Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files
Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files
Kumail Nanjiani
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I love this podcast!! I’ve listened and re-listened to it more time’s than I can count. Kumail is amazing and always has wonderful guests on. I am so grateful for this podcast, I listen to it constantly when I’m home and it makes me feel like I’m with good friends. Kumail became my constant companion journeying through the world of my favorite show. I love the way this podcast explores the fandom and builds on that community, the old and new. I honestly don’t have words for how grateful I am for Kumail and his wonderful podcast! It’s gotten me through some serious rough times and made me feel less alone. Definitely give it a listen, you’ll be hooked :) I WOULD PROBABLY GIVE UP ALL MY LIMBS JUST FOR KUMAIL TO BRING THIS PODCAST BACK
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Give us more!!!!
I am just now getting into X Files. I was a little young and did not like anything remotely scary when it came out. I’m loving it and your podcast is so much fun to listen to as I make my way through the show. Please finish it!!!!
Why are you not making more!!
Please make more , ive emailed you and messeged you on ever social media platform MAKE MORE there is still 7 more seasons to cover!!
More eps, please!!
You’re insight and perspective on the episodes is really well done. I appreciate the level of humor and research brought to each episode. Please continue reviewing the seasons (and interviews, if possible). This is a gem! Thank you for creating it. Ps. Great job in “your episode” ;).
I’ll never let go.
Cue Titanic lady: “It’s been 84 years!”
I love this podcast
I am such a huge fan of the xfiles and have enjoyed this podcast. There were some negative comments, but what is a podcast anyway? A place where people TALK. If you’re a fan of the X-Files, give this podcast a shot. I wasn’t disappointed at all. :)
Nothing consistent. When it was good it was great and when it was bad it was really bad. Too many episodes I found myself listening to people being excited about the topic but then going completely off topic for most of the episode. Too PC, afraid to get real on topics but not afraid to bash on those who had differ opinion. Like Kumail, I forgot about this podcast until it an updated popped up. The update? For a new podcast non x-files series. Really? Can't finish this one but will start another.
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I was very excited when i came across this podcast
Unfortunately the host & most of his guests seem super pc (except of course when it comes to insulting religious beliefs) & many times seem lacking insight on the mythology plot & characters.
Love it!
I actually bothered to write a review. Nuff said ... edit. Subscribe for all this extra time just so you can throw ads at me? Not cool man
Hilarious and Philes should listen
I’m a huge fan of the X-Files and this podcast is an excellent addition while I binge watch two episodes at a time until the reboot. I only wish I discovered the podcast sooner! I wish the podcast would re-start!
What happened??
I love this podcast and would of given it 5 stars but it just ended. I know he’s busy and stuff but come on!! We have two new seasons of x-files to talk about and nothing... well a man can dream I guess!
Let’s finish this
Come on!!! I know K’s busy and doing a few shows and movies but,... Hardwick is still podcasting. Love the existing stuff and hopefully there will be more during any lulls in the busy schedule especially since there is some new material to comment on.
I want to believe?!?
This is an updated review: I want to thank Kumail. I know this podcast helped bring interest in the revival seasons and the interviews he got were outstanding. Then he got popular and now this cast is dead. I hope he comes back to it someday. Would love to get some look back. If it does I will give this 5 stars again
Whoopty freakin doo
Love it!
Great for x files fans!
The Truth Is Right Here
I didn't listen for years because I was afraid it might be dumb or bad but it's neither! It's smart and delightful.
Awesome Podcast!
This is the first podcast I've listened to, and as a long-time fan of The X-Files, this podcast is a great listen. It's nostalgic and familiar while also taking a new look at all those older episodes. Kumail and his guests also look at how the show predicts a lot of modern issues, and how the show fit into that technology-forward but pre-internet time. I hope Kumail gets back to doing more episodes, but obviously his career is taking off and he's likely much busier than when he started this podcast.
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Miss MPortant
Please do more episodes
I love this podcast. I wish he would have finished the series.
My guilty pleasure
This has become the thing that I look forward to everyday after work (because I'm still playing catch up with the episodes). It brings back a lot of the giddy excitement I felt watching the X-files when I was younger. I love Kumail and he's a pleasure to listen to, plus you can tell he's just as excited about reliving and discussing the episodes. Thanks for doing this!
A Must Listen To For Any X-Files Fan
One of the best podcast on iTunes.
I still believe...
Kumail Nanjiani, now well known for his role on Silicon Valley, is an unabashed fan of the now-classic series that was a huge impact on genre television in the 90s. His fandom even scored him a fun guest spot on the recent revival season. Kumail and guests typically dissect a couple episodes at a time, forgoing a complete recap for more of a dialogue about the show. I'm only on his coverage of season two but he's reminding me how good, exciting and groundbreaking this show was...very important after the new episodes left me frustrated and indifferent. Kumail scores some excellent interviews with actual show creators like writers Glen & Darin Morgan and composer Mark Snow. He hasn't posted new episodes in months, leaving off in the midst of season four so I hope he's back at it again before I catch up.
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Relive the Files with Kumail
I just happened to start watching the entire series again, which I do from time to time, when I discovered this podcast. I was lucky that I wasn't too far into the series because it is great to watch the episodes and then listen to the podcast for those episodes. Kumail, his wife Emily, and their friends, are so passionate about the X-Files (just like me) and listening to the podcast is like listening to your friends talk about the episodes with you. Kumail also gets those who were on the show (T.L.G.) or helped create the show (Mark Snow) and this provides wonderful insight. Its a must for those younger fans that are just discovering the X-Files for the first time now on Netflix. Great podcast - I love it and highly recommend it.
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So enjoyable!
Love it.
Love it!!!!
I stumbled across this and can't get enough. Can't wait for more!
What happened?
This show just stoped, why, there is more xfiles to talk about still
Kumail is awesome - and therefore understandably super busy working in other forms of media. I feel bad saying I hope he has time for this podcast again soon.
This podcast is funny, insightful, and just very entertaining. I absolutely love it and highly recommend fans of X-files check it out. I'm really hoping for new episodes very soon.
Must listen!!
This podcast not only revived the entire X Files, but actually made it so much better than it already is. An analysis of the episodes, writing process and characters are so amazing!
Great for beginners or hardcore x files fans.
The x files files is a great podcast in that it pulls you in immediately, even if you are not a hardcore fan of the show, like Kumail, but still appreciate it and all of it's influence. There are always great guest, his wife, jack black and even writers from the show! It is insightful and goes into extensive detail which other fans are sure to appreciate. Check it out!
Duane Barry Loves The X-Files Files
Duane Barry was so excited to hear the X-Files were streaming on Netflix. Duane Barry got even more excited when he found out Kumail Nanjiani was devoting a podcast to each episode. Duane Barry doesn’t always like to relive the past. But Duane Barry finds the format of the X-Files Files is a fun way to re-explore one of TV’s greatest shows. Are you calling Duane Barry a liar?
$58 poorer
This is my favorite podcast. X-files is my favorite show of all time. Kumail is a genuinely good guy whose hilarity is amplified by his awesome guests.
Fantastic companion piece
This show is an awesome companion for the show. I've never really watched the x-files prior but always wanted to. This show is a nice "after-show" to listen to after viewing the corresponding episodes of the show. Kumail is a great stand up and fantastic host and true fan of the x-files. I'm still on the early episodes of the podcast and still in season 1 of the show but I will be listening for the long haul as I plan on watching every episode. Great job Kumail and keep up the great work :)
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Episode 24 with DC Pierson.
The show is okay, I guess. I've listened to 23 episodes so it must be alright. Bummed out by episode 24. though. You 2 have spent more time talking about politics than X-Files. I like DC Pierson but this episode is so wanky it's kind of unbelieveable. Very pretentious.
Kumail is the man!
Honestly, Kumail could make a podcast about drying paint and it would still be awesome. Thanks for all the hours of content!
Aspiring Tax Attorney
A Great Experience If You Have Any Interest In the X-Files
Kumail does a great job of talking to people with many and varied opinions on X-Files as the show progresses, mining the history of the show, and connecting to it emotionally. A wonderful experience for anyone who grew up watching the X-FIles, but also for those who are trying to get into it for the first time. Check it out!
Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity.
The x files files podcast you always wanted!! This is great
Unbelievable Podcast
As a new X Files fan, listening to Kumail and friends after each and every episode has been a PLEASURE. The only negative I can think of is that Kumail is busy and has essentially stopped recording for 4-5 months. If you enjoy the X Files, this is a can’t miss podcast.
Eli Reyna
So good
Great conversation with great guests on a great show. Please keep making it 👽
Special Agent Nanjiani
Kumail is singularly suited for his role in this series. His love of the show is clear and total. His knowledge, encyclopedic. Thanks Kumail and congrats on the guest spot as Pasha. You are now in the thing you love!
Love it!
I've been a huge X-Files fan for most my life and i find this podcast to be the most informative and interesting i've ever listened. It's light hearted and hilarious to boot! All the "netters" should check it out! TrustN01
david 77
So good!!
The X-Files was a huge part of my childhood. Your podcast really takes me back to those times…I love it!! Very entertaining and great insight into the episodes. Keep up the good work!
A great trip back in time
This show is an endearing homage to a show that was very influential to so many people. I love the way that Kumail and his guests cover the epsiodes in a way that recalls not just the show episode, but the time period that the show was released. This podcast is a great way to reconnect to a TV series.
Chrisopher T
I Still Want To Believe
Great podcast. Good companion to the show.
Xfile Fan
Hilarious and thought provoking
I started listening to this just out of pure boredom at work, thinking I'd catch a few episodes and then drop it. Instead, I am compelled to listen to the entire run. The host is fantastic, he chooses great guests, and they really nail down the tiny details that makes XFiles such a classic. The host really does his research, looking up ancient bulletin board posts from the 1990s, and quoting the show creators, etc. Great podcast. 5 stars.
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If you like X files, you'll like this.
I happened to randomly stumble upon this podcast in the midst of re-watch of the whole series, and I'm so glad I did. This is a great companion for those watching the show for the first time as well as those re-watching.
Mouthful of a Podcast
I discovered this podcast during a law internship in my 2L year. I would sometimes find myself daydreaming in the discussion and the host is put in a lot of hard work since episode 1.
Amazing Show
All that needs to be said is if you want to get into an amazing podcast that covers an epic 1990's TV show, or even revisit great TV, then this is the podcast for you. I remember as a kid recording these episodes for my mom who worked late and just getting so invested into the characters of the X-Files and "Wanting to Believe" there was so much more to life. It's an amazing show and I can't wait to see more content as the new mini-series takes off!
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Yes! Best Podcast Ever!
LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!! A must listen for all Philies!!!
Good tv show
I love this tv show, seen all of the seasons, if u never watched it well I think you should cause you'll just fall in love with it and watch it everyday,
Insightful, fun, funny, just like the X-Files.
Top shelf
Follow along with Kumail and awesome guests as they watch the X files one-by-one. Hilarious, touching, and really fun.
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