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Jerry Mead - Lucero
Show: Labor Express for 1-9-2022 - Chicago Teachers Union fights for safe schools in response to the Omicron variant and Steve Zeltzer looks at labor’s response to the rise of the right.
55 minutes Posted Jan 14, 2022 at 10:19 pm.
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Show notes
This is the full 1-9-2022 episode of the Labor Express Radio program.
SORRY FOR THE MUCH DELAYED PODCAST VERSION OF LAST SUNDAY’S LABOR EXPRESS.  THE NEWS IN THIS EPISODE IS DATED NOW, BUT STILL VERY MUCH RELEVANT.  UPDATE COMING SOON… On the latest episode of Labor Express Radio, The Chicago Teachers Union calls for a safe return to schools including increased testing in response to the Omicron Covid variant.  Also, Steve Zeltzer of Work Week Radio marks the anniversary of the Jan. 6th attempted coup in a discussion with Vermont AFL-CIO Labor Council president David Van Deusen.  The Vermont Labor Council was one of several central labor bodies that took the bold move of calling for a general strike last January if Trump and the right-wing carried out a coup.  Listen Sunday night at
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