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Bill Conrad
Timelines of Success (timelinesofsuccess.com) & (PodcastersHome.com) is a, 30 minute premier podcast and on demand radio program where the host, entrepreneur Bill Conrad, interviews today’s foremost experts, professionals and entrepreneurs. The show investigates life's transitions between professions and careers. It is part of the BLUFTV.COM Network. Other BLUFTV.NET shows are, Politics of Success (politicsofsuccess.com), Brokers of Success (brokersofsuccess.com), Nick-i (nick-i.com) and WP Tonic (wp-tonic.com) which focus on WordPress The listeners are called Timeliners A Timeliner is someone who never gives up, works hard and eventually succeeds. They are of all ages and genders with a desire to improve their lives and those around them.
Elect A Green Beret - Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate EP 317
Oct 18, 2023
54 sec
Elect A Green Beret Country - Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate EP 316
Oct 18, 2023
53 sec
The China Threat Ep 314
For more information, see Bill Conrad for the U.S. Senate at https://conrad2024.com
Aug 1, 2023
13 min
The Cowboy DJ (draft) - Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate
ConradTeam.Com https://conradteam.com/
Jul 11, 2023
8 min
306 The Candidate Show on Redmove.org
Bill Conrad, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Nevada conradteam.com Leo Zacky, Candidate for California Governor leozacky.com
Mar 31, 2023
19 min
304 RedMove News Evening Addition Jun 30, 2022 Thursday
The Brandon Evil Empire  The Supreme Court https://www.supremecourt.gov/ Let’s Go Brandon Evil Empire Report Big Lib Liz Chaney - Rino Report  War on Pro-Life Military Service Members Real Estate Should I Stay or Should I Go! https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/potential-home-buyers-are-asking-should-i-stay-or-should-i-go_4564987.html Links: redmovenews.com billconrad.us oldgrads.com timelinesofsuccess.com karenconrad.com
Jun 30, 2022
7 min
Intro to Redmove News
Redmove News Affiliated Sites Links: HTTPS://NAOP.US redmovenews.com redmove.us oldgrads.com billconrad.us
Jun 30, 2022
3 min
301 Green Beret Jeremy Brown Letter "Fighting for His Freedom"
https://billconrad.us/ "My name is Jeremy Brown. I am a 20-year US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant that served this nation honorably. In October of 1992, I swore to an Almighty God that I would protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, Foreign and Domestic; This Constitution that codifies the Rights that God granted us at birth. I have upheld the Oath as a Ranger, Green Beret, Fire Fighter, Citizen, Business Owner, Coach, US Congressional Candidate, and now as a Prisoner of War. I have been obligated to uphold this oath for 29 years and I have no intention of faltering now! In December of 2020, the very Government I served for 20 years and entrusted me to hold a TOP SECRET/SCI Security Clearance attempted to recruit me to be a Confidential Informant for the FBI's JTTF. I was asked if I would be willing to collect information (AKA spy) on law-abiding American Citizens. I refused, but I recorded the entire meeting. In January 2021 I volunteered to be part of a Security Detail tasked with protecting speakers at the Jan 5th & 6th “Stop the Steal” Rally in DC. "In the weeks that followed, it became clear to me why I had been recruited. It was the testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray in front of Congress that made me realize I could not stay silent. On March 5th, 2021, I went public with what I knew and my professional opinion about what happened on January 6th as a 20 Year Special Forces Combat Veteran. I knew that going public against a corrupt FBI narrative would put my safety and freedom, as well as the safety of my family and friends in jeopardy but if not me then who?? I have prepared for this day and this is God’s plan for me. Liberty or Death! De Oppresso Libre, Rangers lead the way! MOLON LABE!"
Jun 12, 2022
14 min
300 William "Bill" Conrad for U.S. Senate
https://billconrad.us - Bill Conrad for U.S. Senate Website - Nevada.  Bill Conrad served on city council for 6 years. He is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Combat Veteran (4 tours in Afghanistan), Special Forces Team Leader (Green Beret), and a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point. “Protecting our county against terrorists on foreign battlefields was my mission after September 11, 2001. Now, with your support, I will go to the Senate to fight for your Freedom and Liberty. This election and next is where we hold the line and turn them back. This is where we fight. This is where we win.” Bill Conrad
Jun 12, 2022
59 min
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