Land of the Giants
Land of the Giants
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Super fun!
Funny enough I’m listening to this podcast for an economics class in college. Hands down the best part of my class is hearing this podcast and then making connections to economic ideas. This podcast is a highlight of my academic career- thank you!!!!
Very engaging!
Land of The Giants is very well produced, researched, and interesting to listen to. If you’re interested in tech, I highly recommend a listen. One of the best podcasts I’ve found in a long time. Can’t wait for next season!
Spicy Boiiiii
Great storytelling
Great storytelling of the big tech giants. Just the right amount of details to keep it engaging.
Seriously interesting breakdown of Apple told in a super digestible manor.
Not boring!
Well done and interesting. Not your average company profile. Peter Kafka had such a great voice.
Land if Giants Delivers Again
This is an excellent podcast. Team has really delivered on each season. Smart, well that the factual information. And that production is not overdone with sound effects etc. Yep yep Peter K is excellent.
Injeel H
Peter Kafka is great !
djf at mndsindsk.
Enjoyed this series
The hosts are very clear and present each season wonderfully. They asked us to guess the next season. I’m thinking they will cover Facebook, but News Corp would be a fascinating topic.
My New Favorite
I just found this podcast and I cannot stop listening! Stories about how big companies got where they are now and their impact on our society and culture along the way has always been fascinating to me. Hearing these stories in podcast form with excellent editing and compelling narrators is even better. I’m not even all the way through the catalogue and I already wish there were more episodes. Truly a fascinating look into the major companies that shape our modern lives.
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Biased, Inconsistent Reporting
Different from earlier seasons of the Podcast, the reporting on Apple is inconsistent and biased. Tell both sides of the the story not simply those that paint a company in a negative light.
More please
Some of the best content out there…more please
Smiggity Smack
Quality Form, Questionable Content
Well-made, interesting ideas…and (speaking about the Apple/iPhone season) a skewed view of tech history. Apple did not invent the smartphone, iPhone is not and never has been the majority smartphone OS worldwide, and any mention of “apps” like Twitter/Facebook existing and shaping the world pre-iPhone are brushed off as, “they were a few years early, but actually the Apple App Store is the reason they have any power in society…not because I have an argument for why that’s the case, but just because I say so,” to give a small taste of the inaccuracies. The team behind this seems talented and capable of producing compelling, thought-provoking, factual stories…but this season ain’t it.
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Love it
Rich perspective. Well researched. Spot on.
Zero Stars
Since zero is not allowed, I had to go with 1 star. Why would I listen to anything that is all revisionist history, and not presenting facts? They did a WHOLE episode about the iPhone launch and the App Store, and NEVER ONCE MENTIONED WEB APPS?! Instead they try and sell this vision of history that users somehow didn’t know or even conceive of a world with applications. This is ONE MILLION PERCENT FALSE!!!! We knew from LITERALLY DAY ONE, while tinkering with our brand new iPhones we had just purchased an hour earlier, that they completely missed the boat by not offering third party apps. None of us were happy about it. And there was IMMENSE pressure on Steve Jobs and Apple to allow apps from the iPhones launch. We HATED web apps. We were all angry about it. This world where we didn’t know anything apps or their potential is just a complete lie. That world did not exist. This whole first episode of the Apple season is pure fiction. I’m done with this garbage.
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Bad Journalism
When the “China Problem” is about a Taiwanese company, and no one bothers to point that out, it is either bad journalism or simply bias, or both.
Very informative and easy to listen to
I just recently found this podcast and I love it! Especially the Apple segment. I follow Apple closely so I know a lot about their products and procedures, but this podcast still has information I didn’t have before. The host is very professional and easy to listen to. I get annoyed quickly with some other podcasts if the host has an annoying voice or talks over people too much. But this one is excellent and I highly recommend it if you’re into Big Tech.
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Very good listen and highly informative in a great way
Even if you already know the general stories of these companies, this podcast goes into great detail and tells the stories in a fresh and entertaining way. Highly recommend if your interested in the past, present and possible future of some of the biggest companies out there. Please keep making more of these shows!
Smart and thorough
Peter Kafka, who is a terrific reporter, is doing a great job explaining Apple and its leaders. I’m amazed by the number of people he got to talk to him, but the sophistication he brings to the story of Apple is no surprise. If you care at all about what’s behind your Mac or your iPhone, this podcast is a must.
Lack of Effort Will Ruin Anything
Streaming wars was decent. The newest ‘season’ about Apple is off to a pathetic start. The first episode about the iPhone contains virtually nothing about the creation of the iPhone or why it was so different from the other phone offerings of the time. They then rather mysteriously delved into an imbecilic diatribe about screen time. This is not a show about Apple. It’s more like listening to your seventy year old aunts have a nebulous discussion about ‘technology’ in general.
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Loved Season 4 on Food Delivery Wars
I came to this podcast via Eater and was intending to listen on a long drive to Boston. However I loved the first episode so much that I listened to the entire season in a single morning. Now I look forward to catching the other seasons on the long drive. Thank you for the fascinating and informative podcast!
PS Reader
Just excellent
Every season is fantastic. Loved the way you switched it up a bit in season 4, along with adding a sponsoring organization. Kudos! Looking forward to next season.
Where have all the giants gone?
I will say upfront that I loved the first three seasons of this podcast. However for the fourth season I expected another “giant“ story, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, not an industry sector served by many companies. Bring back the giant stories next season please.
Amanda’s enunciation…
Pls keep it conversational. The way she enunciated words was sort of annoying.
Stand-Up Guy
Ahmed is the BEST
Just started this pod on the most recent season about delivery apps. Love hearing Ahmed Ali Akbar’s voice on air as the host, he’s been an amazing podcaster for years and it’s fun to hear him in a new context. The series is very well produced and edited.
YouTube episode was garbage
So extremists are always right wing? Ok. Unnecessarily political and incredibly biased.
LOVE this pod
FASCINATING topic, incredible production value and storytelling. I’ve listened to all of the seasons and the Netflix one is the best by far. Storytelling wasn’t quite as focused with Google and especially the Delivery Wars season, which profiled several companies at once, but I do legitimately recommend this podcast to tons of people and I gave it 5 stars so they’ll keep making it! :)
Listen to this podcast!!
Really interesting look behind the apps (at least I use) on a daily basis. Truly did not know much about this subject and the folks that make up the landscape
Only thing keeping me sane in school
Easily one of the most interesting podcasts around! I have loved every season.
Haley Gianfrancesco
Very interesting
Very interesting to hear the backstory of todays most influential companies.
Season 1 + 2 are BOMB!! Season 3 voices bother me :/
The people who narrated and did the research for Seasons 1 and 2 were charismatic and talked to the listener like a REAL conversation, not something super scripted. Season 3 is narrated by different people and now the podcast has a totally different vibe. The intonation of their voices sounds so "pretend" (like reading a script), I honestly can't even tell if I'm still listening to the podcast, or an advertisement break. Unfortunately, it's kind of the same cadence as a high school valedictorian speech: good writing, but lack of personality in delivery. The interpersonal story and genuine enthusiasm that I used to love this podcast for has been lost in the 3rd Season. I hope it can still turn around for Season 4.
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It has nothing to do with tech or history
So the podcast is just boring to listen too.
Land of the Best
Land of the Giants is EXCELLENT!! Looking forward to completing the FAANG series. Up next, Microsoft.
tropical techie
It’s very good
Too bad you went political....
It was great, but the Google series has gone too political for me...
Worthwhile listen
Truly fascinating podcast. It’s extremely well produced, researched and presented. It really takes you into the history of these companies as well as their current status in the marketplace and the overall economy.And it’s not afraid to tackle the questions on whether or not they are beneficial for society, in particular Amazon.
Went Political on the YouTube episode
Listened to every season and episode until now. Unsubscribed. Shirin Ghaffary ruined the show.
You have gotten so liberal
So google only values liberal views? That’s what employees seem to say. News flash, a small number employees do not get to understand morality.
Torn with Season 3
In my opinion seasons 1 and 2 were great! I think there was a balance on historical facts, controversial topics. However, I have to say that season 3 has been more on controversial topics and comes off very negative towards Google. I am not sure if this was by design or the producer tried to cover all the controversies surrounding Google into a single mini series which paints a negative view. I hope for future seasons we return to a more neutral and balanced story.
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Definitive history
Listen to this show if you want to get smart on how these companies grew. Important lessons for any aspiring business or tech leader!
Informative But Lacking an X Factor
I’m a big fan of listening to information heavy podcasts during WFH which this podcast is but it suffers from the affected voices of the hosts. There’s something about podcasts that either do “presentation voice” really well with historical based podcasts (I’m thinking about NPR’s throughline) or podcasts that present themselves in conversational, relaxed speaking modes, something like Vox’s Today or The Daily. This podcast tries to straddle the two and ultimately whether due to poor editing or the hosts, it becomes really hard to listen to. Don’t get me wrong, I still finished each season in one day but I found myself needing to rewind because my mind had actively decided to filter out the hosts voice and I was only brought back in when they would play audio from interviews. This is really nit-picky but yeah this podcast could be sooo much better if the hosts dropped the affected presentation style voice.
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Great Podcast
I like hearing about the genesis stories from the World’s Biggest Tech Giants. As one speaker said, “It’s the essence of the industry.”
Disappointed in YouTube Episode
All of sudden this podcast went political. Apparently, the only extremist in America are right wing.
More unnecessary snowflake narrative views
I was really enjoying this podcast series. I listen to many types of podcasts while I travel, and fully understand we all have our opinions and views. However, a true professional journalist should try to keep an open mind and report on the topic at hand without trying to interject their social and political opinions in their work. The episode on YouTube clearly demonstrated the political and the social views on several issues from political opinion to BLM and LGBT. Again, I have no issue with anyone’s “personal “ opinion. But, when you feel the need to interject that opinion into your “professional “ work totally unnecessarily, except to push your own private opinion and agenda on the lister, you fail as a professional. Learn to report and just keep to the facts and I will be happy to listen to your work again. Until then, I can get biased stories from the major broadcast news stations...
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Traveling Podcastee
Another ‘everyone is a minority’ pod
Such good content but then they just can’t help but make it a black/white, woman/man, victim victim victim podcast, what a shame
Great Podcast
I heard the first two seasons almost in one week, and now breezing through the Google season 3
Really loved the first 2 seasons. Looking forward to learning about Google, but... while Heather is a true pro, the other host sounds like he’s reading. Now, I know scripts are used in many podcasts, but when the delivery has a certain monotonous cadence, the listener’s mind (at least, this listener’s) goes numb. The more podcasts I listen to, the less tolerance I have for this particular foible. Hope I can stick it out.
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drea perk vador
Conflict of interest?
Seems like great reporting and very done. But your sponsor is a competing search company. How can I trust you? Bad look.
How it morphed...
Great descriptor of early leader's, style and motivations that defined early Google and the path they went down to become what they are today.
The Google Empire
As an older, pre-tech listener, this first episode about the rise of Google was fascinating—well written, produced, and executed. I learned a lot.
The story of google
Can you imagine not using google on a daily basis? First episode has me hooked to learn more about how the internet rules and the people behind it all. And Heather rocks!
Mango Wellington
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