Leadership By Design, a Global Talent Management Podcast
Leadership By Design, a Global Talent Management Podcast
Herman Miller Global Talent Management
This podcast explores leadership topics that accelerate the leadership effectiveness of all leaders across HermanMiller Group. This podcast is operated by Global Talent Management.
Programming Note
Feb 3, 2022
58 sec
Our Guiding Principles for Leadership Development
Today, Heather is coming to you solo to go over our 10 Guiding Principles for our Leadership Development work here at MillerKnoll. These were developed to guide the creation of our leadership model and also guide our approach to how we work with leaders. Come learn more about these principles and the researchers who inform our work.
Dec 5, 2021
33 min
The Intersection of Coaching and Change: Conversations That Make a Difference
Dianna Anderson, CEO of Cylient, sits down with Heather to talk about why the strategies for changing things is not the same as the strategy for helping people change. They discuss how the skill of coaching can be used to effectively help people through the behavior change that makes large scale change possible. Check out this article from Dianna to learn more: https://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/trainingindustry/tiq_20210304/index.php#/p/34
Nov 21, 2021
56 min
Debunking the Myths about Change and How it Happens
Be ready to rethink what you believe you know about how change really happens. Heather spends time with Dr. Andreas Hoffbauer debunking the influencer myth and several other popular myths of change. Trying to influence any type of change? This episode may help you rethink your approach.
Nov 7, 2021
1 hr
Working Hybrid Successfully: A Team Roundtable
As many businesses start to navigate bringing employees back to the office, Heather thought it would be fun to explore with her team how they are thinking about working hybrid with a team that is made up of both remote and office employees. They talk about why they are looking forward to coming into the office and how they plan to balance the needs of both remote and in-office workers. Spoiler alert: Part of their plan is to experiment and learn!
Oct 10, 2021
44 min
Psychological Safety through Change with Dr. Dan Radecki
Episode release delayed due to Hurricane Ida. Thank you for your patience. Heather sits down again with neuroscientist, Dr. Dan Radecki, to talk through how to build psychological safety while managing through change of merger and acquisition integration. Heather explores with Dan his own personal experience going through mergers and acquisitions and what we can take away as leaders to support both ourselves and our teams.
Aug 29, 2021
29 min
Unlock Potential - Overcoming Leadership Mindtraps
Lauren and Heather spend time breaking down how leaders can get in the way of the very change they want to create by getting stuck in a thinking trap. Lauren breaks down the types of mind traps we can encounter and don't miss the actionable strategies she shares with us to deal with them.
Aug 15, 2021
58 min
Unlock Potential - Readiness for the Future Demands Development Today
Today, we flip the tables, and Jared Mejeur, Senior Learning Strategist and a member of the Global Leadership Development, sits down for a conversation with Heather. In this conversation, Jared explores with Heather why she is so passionate about leaders and their development, how leadership development is shifting within Herman Miller, and what is challenging her as a leader right now.
Aug 1, 2021
1 hr 5 min
Leader Spotlight: Embracing Change
Heather visits with Myron Maurer, our Vice President of Global Product Innovation to talk about the lessons he has learned that help him to successfully embrace change and how he leads his team to do the same. Heather and Myron also discuss how he sees his role as a leader in creating the environment where innovation can flourish.
Jul 18, 2021
40 min
Cultivate Connection - The Role of Emotional Intelligence
Join Heather and Robin Hills as they unpack how developing emotional intelligence supports the Leadership Principle of Cultivate Connection. As they discuss the facets of emotional intelligence, you will hear how it draws back to other important leadership practices - the importance of coaching conversations and the concept of trust.
Jul 4, 2021
54 min
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