Lavender Lines: An Audio Journal
Lavender Lines: An Audio Journal
Denise Bowen
Lavender Lines is an audio journal hosted by St. Louis resident and poet, Denise Bowen. Author of two poetry books, owner of a shelf of filled notebooks, and deep thinker, Denise decided to start sharing her thoughts more openly in hopes of encouraging others to embrace who they are & to push her creative boundaries. Lavender Lines is an adventure in self-confidence and expression. Expect the unexpected, a few laughs, spiritual insight, poetry readings, prophetic encouragement + more. Thanks for listening!
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes #resentment
In this impromptu episode, Denise opens up about her process in healing from resentments and letting go of shame.
Feb 5
17 min
The Power of Change! It's everything
In this episode, Denise discusses the Power of Change and the importance of listening to your intuition in achieving your dreams, experiencing peace, and living your best life. She introduces her new interview series; Talks of Change. Thank you so much for listening! twitter/clubhouse: @spicysprite_
Jan 28
38 min
#1 Open Mic Vibes featuring Maia Alyce
In this episode Denise kicks off poetry readings with writer Maia Alyce, gives a tip for setting boundaries and decision-making, and ends the session with an experimental singing bowl affirmation track. 
Jan 13
18 min
Breakthrough: I Powered Up #negrosolstice
In this episode, Denise shares her breakthroughs in self-confidence, speaking her truth, and pursuing her podcast dreams after the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st.
Dec 28, 2020
42 min
Introduction to Lavender Lines
What led to this podcast? Who is Denise? Here is a quick introduction. 
Dec 28, 2020
5 min