Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast
Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast
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Love this podcast, when it’s on!
I look forward to a closer look, but it seems like they are always on some kind of break or hiatus. I need content consistency. Nothing worse than waking up in the morning, getting psyched to hear Seth deliver his scathing views on all the kooks out there, and seeing only Late Night Lit available.
Seth will you ever talk smack about your democrats that are criminals?
Informative and funny
I started to listen to the news bc of Seth around the Rise and Fall of Trump. Now I listen to it all (and Who could believe it is even crazier after Donald and two+ yrs into a pandemic. However still tuning in nightly to Seth for his “closer look”. Good team!
Love Seth
Absolutel best late night host
The best
Seth is the best
Snarky has-been
Well past your sell by date, hang it up buddy. Nobody cares about you or your mediocre SNL career, you couldn’t shine Chevy Chase’s shoes back then and your snark doesn’t play today.
Living Deadly
Meh. Also, blah
He bores me. I used to lol at good weekend updates way back when on SNL. He must not have written them
Trivia, shmivia
I absolutely love the sea captain and the impressions (but shhhh, maybe don’t tell anyone ;)) This is such a great find and I have loved every one I’ve listened to
Z Dahl
The best
This podcast helped get me through the last guys term and the pandemic. So nice to be able to listen to great topical comedy anytime.
montana osu
Woke Cult of Lies Hate and Division
As time has gone on. What has Trump said that was a lie? What has the Mainstream Fake News said that was true? Maybe we should have a discussion on Russia Collusion. Let’s talk about the Only Russian Spy arrested, and that the Russia Spy, a Tech Executive, the Fake News, and the Clinton Campaign conspired to perpetrate the most egregious lie/hoax AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And the scum bag Seth Meyers help spread the lie. Evil, Pure Evil Scum.
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My you go the way of fellow cat hater Brian Williams.
1.13 pod
u can tell trump lying is in his dna meaning he has been dong it forever because he always can create a lie smoothly on the fly at anytime.
Lame podcast
I could not even finish the first episode. Seth is simply not funny on his own. He is better in a supporting cast role.
it doesnt matter-set is lame
Timely delivery!
Before December, 2021, The person in charge of delivering your podcast to the world took his sweet time. Do you know what it’s like to only have NPR on your morning commute? Whoever is delivering the podcast now deserves a raise and a kiss on the mouth from Seth Meyers himself! My alarm clock just went off, it is 5:05 AM, and I have discovered your podcast is already on my phone, as if it is an NES under my Christmas tree!
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These Are Perfect
I remember finding The Daily Show Ears Edition and being so incredibly happy. I remember wishing for Last Week Tonight, and Late Night to have audio versions. Now my wish has come true with at least one of them!! I’ve been a fan of Seth since his SNL days but really got into his Late Night run during the pandemic ( I think he did the best version of the at home shows we were getting). I’m bummed the audience is back, but happy to have it in podcast form!!🤣
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Sean Lichtenstein
Case study.
This is what being brain washed by the left looks like. It’s like going to the zoo.
Great when it’s on
I enjoy the humor of this podcast, but it appears to be on break when I need new episodes most.
Rachel Nichols
It is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
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Around there
It’s tight👍🏻
This show is so good! I listen to it all night while I sleep
EbEn WaTsOn111
The best of the last night monologue.
Never disappoints. Always solid and packed with several laugh out loud moments throughout. Great writing and refreshingly intelligent.
Seth is so funny
This is one very funny podcast from one very funny dude!
Need Whole Show as Dennis Miller!!!
I think I like your 80’s Miller better than… Well, let’s just say we put up with your book club so, you owe us!
Seth’s Trump
I’m so happy that Trump is gone but honestly, I can’t help but snort laugh every time Seth impersonates him. Best Trump impression I’ve ever heard. “Mel, you want to take the bikes out?” 😂😂😂
Your impressions
I love your Vince Vaughn!!! I like all of your impressions!!!! Also, I miss the Sea Captain! I look forward to your show - & podcast etc....all of it. I’m always listening to your podcast while driving around & doing errands. I’ve almost had a few car accidents from laughing so hard at your sarcastic jokes ! (But I’m safe!) Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard this a zillion times before- Thanks a million for helping me LAUGH through the Trump Administration!
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Underrated Brilliance
TEN MF STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Seth is one of THE most brilliant comedians & impressionists in my ear every week. I can’t even tell you the joy I feel (& horror- from the accuracy) when I hear his Lindsey Graham’s MEEMAW voice come over the sound waves.... EPIC, every single time. Thank you for helping to keep my sanity! -Lots of Love from a Progressive in deep red Montucky 🖤
Tha Bonk
Seth delivers
Love love love Seth. Best late night listening. He’s great with or without an audience.
NJ llistener
everything i could ask for and more
i genuinely get like 90% of my news from Seth so when they came out with a podcast, I was PSYCHED. it is honestly a life saver and I don’t know what I would do without it. #seth4ever
You should always speak like pacino this is pure genius and definitely around ur wife lol 😂
Bozo the clown
Unoriginal and not funny
Bill Burr
This guy is an jerk and I can’t imagine what Seth found funny about him.
Kudos from Vermont
You make me laugh every morning and put a lighthearted twist to dark times. Thank you! Love you and your team Seth!
Heddy in Vermont
Tell Mulaney we Love and Support Him
I know this isn’t his show, but please tell John that his fans love and support him!! You can do it!!
Love some of these 1* reviews
You can tell that some of these 1* reviews are written by people who lack common sense. For the morons who says this is biased news, well... it’s not a news program, it’s a late night COMEDY talk show and for the idiots who complain about how it’s heavy on the trump bashing, it’s hard to do a topical show without addressing the elephant in the room that is constantly debasing himself and the country. I am impressed that these knuckle dragging mouth breathers were able to summon their few remaining brain cells to review a podcast that they never listened to because their MAGAt leaders’s fee fees were hurty. For people who hate cancel-culture they don’t mind lying and brigading reviews 🥺👉👈
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Love love love!!!
Love love love love love!!!!!
Cindy l. Word crazy
seedy used car salesman spouts propoganda
I Love Utah!!!
Good show, terrible theme song
Please change the theme song. And cut out the “joke preview” at the beginning. Otherwise one of the best news summaries around, comedic or otherwise. My two cents.
Bjorn Larsen (@bjorn)
This is ridiculous. Some news reported is not factual. I’m ok with opinion pieces, but seriously....can’t take this anymore.
This election is not over
The Best late night Comedy
Seth is the best! Has the best comedy delivery in the lockdown world we now live in. And he’s got the best writers. Keep it up!
Fan of TBD Podcasts
A Closer Look Hits The Target
This podcast nails what needs to be said. For me, listening to Seth (and his team’s writing summary of events) is a highlight of my day. After consuming news from BBC, NYT, elsewhere, I know I can turn to Seth and his team for a delightful perspective on what’s going on in the world.
Writers’ podcasts
I am in the middle of the writers’ podcast. While I thought they would get incredibly boring, I am dedicated so I had to listen. THESE ARE SOME OF THE MOST FABULOUS, INTERESTING, EMOTIONAL casts that I have encountered. Thank you
Love the show, hate all the extra crap
Late Night Lit and all the other crap is useless and boring.
A closer look
I love youer detutetre detute Seth lol
seth matthers
Funny & on point
Incredibly funny even when Seth was home alone. Topical and satirical. Incredible writing staff and producers must be hard at work having to keep such close attention to current events and then find something that stops us crying, makes us laugh and gives us some hope at the same time.
I love Seth
It is very strange. I have gone from loving Late Night and its host to finding it tiresomeAF. The constant stream of DJT material is wearing so so thin. The writing just feels hacky now and Seth’s delivery is on autopilot. The endless material about the current White House occupant on this show and SNL only reminds me that the head of these shows gave a huge boost to said White House occupant when he was invited to host SNL in the fall of 2015 after he was left for dead after announcing his presidency in June. The head of these shows said to the writers and cast, “Go easy on him”. Now these big shows are making a lot of money out of making fun of the man they helped to elect. That’s a whole lot of double and triple dealing that’s going on at 30 Rock. I’m sick of it. Deleting this podcast.
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A Closer Look
Nice job Seth!! Well written, well delivered!!
Closer Look Rocks
I love getting my updates on the campaign from Seth. I listen when I do my morning walks and laugh out loud that people look at me strangely. These days laughs are needed. Keep it up !
No sleep for me!
I always listen to a podcast when I go to sleep. I selected y’all tonight. You’re just too good. You woke me right up and kept me alert. I won’t be doing that again. I’ll listen to you at about 2 PM. Thank you for a job well done.
Getting me through the pandemic
Thank you Seth Meyers and writing team!
Send the Captain to sea. Everything else is spot on. Great show every time.
Chicken sister
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