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Loved this podcast!
These episodes are so content rich, and with the right, honest action steps we can take to have better businesses, it’s a must listen!
Outstanding podcast!
Love this podcast! Jennifer brings amazing energy and guests for a perfect listening!
Tina Larsson
Quick Hits with Powerful Gems
Jennifer delivers some insightful gems and interesting guests with each episode. I particularly enjoy the episode lengths; long enough to provide impactful information but not too long to interrupt the flow of my daily activities. Thank you for showing up and sharing this work! 👏🏽
Ashlynd Tuffentsamer
Loved The Energy!
I am all things energy, and when I was on this podcast the energy was exciting, open-minded and full of fun. I appreciate such beautiful souls coming together to make a difference through connecting and communication. Thank you so much for having me! Miranda
Miranda J Mitchell
Valuable insights!
Host Jennifer does a fantastic job of giving real-world, practical tips and guidance to investors and entrepreneurs alike. Her content translates into tangible steps that are easy to push your business forward. Highly recommend you take a listen!
Overflow Amanda
Inspiration and Great Tips for Entrepreneurs
High quality episodes that are helpful no matter where you are In Your entrepreneurial journey.
Great show for entrepreneurs
Tune in and enjoy! You'll learn, you'll be inspired and you'll make your business better for it!
Kami Guildner
Great Podcast!
Host Jennifer facilitates meaningful conversations with a diverse group of entrepreneurs pursuing success on their own terms. Always inspiring. Great takeaways every episode.
Very motivational!
This podcast is motivational and it makes you want to dive in and focus on forwarding your business. The hosts are very experienced and they bring on guests who are experts in their field. Lots of great information! Every entrepreneur should listen to this podcast.
Awesome podcast!!
Motivates and inspires you! A must listen!!
Helpful and Interesting
Jennifer and Tammy know how to into important topics and tackle those ideas and situations we need support with as blossoming entrepreneurs. Looking to be inspired and ignited as an entrepreneur, this podcast is for you.
Entrepreneur here!
Always looking for motivation and resources as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be so lonely, podcasts are a great way to stay connected to others while you are hustling.
Fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs
Jennifer is the real deal! She has so much experience working with entrepreneurs and her conversations are so much fun and enlightening! Don’t miss this gem!
Great show for entrepreneurs
I thought the episode about making strategic decisions was really interesting. Good guest and sounded like a great process and book!
The hosts do a great job of getting to the information that you need. Well produced and interesting episodes!
M Lamour
How to find solutions and opportunities within your life.
Mindset Matters
I love the deep, honest, and frank conversations that are had on this show. Being a psychotherapist, I know mindset is huge. I appreciated hearing Christine Woodward’s practical approach to becoming more confident, Pandit Dasa’s thoughts on living a more fulfilling life and how that plays into our work life, and Henry Daas’ discussion on scarcity vs. abundance minutes.
A Must Listen To!
A great show that every professional that has to pivot must listen to.
Wow so relatable!
Having gone from poor kid to successful entrepreneur I can greatly empathize with these amazing stories!
Josh Tapp (the lucky titan)
Great Information
As a Entreprenuer myself I can really appreciate the information provided on these episodes. Thank you for continuing to profivde insightful and helpful information. The real life examples provided have really helped me and my business. Looking forward to more content!
Insightful Podcast!
It was a pleasure to do this interview with the Leafy Podcast. Thank you for the opportunity and I love the commitment you have to your listeners to help them grow and retire in wealth.
Good stuff!
This podcast offers very useful information for real estate investors. The hosts are adept at interviewing and draw the best out of their guests.
This is such an informative podcast and provides real life examples and how to apply the concepts talked about. Definitely something to listen to!
Really love how informative this podcast is, I wasn’t ready to get started in my real estate investing but after listening, every expert says ‘just get started’. So here I go! Thank you Leafy Podcast!
Nicole WV
Great Podcast!
Great subject matter. Wide array of guests and the hosts are always funny and engaging.
Di Shipman
Outstanding host and content rich - keep it rolling. A must subscribe
Chris Pre
Great Podcast
Great podcast! Very informative. Impressive guests.
Very helpful and entertaining!
Thanks for all the great info and awesome guests.
Sandy Dunes Real Estate
Lots of valuable information
Great podcast!
Tammy Geerling
A ton of info in 30 minutes
I love that the podcast has so many different types of guests and has both real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Plus its from 15 -30minutes so perfect for lunch. I’m not a fan of really long podcasts this is easy to digest with a lot of info.
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