Lasers Dragons And Keyboards
Lasers Dragons And Keyboards
Aaron DeMott, Joshua Hardt, Liberty Speidel
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Amusing Diversion
The hosts of LDK clearly know each other and have a good rapport. This is a casual sort of podcast that feels more like friends chatting around a table than a serious focus on craft--and that isn't a bad thing. Enjoyable to have playing in the car or in the background while cleaning, with some solid nuggets of wisdom.
A Must Listen for Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans
LDK is interesting, entertaining, and out and out hilarious. They talk books, movies, and general geekery with authors. Who doesn't want to know a favorite author's superhero or if they're Star Wars or Star Trek? Haven't heard of these authors and other writing professionals? Better yet! You can discover some great books for your to-be-read pile. That and maybe damaged electronics are the only dangers. Time sips accordingly so you don't spray your keyboard after a good laugh.
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So proud of ya Lib! Tuning in on my way home to Ne. ;)