Lasers Dragons And Keyboards
Lasers Dragons And Keyboards
Aaron DeMott, Joshua Hardt, Liberty Speidel
LDK S2 Ep 1 - Dinosaurs, Soda Pop, & Snot
50 minutes Posted Nov 3, 2019 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

We sat down with J.J. Johnson, author of  Iggy & Oz: The Plastic Dinos of Doom this week on LDK! We discussed the challenges of writing for middle grade, giant snot blobs, and insights into marketing from a marketing professional. Oh, and there was laughter. A. Lot. Of. Laughter. (But what else do you expect from us?)  Links: J.J. Johnson Iggy & Oz on Amazon LDK on LDK on Patreon After Atlantis Gaming on Twitch.tvJosh's book on Amazon Aaron's books on Amazon Liberty's latest book on Amazon