Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast
Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast
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Skip if a real horror lover
I’m a 40+ year old lover and student if horror. This podcast is like listening to your 18 year old nephew act like he has a PhD in Psychology after taking a 101 class. They seem young and to not know much about the horror genre or the films’ backgrounds at all. I so wish they’d thoroughly research the Warrens and how NOT legit they were (and also how much they were not involved in the cases Wan makes movies about - they usually had very minimal involvement). Wan added them for entertainment. I want to like this podcast and I might give them another chance, but they just seem like newbie horror lovers to me who don’t know much about the genre. It’s like listening to really overly-excited young guys tell me how “deep” a MCU movie is. They’re blockbusters, dudes. Don’t try to make them Cassavetes.
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Fresh takes for days!
Love the laid back tone of the podcast, the Knights have a wonderful rapport together with Prince leading the way with infectious enthusiasm! Favorite episodes (so far) are the ones covering CORALINE and THE TRANSFIGURATION, highly recommend
Awesome horror movie podcast!
I found out about this podcast from a recommendation while randomly scrolling on Twitter one day. I decided to check out their episodes and was THRILLED at the movies they had already reviewed. I jumped into “The House of the Devil” episode and was hooked IMMEDIATELY! I’ve listened to almost every episode since and have even become a Patreon member. Aside from being an amazing podcast, the “knights” are really good guys. I really cannot recommend this podcast enough for fans of horror. You will not regret listening!
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Love the pod!
Please do a Hereditary episode!!!!!!
You can feel the horror love
I just started listening to podcast, but I’m already hooked. The Knights love horror and want you to love it too. No matter if you love one or all horror sub genres, they make you feel included. The movies so far have been a great mix of old and new, Better Watch Out was my favorite. The interviews feel relaxed and natural, more like a conversation between friends. Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait to watch more movie with you!
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Loving Every Minute
Discovered the podcast about a month ago and absolutely love it. I’ve been going through and listening to episodes about some of my favorite movies and also listening to each new episode and, honestly, you can’t go wrong. The hosts do a great job of doing a really in depth break down of the movie while also providing great context, discussions, and humor. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
Watch The Throne
Really great new show filled with enthusiasm and eager voices. Great to hear a new generation discover horror classics and see them through new eyes. Definitely worth our time and attention!
Great show for horror newbies and seasoned fans alike
I’ve been really enjoying this podcast! The hosts go very in-depth with the movies they cover, recapping and analyzing scene-by-scene. I also love that they showcase a ton of different kinds of horror movies rather than just sticking to one or two subgenres. The hosts have really good chemistry with one another and you can tell they’re having a blast making the show, which makes it even more fun to listen to.
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Lots of Fun
I love their enthusiasm and love for horror movies!!
The hosts have no clue what they’re talking about ever
Love you All
Proud of this podcast
The best horror movie podcast you probably haven’t heard of
I’ve been binge listening to every day at work. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast! These guys are awesome at discussing some good horror movies. I love the tidbits they give and cool facts. I find myself agreeing and and saying “oh like the scene in *enter similar movie*!” As if they can hear me. Haha. Keep the episodes coming!
Seriously great show.
I’ve been listening to these guys and love their show. They really dive into each movie and give detailed descriptions of the scenes while also having entertaining and intelligent commentary. You can tell they enjoy their craft and have done research into these movies. They don’t stray off topic and bore you like I’ve heard in other podcasts. (I actually don’t listen to many podcasts because I can’t tolerate very many of them due to idiotic commentary or boring narration) But this show is honestly great, and one of the few podcasts I subscribe to and just devour when there are new episodes! I love horror movies and you guys! Keep it up!
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It’s Lit
This podcast is dope AF
Lots of Fun and Charisma!
I loved listening, the hosts have good chemistry! Listen to this podcast if you like horror!
Very good
This is a great podcast! They cover a wide variety of horror movies and go into great detail about their plots and production history. They also include very insightful analysis of each movie they cover. The hosts also just seem so genuinely nice and passionate about what they do and that always makes a podcast even better!
Mad, Dope, Sick, Lit????
Barely made it 10 min into ep 6. I couldn’t take movies being described as “Lit”, “Mad”, “Sick”, “Hella Funny” and “Dope” Ugggg.....
P@rick From Southie
New Favorite
This is one of my favorite horror movie podcasts and I can’t wait for more episodes. These guys give a good walkthrough with thoughtful discussion and humor. They also appreciate horror for what it is and are not super cynical or critical like some of the other movie review podcasts out there. It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast where the hosts actually enjoy the movies they watch.
Purr Sleep Meow
For All The Horror Nerds
There’s no one I’d rather geek out with about horror movies than these guys - they’re true film and genre fans. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season!
On the way home from work, when it gets dark, this is a perfect one to listen to...😈
It’s spooky szn
Perfect podcast for Halloween-especially if you love horror movies!
Österreiches Bean
Awesome podcast 🐶 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Great trio great podcast, if you love horror you’ll definitely love this. It’s done by people that truly love horror for the people that love horror. Awesome podcast I give it five paws 🐾 🐾 🐾 (extra one because is that’s good)
Cannot Wait!
Also, Cool Greg FTW!
Just friends talking about the spooks. What’s not to love?
I’ve Waited So Long!
I’m so excited for this first episode on Halloween! 🎉😁😁
A horror movie junkie’s dream!
For all the horror movie fans out there, if you have been searching for a podcast to come, “Knight Light” is the podcast for you! The host of the show is just like one of you, he absolutely loves horror films. Head Knight Prince will guide you each week dissecting and talking horror movies he is passionate about. And with it being spooky szn, who wouldn’t want to add another layer to their festive activities?
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Just in time for the spooky season
Halloween is coming and you know you need some good spooky material to consume. It pairs perfectly with candy
It’s Finally Here!!
I’m so excited that it is finally here! Can’t wait for Halloween release! I heard about them on Twitter from @theheadknight. So awesome to finally scratch the horror bug!
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