Knitting Pipeline
Knitting Pipeline
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The Knitting podcast
This is the only knitting podcast for me. I like the music in earlier podcasts and introduction. Good times late at night, lights out and drifting off to sleep and when insomnia was there, I looked up products and patterns. Paula, you done well. RIP Paula, thank you for the yarn gift
Wonderful knitting and nature
I love Paula’s podcast. I am heartbroken that she has passed away. She shared so much of her life with us that I felt like I knew her in person. Wonderfully soothing voice and so much knowledge. I love her relationship with EZ.
Love this podcast!
Paula is awesome!
Knitting Pipeline
This podcast is one of my favorite podcasts because of it’s honesty, simple way of dealing with the complex, and Paula’s sincerity. I love when Paula talks about knitting and quilting but when Paula and Bob (her husband) talk about life, birds, nature, what they are reading, cooking and woodworking I try to not miss a single word. Their love for each other is so obvious and so encouraging. If you are not listening you are really missing out!
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Steamboat Reader
Kindred spirit
I look forward to every episode and love the structure of the podcast. Packed full of interesting conversation and no “twaddle”. Noteworthy is her sock episodes and nature notes. It’s very classical overall. My favorite knitting podcast and praying for her recovery
Mdelmare in Va
Outstanding Podcast
I have only been listening to Paula’s podcast for about 2 years, but every episode is full of great knitting and nature info.along with lots of gift ideas for grandchildren ! I live in NC so I love the added touch that her son and family live about 40 miles east of me so knitted wear suggestions are great! It is just a friendly all-round great podcast for this knitter, quilter, nature lover and even though we have never met I feel like we are friends and I am praying for you Paula....myemptynestoverflows on IG( i lenjoy your post there as well ) Donna
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Thanks, Paula!
I’ve been a Paula fan since I met her at the CampKIP retreat in MO in 2011, I believe. Since then, I can honestly say this is the podcast I look forward to the most. I enjoyed the earlier sections that included her piping days, as well as the knitting experiences. I’ve also always loved the nature notes and the book reviews so much. I’ve even been inspired by the sewing portions, even though I’m not skilled in that area at all. This latest episode with husband, Bob was fun...I loved hearing about your garden and the bulb planting, etc. I keep imagining your home and nice! Finally, I can’t say enough about the wonderful retreats you’ve hosted.....Maine is my happy place when not home here in Colorado. Thank you, Paula!
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Favorite Podcast
I have been listening to Paula for years. I love her approach to knitting as well as her approach to life. She makes you laugh and cry depending on the episode. The production quality is amazing. I love her nature notes and I am still haunted by her retelling of the local tornado.
Like an Auntie in my Living Room
Paula is my favorite all time project enabler, podcaster, vlogger, and instagrammer! Whenever I listen or watch Knitting Pipeline, I feel like I’m spending time with my knitting Auntie. I started at episode 00 and I’m listening my way through to current date. Thank you for your lovely content. It always makes me smile along grueling commutes on these California freeways.
So in love with this podcast
Listening to this podcast is like sipping a lovely cup of tea while knitting with a dear friend. Relaxing, informative, entertaining, and just plain wonderful. I have been listening for a while and have gone back to the very beginning and started listening to all of Paula’s podcasts. Highly recommend this to anyone.
A serene respite from the craziness of daily life.
I recently stumbled upon this podcast and couldn’t be more grateful. I LOVE the knitting aspects, but this podcast is about so much more. To me, and clearly many others, Knitting Pipeline is a treasure and I only wish I had found it sooner. Thank you Paula.
Always look forward to a new episode
Always very interesting review of projects...what went right and what could have been better. Nature notes always remind me to be more observant of my surroundings.
Wonderful new podcast for a new knitter and longtime walker to enjoy...on walks in Ohio
Paula is a joy to listen to as is her nature “co-host”, her husband! Needle notes, nature observations, family time stories, book recommendations...the list is endless and the podcast is awesome!
Knitting Pipeline podcast
Always a joy to listen to. Paula speaks about knitting of course as well as nature, poetry, books and quilting. Her episodes are short and engaging. I’ve attended her Maine retreat twice with a friend and we felt so welcomed. Add this lovely podcast to your list!
A great visit
So imagine you have a favorite cousin with whom you share all sorts of interests: knitting, quilting, nature, sewing and family. That’s what listening to this podcast is like. She offers a comfortable chat and is well worth a visit. You will want to return often.
Delightful and endearing!
The notification of a new episode of Knitting Pipeline is sure to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Paula is a great host and produces a top notch podcast. The length of her episodes is typically half an hour and her segments are consistent. These topics generally include nature notes, talk of her knitting projects and some fun chatter about various and sundry matters. While she primarily podcasts alone, it is not uncommon for her to be joined by her husband and/or a few special knitting friends. The sound quality and editing are fabulous and higher quality than many other podcasts I have encountered. I appreciate the extensive time Paula spends preparing prior to recording and the thorough show notes she provides on her blog. Paula possesses a depth of knowledge about knitting and many years of experience. She fosters an incredibly special community via the podcast and makes me feel like I would always be welcome to come, have a sit and knit with her. I highly recommend this podcast!
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My Favorite Knitting Podcast
I love the format of this podcast, and Paula is such a warm and wonderful podcaster. I find video knitting podcasts very distracting while I knit, so I love to listen to this as I stitch away. The nature notes are an added bonus. Keep fighting , Paula, many prayers for your health and healing.
Knitting and nature and resilience
This is an outstanding podcast. Paula reviews knitting, nature, and life. Paula, especially right now as you thrive through your treatment, you are still loving and kind. Thank you for your persistence! Praying for you and your family!
Light, Fun, and Calming
Perfect podcast for knitters of all skill levels! I love this sweet, light, fun and charming podcast because it always puts me in a good mood. There are lots of “knitting notes,” and updates on all the current projects that Paula (the host) is working on. In addition to the yarn chatter, she also does “nature notes,” “listening notes,” “reading notes,” and other fun segments. It’s just like having a nice conversation with a fellow knitter. Highly recommended!
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Cathy the catlady
Most peaceful voice
One of my most favorite podcasts out there, her voice is so peaceful and heavenly. She is also very knowledgeable about knitting and sewing, I learned a lot from her.
Knitting Pipeline
My favorite podcast! Paula is so clear, measured, and easy to listen to. I have listened all 8 plus years while out walking and learned along the way—not just about my passion ( knitting) but baking bread, pie in a jar, books and authors, and travel. Thank you from my heart.
knitting on lake T
Lovely woman
Godspeed and healing 🙏🏻
A lovely garden of yarn, birds and nature
I've subscribed to this podcast for a while but hadn't listened to it. I just started listening this week and was utterly charmed. When I described the podcast to my husband, he quite appropriately said it sounds like "slow radio" -- in other words, it is just a nice pleasant meander through everything from knitting, yarn, quilting, birds, roses and yogurt made in instant pots! Things that I love about this podcast include: (1) Prairie Piper isn't afraid to talk about knitting where she made major mistakes. I appreciated this so much. I see all these beautiful things on Ravelry and sometimes get discouraged thinking - "am I the only one that seems to always mess up something with my knitting?" (2) The podcast isn't just about knitting - Prairie Piper segues from knitting, to quilting, to birds (and to a bunch of other things). As an avid bird fan (although not quite at the education level of Prairie Piper and her husband), I love it when she starts talking about all the birds she's seen. (3) The podcast is just about nice things. If you like fiber arts, sewing, gardening, nature, cooking - then you'll love this podcast! Thank you, Prairie Piper for creating what I call a "happy space" - where you give your listeners nice and pleasant things to contemplate in an otherwise insane and crazy world.
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Welcoming & informative
I just want to say that I discovered this podcast this year & I eagerly look forward to new episodes. I have learned new things & been inspired to try new things. I enjoy when there are some nature notes as I enjoy celebrating the seasons as the year goes along. It is nice to think of other knitters working away in joy & sometimes frustration & that we are linked in some way through this podcast. Thanks, Paula!
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Informative and relaxing
One of my favorite podcasts! Enjoyable mix of knitting, nature and life. Enjoyable format. Excellent sound quality. I look forward to every new episode!
Mama Lopez 7
Love it!
Genuine, honest, down to earth. So glad I found this podcast!
Wonderful Podcast
I enjoy listening to Paula talk about knitting and nature!! I always learn something new, from techniquest to pattern suggestions. Thank you, Paula!!
Great Listening
I love to knit and listen and this podcast is now my choice for listening. I like the talk about nature, different knitting patterns, and especially the suggestions for good books. I am always looking for great patterns as well as great books. So glad I found you.
A calming podcast presence
I love listening to Knitting Pipeline as I drive, and I drive a lot. Sadly, all of the driving detracts from my time to knit, but AK tiring Pipeline is like sitting somewhere cozy and having a chat with a knitting friend. I listen to a wide variety of podcasts, including a number of knitting podcasts. A Knitting Pipeline is a great blend of tips and reviews of products and knitting shops, descriptions of retreats, fun book reviews and more. Good, vivid descriptions of all things, a genuine love of knitting and devotion to the craft make this a great choice for listening!
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A great podcast
I am glad I have found Paula’s podcasts and this review is late in coming. Listening to her is like listening to a friend. Her stories, tips, nature notes, all make you smile. I have suggested her to many and will continue to listening. Thank you!
rbk crewmom
Like visiting a good friend
I love listening to Paula’s podcast. I always learn something about knitting but also about birds, nature, and things like making yogurt. Her podcast is just the right length and divided into segments, which holds your interest. I highly recommend listening!
Wonderful Listen
Paula is a wonderful podcaster. I agree with others who have mentioned her warm, soothing voice. She offers interesting tips and discusses her projects. Recently her husband has joined in and he is a pleasure to listen to as well.
My After Work Cocktail
I have just recently started listening to podcasts while commuting to and from work. I tried listening to quite a few knitting podcasts until I discovered Paula. Absolutely love her. It’s like listening to an old friend talk about not just knitting, but other topics such as books, nature and Instant Pot cooking. It’s calming and relaxing and helps me leave the work day behind and I get awesome information on knitting. In the morning driving to work, I listen to The Daily Show and Trevor makes me laugh and think and gets my day started like a good cup of coffee. Paula helps me settle down after a crazy, stressful day like the perfect evening cocktail😄. Someday I’ll go to one of the retreats! Thanks, Paula!
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Like comfort food but knitting
A lovely knitting podcast with descriptive reviews of projects, honest sharing of knitting mishaps and delightful descriptions of local nature including birds, plants, and other critters. Time well spent!
Love it!
I really enjoy this podcast, I live the variety of knitting topics plus the nature and birds is a nice addition. I am glad to have found this Podcast and will try to listen to all of them and look forward to new episodes.
From the beginning to the present
I just recently heard of KnittingPipeline and as a true knitter I started at the original Cast On (Episode 00). I was hooked. I listened in order from Franklin to letters from Elizabeth and beyond (May 6, 2011) til I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to know what was happening now. I broke yarn and jumped ahead and was so happy that all is well and the format hasn’t changed. Bravo Paula and thank you for staying the course. Your sharing touched my heart and made me feel welcome. With 2 great-grandchildren due this year, your podcast brought many new ideas. With loving kindness, Jan (aguabug8)
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I love this podcast. Listening to this podcast is like a spring morning with a cup of coffee, in your favorite chair. Her knitting and reading discussions are always enjoyable and on point to the community chatter. :)
Like Visiting With A Dear Friend
Each episode is like calling a loved one to catch up on what they’ve been up to. Paula has a way with words and birds. All of it is delightful. I discovered Knitting Pipeline over a year ago. I was ripping the roads as a hospice nurse and looked for ways to occupy my mind on the long drives between visits. One day, I noticed the podcast icon on my iPhone and wondered if there were any knitting podcasts. I simply searched “knitting” and right away Knitting Pipeline was there. I immediately subscribed and haven’t looked back, well except to see if there have been any episodes I’ve missed.
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like a visit with your favorite aunt!
Just like sitting over coffee and knitting with a favorite aunt. From a little dishing about the knitting to observing wildlife and birds out her windows - a perfect 'visit'. Well paced with a soothing speaking voice, very easy to listen to.
Knitting Tips and so much more
Knitting Pipeline is my favorite knitting podcast. Paula is kind, knowledgeable, unfailingly positive, and so excited about knitting. I’ve learned important knitting tips (how to keep knit and purl stitches consistent!), how to feed and hummingbirds, and lots about the marvelous Elizabeth Zimmerman. I listened to hours and hours of Paula during my son’s first couple of months. It was comforting and grounding during a fragile period. I’m so appreciative!
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Best knitting podcast there is!
This is the podcast that convinced me to give podcasts a try! Lots of knitting tips and tricks and inspiration; Paula is a joy to listen to! Her husband is a guest on the show, and his voice could calm a herd of stampeding buffalo. I love that it’s not 100% knitting; there are lovely divergents to talk about local nature and other crafts. If you haven’t already started listening, you need to subscribe right now! ~SpewKnitter
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I love listening to Paula. I have made skyp socks pattern, enjoyed her letters from EZ and learned from her nature notes. Her podcast has a wonderful flow and I have gone bac to listen from the beginning. KrisSWknits on Rav
Just the best!
Podcasts come and go, and their quality fluctuates. Knitting Pipeline, Paula, is still going well, and the quality is still so high! The format is easy to follow and the sound quality is excellent. There are knitting notes, nature notes, book reviews, knitting retreat information, and more. Most importantly, Paula’s warm and friendly voice is like a cup of tea on a cold day!
Can Paula be my mom?
I just love Paula’s podcast. You can tell she has an incredibly warm heart, and she’s so smart! She has such varied interests that the podcast holds something of interest for just about anyone: nature notes, books, food, music, travel, quilting, and of course, knitting. You can tell that she puts a lot of time, effort, and thought into each episode. She’s my favorite knitting companion!
Informative and relatable
I’ve been listening to Paula for years, and she remains one of my favorite podcasts. She gives great details about all aspects of knitting along with nature observations and info about what she’s been reading/watching. Paula is a delight!
Love it!
I've been listening since day one and I find Paula's podcast enjoyable and informative. I always feel like we are just sitting around watching the birds, drinking coffee and having a friendly conversation. One of the best!
Smart, Soothing, and So much fun!
Okay, so I tried for illiteration in the title because that's what this show makes me want to do! I'm fairly new at knitting, and I've learned so much listening to this show. But it's not just knitting- it's also book reviews, nature notes, and stories and laughter about the knitting life. Paula has created a peaceful corner of the internet, and I am so glad I have stumbled on to this show, especially with all the great back episodes!! Thanks, Paula, for all that you do for the love of knitting (and the occassional turkey)!
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J. Lange
Reliable, Organized, Interesting!
The Knitting Pipeline is one of my favorite knitting podcasts. The host, Paula is a knowledgeable knitter and designer who speaks intelligently about knitting. The podcast is very well organized with well thought out segments that are repeated each week and keep the podcast moving forward with direction - no aimless wanderings - yet enough diversions to keep you listening. She has a frequent segment called Nature Notes that I really like. Paula chooses interesting and frequently timely topics to focus on in each episode. No matter how new or seasoned a knitter you are there is something to learn in each podcast.
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Thoughtful and Expert Knitting Talk
Paula is an expert knitter, and has excellent knowledge of yarn and patterns. I could listen to her all day - she is friendly and interesting, and not afraid to discuss her mistakes! I also like to hear about life and nature in central Illinois. Thank you for the time and care you put into the podcast.
This is like soul food for the knitter
I’m only about 3 episodes in but I love it. As a new mom who feels a little isolated, this podcast makes me feel at ease and like I’m hanging out with the mom I always needed. Great info in a technical level as well. I love the nature notes!
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