The Real Deal w/Larry Lawton
The Real Deal w/Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton
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Great stuff
Great content. Interesting stories all around, thank you for your efforts. In the future, any chance we can get some interviews with some old school graffiti writers - RD357 (on YouTube) is an excellent story teller from the NYC of 80’s/90’s + One thing he makes sure to get across is that he is a criminal that also writes. He has lots of stories of dodging the police and spending some time. All of his friends/partners have a wealth of great criminal and incarcerated stories. Thanks again!
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The comeback kid
Larry, is one of the few felons who has completely turned his life around. This guys the real deal. Take a listen and you will get sucked in as I did.
Bradford Hanes
Where is Benz
Please explain why benz is no longer the co host
GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larry is a great guy
Larry is a great guy who turned his life around and now helps teens make right choices. A very humble guy.
Best podcast around
Where else are you gonna listen to a podcast where the host doesn’t care about what is said? Or a podcast where there is no cuts, no edits, and no scripts, just an hour + of raw conversations
Parker Brownrigg
Their opinions are out in left field but still hilarious
Entertaining group to listen to. David has the most realistic take on current events (most informed). Larry is hilarious. Benz, I love to hate him but a good guy! 😂😂 Keep it up fellas!
Rudely Honest
Good but
Good show except for when they talk politics. Larry has the worst political takes. He just repeats whatever he hears on CNN. Everything else is cool tho.
Great Podcast
This podcast is awesome, it would be great with a video version, but I cant complain with what ive heard so far, Great Job Benz and Larry
Keep the podcasts going good to listen to whist doing things
random man 12345
Love the podcast! Always fun listening to it!
brady r creasy
Larry The Lawton
Been subscribed to Larry’s YouTube Channel for a while now and he’s always giving advices and straight forward with his words. The podcast helps me sleep at night. Larry Lawton is awesome! Hope to see you one day!
Please stop talking about vaccines
We hear enough vaccine stuff on the news we don’t need more talk about it. Enough about Covid!
Must listen!
5 stars, Larry is an amazing person and his YouTube channel is nuts! I look forward to every single upload and have been following Larry since he started gangster redemption on YouTube, never get bored of hearing from him!
Cc Smoke cC
Larry is great
I never would’ve thought an ex-con(no offense Larry) could teach me so much. You guys are great.
Gray Mamba
Great show
I love this show! Larry should do a show with the Nelk Boys, I think they would be blown away with his stories.
Large Mart
Great stuff
I’d love to be able to hear your YouTube stuff as a podcast. It’s convenient to listen on the go.
Mírale norte
Seems a lil sus
My dude in chapter 6 you said you had 2 years probation then it went to 5 then 5 more from the 35 racks and 5 gs of coke? Why the f didn’t you get your paperwork pulled for breaking probation? Or even get hit with violation time. And don’t say I had a good lawyer, that judge would have been furious the second time and you woulda did you’re 5 unless you talked man.
Yeah love when you talk about politics Larry
I’m just here to be here
You’ll definitely binge on this one
Heard Larry’s interview on the Jordan Harbinger podcast and wanted to hear more. His podcast doesn’t disappoint. Eye opening account of the American prison system.
Gangster Redemption Larry’s Book - A MUST READ!
Larry Lawton is the real deal! I first met him after I read his incredible biography “Gangster Redemption “ Years ago. Since then I’ve watched Larry help thousands of people get Alternative Sentencing through his Reality Check Program - Which is used around the United States & is has an outstanding rate of success . Larry is a living example that people can turn there lives around in spite of the horrific heinous abuse Larry endured while incarcerated Which you will learn about in his book . Larry is a sincere big hearted & real person who it touches my heart to see how he is always willing to help someone who may have found ourselves down the wrong path or having severe consequences from making a wrong decision. His big heart & compassion coupled with his ability to laugh & be brutally honest about everything as well as his high intellect makes for an exciting entertaining & educational podcast that I highly recommend for all audiences . There is only one Larry Lawton & I wish there were more of him ! Lol ! 10 STARS & 2 thumbs up from this reviewer ! Dr M. McKinley PhD Producer /Co-Host KABC’s Back-Talk Radio show
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Doc McKinley
Such a crazy story!
This guy really turned it all around, if this guy can make his life right I feel like anyone can. After living the whole gangster life and going to jail, to come out and be a good member of society is such a great tale.
Glad to hear you turned your life around, thank you for sharing your stories. Sending blessed vibes from Las Vegas
Matty. V
Super Down-to-Earth Chats
Thanks for keeping it real Larry! Love the podcast format, keep it coming!
Mats James
Justice in jail
I loved the podcast and also have watched your YouTube for a while and I think it’s time to step up against bad cops and bad cops only
kenton lother
Amazing storyteller
The ingenuity of prison captivate me.
Rafael Testai
Absolutely Amazing
I found Larry on YouTube. I have been listening to his book and it is absolutely incredible the point of view he provides in his book. You need to listen to this.
The most entertaining and educational stories
If you want to hear real criminal stories and get to know the prison system this podcast is the best. The stories are great and educational . I highly recommend to follow him on YouTube, the way he tells his stories there is really entertaining.
I started listening to Lawton on you tube. I’m happy I found him great story.
this is one of the few things i can listen too for hours
larry always seems so genuine, im at chapter 10, and i am still enjoying it, its a great book
jason murawski
Larry is a genuine guy
Ima sophomore in high school and these stories are amazing keep up the great work Larry!
You will enjoy this book & YouTube channel is better!
I throughly enjoy Larry’s content! You will enjoy this audiobook which he is kind enough to read to us here. Packed with great stories! If you enjoy these chapters, then you will like his YouTube channel even better! He give a summarization of the chapters, with his own take and special stories on the topics chapter. Larry is a stand up dude! Has done some things, took his punishment like a man, took responsibility, came out, and is offering his unique story.
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Fun and Honest
If you like the movie “GoodFellas” you will like this podcast. I love Larry reading his book in his own voice and the occasional editorializing.
Exactly What I Hoped!
While Lawton isn’t a polished, professional voice talent, he’s more than capable and who could be a better presenter than the man himself? Periodically, Lawton pauses briefly to provide more detail and levity that really adds to his readings.
Love how genuine this is
What makes this story standout from other audio books is how genuine Larry is. It’s refreshing to hear some mistakes in the reading, pauses, and “ums.” It comes across as so much more real.
Unbelievable but very true
All is true. Very interesting. Funny at times. This guy is a character.
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