Language During Mealtime
Language During Mealtime
Becca Eisenberg
Creative professionals from the language learning and children's education field
Interview with Educator and Author, Noreen O’Sullivan
I have known Noreen for many years and loved her first children's book, I'll Tell You Why...I Can't Wear Those Clothes! To read my review and short online interview with Noreen, click here. Do you want to focus on mindfulness and acceptance with your children? For anyone not familiar with EFT tapping, check out this website here.  I learned about tapping a few years ago and have found it helpful as an easy and accessible way to reduce anxiety.  Look, Listen, Love written by Noreen O'Sullivan is a parent and children's guide to emotional freedom tapping. A softcover interactive children’s book, helping children love and accept themselves just the way they are. This book uses animals to teach children the self-awareness and self-acceptance tool EFT Tapping. Included in the book are different animals to help children interact and learn about tapping in a fun and playful way.  For each animal, the author gives examples to learn how to use Look Listen Love. For many children, having examples, especially of animals can help them relate to specific strategies. After each animal, the book gives space for children to add their own Look Listen Love sentences to the book. This strategy helps make both children and adults aware of how you are feeling and giving yourself time to feel the feeling and then accept yourself. Listen to the podcast to learn more!  To learn more about Noreen, visit my website here.
Dec 19, 2022
36 min
Interview with Rosena Fung, Author and Illustrator of Living with Viola
Living with Viola written and illustrated by the talented Rosena Fung is a wonderful graphic novel about a young name Livy who is having trouble fitting into her new school. She also has a lot of anxiety, which is represented as a shadowy twin named Viola. When visiting Toronto, I found a beautiful and unique bookstore called Type Books. After browsing for a few minutes, I discovered this book, Living with Viola. I love middle grade books, especially ones that are based on memoirs. Listen to our podcast to learn more! In this middle-grade graphic novel, Livy navigates friendships, insecurity, family relationships, and how to navigate anxiety. As a tween and/or teen, anxiety can be overwhelming. I found the representation of anxiety of a shadowy twin, Viola, to be really interesting and helpful when trying to understand anxiety. It can also lead to productive conversations about self-talk. Often we talk worse to ourselves than anyone else! Living with Viola can be an excellent book for a classroom, home library, or book club.  When reading this book with your tween/teen, here are some discussion questions to start with: Tell me about Livy feels when she first begins school. Did you ever feel like Livy? What do you think Viola represents in the story? Do you think Viola is mean or supportive of Livy? Why is Livy embarrassed to bring her friend to her house?  Are you similar or different from Livy? If so, how?  To learn more about Rosena and her work, visit my website here.
Oct 11, 2022
24 min
Interview with Nancy Tandon, Author of The Way I Say It
The Way I Say It written by Nancy Tandon is a middle grade book that sixth grader, Rory who can't say  his r's. How can Rory get through sixth grade not even saying his name clearly? Rory struggles with an articulation disorder which affects his confidence and makes him prone to teasing. How does Rory get through this? What does he learn from this experience? I really love this book because it helps gives readers the perspective of what it's like for children who have articulation disorders and struggle with their speech. The book also embeds other stories into it that focuses on perspective taking, friendships, brain injury, and dealing with confrontation. I also love how the author (and SLP!) gives readers a peek into a school speech language pathologist. To learn more about Nancy and check out her newest book, visit here website here!
Sep 6, 2022
29 min
Interview with Adina Lichtman, Founder of Knock, Knock Give a Sock
Knock, Knock Pair of Books Project Would you like to teach your child about humanizing homelessness? Check out these two wonderful children's books, Knock Knock Give a Sock and Knock Knock, Where's My Sock? written by Adina Lichtman, founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock.  These two books are part of the Pair of Books Project, which helps to "turn transactions into interactions." Knock Knock, Give a Sock is about a young girl named Crystal who moves into a shelter with her family. She loses a lucky sock during the move. Will she lose her luck without the sock? Throughout this book, the reader learns about Crystal and others who live in the shelter, such as her friend, Faith, whose apartment got destroyed by a fire. Knock Knock, Where My Sock? is about a young girl named Didi who meets her neighbor on the street and learns that he needs socks. How will Didi help her neighbor, Diego? To learn more about Adina and watch her pair of books project video, click here.
Jul 12, 2022
29 min
Interview with Erica Blit, Creator of My Heart Books
Do you have a child with a disability? Have you had trouble finding the right book for your child or student? Check out My Heart Books, which is a business that began with one mom's idea to help her family and teach others about her child with multiple disabilities. After meeting Erica, I immediately wanted to share her story about her son Brandon.  My Heart Books began with one book, My Brother Brandon, and grew into a business that can help others. After Erica created this book with her daughter, Skyler, she realized that other families should have access to making their own books. This is what began My Heart Books. With My Heart Books, you can create and personalize your own books with personal photographs, avatars, and assistive technology tools (e.g., wheelchairs, etc.).  When making the book, Erica includes a detailed questionnaire to personalize the story the way that you want, which helps to make the book even more individual. Listen to our podcast above to learn more! To check out how Erica creates these books, watch the video on the website here.
Jul 5, 2022
29 min
Interview with Illustrator and Author, Janice Hechter
Adventure Girl, Dabi Digs in Israel, written and illustrated by Janice Hechter, is a picture book about a young girl's love for exploring nature. While on a special family visit to her grandparents in Israel, Dabi goes on a special archeology dig with her family. While on the dig in this national park, she discovers a beautiful gold ring! What else will she find? Adventure Girl is a story that celebrates a child's love of nature and provides a glimmer into the field of archaeology. The book also gives us an introduction to the setting of Belt Guvrin National Park in Israel and some new vocabulary words in Hebrew. Guvrin National Park Do you want to learn more about Guvrin National Park? Check out the website here. Part of why I love sharing children's books is because I learn so much! Without reading this book, I never would have known about reserving your own archaeology dig in this national park. Check out Janice below on her own dig in this national park. To learn more about Janice and visit my website, click here.
Jun 21, 2022
19 min
Interview with Author and Illustrator, Yehudi Mercado
I am excited to present this podcast with Yehudi Mercado, author of Chunky and Chunky Goes to Camp. Both of his books are also memoir graphic novels, which make the books even more unique. Chunky Chunky is based on the experiences of the author/illustrator, Yehudi Mercado, who is a Mexican Jewish boy growing up in Texas.  The book begins with a trip to the doctor when Chunky is told again that he has to lose weight. What will he do? When he arrives home, he meets an imaginary friend who represents a positive mindset for Chunky throughout the book. Chunky decides to try various sports throughout the book to appease his parents, most specifically his father who is an excellent athlete. However, he just always ends up at the hospital, getting hurt. In the end, Chunky discovers his true talent and the place he feels like he truly belongs. To read more about this book, check out my review here. Chunky Goes to Camp is another excellent graphic novel written and illustrated by Yehudi Mercado. The book begins with Yehudi constantly getting in trouble at school for his humourous and mischievous personality. His parents decide to send him to a sleepaway camp. This Jewish sleepaway camp seems like a nightmare at first until he meets his friend, Pepe who changes everything for Yehudi. They have so much in common, including being Hispanic and Jewish. Chunky Goes To Camp is a perfect read for anyone going to camp this summer. To learn more about this book, listen to our podcast together. The book releases June 14th, so pre-order now to get your copy! To read more, visit my website here.
Jun 7, 2022
24 min
Interview with Actor, Activist, and Author Jazmyn Simon
Most Perfect You written by Jazmyn Simon and illustrated by Tamisha Anthony is a beautiful book about a girl named Irie who rediscovers what it means to be perfect. Jazmyn Simon redefines what it means to be perfect in this book. The whimsical and bold illustrations bring this story together as a work of art.  Irie hates her hair and all she wants is to have hair like everyone else. Her mom tells her a story that can warm the heart of any reader! I love this book because it celebrates being unique and self-love. It's hard to not compare yourself to others and this is not just specific to children. Even as an adult, we often compare ourselves to others whether in person, on social media, or through other media sources. This book is a reminder for both children and adults alike that we need to stop and be grateful for our own unique qualities. This book is wonderful to read aloud and discuss after! To check out examples of discussion questions and learn more about Jazmyn, visit my website here!
May 2, 2022
31 min
Interview with Storyteller and Author, Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
I discovered this picture book, Regina Persisted when recently reading the Hadassah magazine. Regina Persisted, An Untold Story written by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and illustrated by Margeaux Lucas is a wonderful book that tells the heroic story of Regina Jonas. The story begins when Regina was a child and dreamed of being a rabbi. She had many obstacles that held her back. In one part of the book, one of her professors told her "Stop trying to be a rabbi. You won't be-not now, not ever."  Regina's dream came true in 1935 when she passed the test and became a rabbi. She officially was hired as a rabbi in 1937. In 1944, Regina was taken to a concentration camp and killed and her story was not told till now. This is why I wanted to share this story on my website so other children and adults can know all about Regina Jonas and how she helped pave the way for other women to become rabbis.  She is important in Jewish history.  To learn more about Rabbi Sandy, visit my website here.
Apr 4, 2022
39 min
Interview with Roz MacLean, Children’s Book Illustrator and Graphic Artist
I am excited to share this wonderful podcast with Roz MacLean. Part of what I love about podcasting is getting the opportunity to talk with interesting people who are helping to change the world. Roz is one of these people! Her projects reflect a passion for diversity, inclusion, and telling a story. I learned about Roz when writing a review and interviewing the author of I am Odd, I am New. To check out that podcast, click here. Roz MacLean is a visual artist, children’s book author/illustrator, and educator living and working in Comox Valley, British Columbia.  Roz believes the opportunity to engage in art-making should be accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic status, background, or ability. In her work, she investigates ideas of human nature and relationship, community, mental health, interconnection, and the natural world through an anti-oppressive and LGBTQI + inclusive feminist lens. Roz also develops and facilitates art workshops and projects for children, youth, and community members. Past workshops have centered around themes of inclusion, emotional well-being, skill development and material exploration, beautification of public space, storytelling, and bookmaking. To learn more, visit my website here!
Mar 29, 2022
28 min
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