say the host's Chinese pronunciation is terrible. I still think the Chinese pronunciation is very important even though the accent wouldn't hinder the Chinese people to understand what you said.
Nice resource
Finally I found Chinese lessons that are combined of male voice and Taiwanese (accent) style of Chinese. Thank you:)
Great Podcast for quick learning
In preparation for my trip to Asia this winter, I needed to pick up some quick Chinese. This podcast let me search out the topics that were the most pertinent. All the PDF transcripts were also helpful for learning the Romanized version of the language!
Top notch
This guy is a really great teacher. And even though he isn't Chinese, I am confident he's teaching me the correct pronunciations. I verified with my girlfriend, who is a Beijing native, and she confirmed that this guy speaks nearly-perfect Mandarin.
Thank you very much for these free files.
Among the best for learning mandarin
I've tried 'em all..... from yellow boxes, CD's, flashcards, other podcasts and Melnyks has been my favorite. The lessons are great and really cover the things you need to know. Don't listen to the other guy here who says that Serge doesn't know what he is talking about because of 1 minor flippin error. It'd be like saying Jimi Hendrix was a crap guitarist because he missed 1 note. Serge is a linguist who has lived in China for over 17 years..... he certainly knows what he is talking about. Just a nice easy pace, fun topics, and clear instruction. You can't ask for more.
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I learn much more
I love to study Chinese and I learn much more with Mr. Melnyks
Best podcast to learn Mandarin!
Excellent teacher in your pocket, very clear and pure pronunciation! Great attention to spoken language and tones! Word for word PDF transcripts really really helpful! Highly recommend!
Wrong Chinese
This guy doesn't really know what he's talking about. I spent a year in Taiwan and was looking for a refresher and ni hao does not mean how are you. Ni hao ma does, but doesn't mean hello.
Best Course available on the Web
I am currently living and working in Shanghai. I have been studying Chinese for about six months. I have purchased numerous books with audio formats, but have not found a better class than this. The course is laid out logically and well paced. The amount of information presented per lesson is just the right amount. The lessons teach a topic, while introducing common phrases, and grammer. I listen to them while commuting. It is extremely good supplement to instruction - I think one will still need to have a tutor to learn to pronouce and understand chinese. The one other useful website I have found is the audio (flash) pinyin chart available on Chinesepod. I highly recommend paying the 70 or 150 dollars for a subscription. It is worth it to access the worksheets and the rest of the podcasts and to support the work that Serge has undertaken. Well done Serge.
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The real Shanghai Ren
Outstanding lessons!
Definitely 5 stars for this course! Highly recommend getting a premium subscription on his Website to download the remaining 200 lessons. The PDFs are a must, they are really helpful in explaining small details.
where are the rest?
I can see only 108 lessons here. What about the rest of them? There should be more then 200
Daniel Cyber
Best for improving Mandarin Chinese!
If you need to improve your spoken Mandarin-this is your choice! Very useful and informative!
This guy talks so slow!
It's so frustrating! Half the time I am saying "ok! Get on with it!!"
Love them!
These lessons are awesome! Serge does a great job of breaking down the language into approachable, relevant lessons- they are just long enough that I feel like I learned a lot of new vocabulary, but short enough to keep my attention and to keep me motivated. His pronunciation is clear, and I really like how he also incorporates native speakers in his lessons so we can hear a variety of different accents. I also enjoy the tidbits about Chinese culture- when talking about taxis, for example, he talks about popular tourist districts in China and when introducing restaurant vocabulary, he explains different popular Chinese dishes. After listening to only 30 lessons, my boyfriend's parents- who only speak Chinese- were throughly impressed with my Chinese skills!
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very nice
你好!我是一位中国学生,你讲的中文很标准!并且课程安排结合都十分适合,不多不少!赞一个! I am from China,Serge is a very good teacher.Hope you can do the podcast better an better!
Ive tried countless podcast and audio CD to study Mandarin and Serg is in the top 3 for sure.
Pa te li ke
I enjoyed this, it was easy and is addicting.
I love everything about Serg's style. He gets right down to business without a lot of clutter. The short explanations are very helpful and dont overwhelm the listener. :)
Best Chinese Teacher!!!
Serge is an awesome teacher! He is so enthusiastic, warm, friendly & funny. I love his teaching style & his pronunciation is spot on. I always look forward to each new lesson. I've taken 3 semesters of Mandarin Chinese at a local community college. Started to forget my Chinese, but after listening to Serge's podcast, I'm able to retain my Chinese & learn even more from Serge! I plan on registering & being a paid member when I finish with lesson 100. Xie xie Melnyk laoshi!
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