Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy
Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy
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Please Sir, can we have more!! :)
It Doesn’t Matter
Jordan was great on the It Doesn't Matter Patreon podcast. Really funny dude
Oscar Santana Lies
Jordan, Where are you, we need your commentary.
Jordan, You’re podcast is MIA. It’s bad enough we had to endure four years of our country run by a real criminal, your interviews and commentary has been spot on showing how ridiculous the maga crowd is. I loved your podcast, when are you coming back. We need you, your country is calling. Wally Auclair
Moxies' best friend
Love your take on politics - your comedy is spot on. I hope you’ll do more podcasting!!
First rate fingering. Cheers
Love it!
Jordan Klepper talks to the crazy people so we don’t have to!
Just alternate "conspiracy" theories
Nothing new. I started listening hoping to hear another side of these stories and get more information not reported by conservative outlets. Nope. They try but slip in and out of offering alternate conspiracy theories. Yet another example of liberals playing "follow the leader" and ignoring common sense.
Typical leftist trash.
Some podcasts are blatantly leftist, some are blatantly right wing, this one pretends to be non biased while actually being left leaning.
Nub ninja
Jordan is funny but often loses the thread
The hook is conspiracy theories in Magaland but scope creep comes up often. The Hunter Biden ep for instance just lets Rep Connolly and Tiffany Cross stand up on their soap box. Is this just a MSNBC fever dream now?
Hopefully More Than A One-Off Series
There's no shortage of conspiracy theory podcasts and yet this series still manages to offer new insights due to the excellent choice of guests and good introductions to each topic that lay the groundwork without losing sight of the purpose and diving into the insane weeds.
Jason E L.
More please
This is the pod cast I always wish was there for me when I am in the mood! I love being engrossed in a deep-dive untangling the knots that have us so bound, and I love the way Jorden goes about it. It’s SO REFRESHING that he can dominate the situation without putting off interviewees and trusts his audience to listen and pay attention without all the roll playing. It’s rare to find a host who’s entertaining without trying and who makes a point to recede behind the story so it’s not competing for audience attention. #jordenfingers4ever Best host ever 😉
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More please!
Love this podcast! Please make more!
Horrible podcast!
This podcast is awful! And to top it off, he has the most nasally, annoying voice.
Keep them coming!
A perfect vehicle for Jordan Klepper. He’s hilarious, insightful, and has solid guests. Looking forward to more episodes!
polluted eyeball
More episodes please!
Everyone loves this show. Please more episodes.
Informative & Entertaining
I love that this podcast dives into academic and professional discourse on the conspiracies discussed, while still being entertaining.
The Customer Service Maven
LOVE Jordan and his journalism!!!!
Thank you for what you and your crew do, seriously!! Your very much carrying the torch that Jon Stewart lit, but have made it your own and it is so necessary in todays LOONY TUNES environment. Much mahalos. Look so forward to what you do next.
More of this please
Organized, interesting, funny, informative and often frightening. Keep shining the light. And thank you.
More jordan..... finally
Just finished fifth episode on Hunter Biden's laptop. Informative, funny, great guests...I just ask that it's not a limited series. Thank you Jordan and crew.
This is nothing but leftest propaganda that has destroyed our country
Jordan has 2 guests per episode and he ineffectively interviews 2 people at once, rather than facilitating an interesting conversation between 3 people. Jordan doesn’t push back on guests when they spread misinformation and/or disinformation. I’ve listened to 4 of the 5 currently available episodes and that was more than enough. I’ll keep watching the Daily Show, including Jordan’s segments, but not this poorly executed podcast
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Unemployed Hero
Better Bill
This is a GREAT PODCAST!! Lately Bill is way to high!!! His questions are rambling like when I was high in High School! Back up on the smoke Bill !! His quests thankfully are saving him. The Kris Jenner interview Was great!!!!
Jordan Klepper
Jordan Klepper is a great interviewer! He's smart, funny, insightful, and he allows his guests to shine.
I don’t get it
This guy keeps promoting right wing conspiracy theories. Repeating a lie is the same as lying.
Javaris Javar Javarison-Lamar
Somehow relaxing?
Whoever would have thought listening to the most messed up corners of the world that are low key destroying our entire democracy would be funny and a nice escape from life‽ I do wonder though if they realize half their ads are for this podcast. Which we’re currently listening to. And therefore don’t need to be convinced to listen to.
I really dig Jordan Klepper on the Daily Show, but this Podcast is super boring…
Oh the irony
The bad reviews are all the people who believe these conspiracies. They want facts but can’t see them when right in front of their eyes and ears.
Thumbs down Comedy Central
Very non-engaging sounds like a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals stroking each other about how woke they are. The only reason I came is because of Comedy Central's XM promo, which airs nonstop and I wanted to hear what this was about. Sadly disappointed. Obviously when Comedy Central tries to be serious or credible it falls short of the mark.
Thoughtful, Informative, Witty
Rather than ridiculing the MAGA crowd, Klepper leads a thoughtful discussion about the influences and trends of ongoing conspiracy theories. I wish there were more discussions like this.
Good analysis but some problematic gender dynamics
I really like Jordan Klepper and think he brings an interesting perspective to conspiracies, misinformation, and disinformation. However, I’ve been noticing a trend on this podcast: he invites highly qualified women to talk about their field of expertise and then gives them significantly less airtime than his male guests. The last episode, which was about an hour long, only featured maybe 10 mins of the militia expert, who was a woman, speaking while the remaining time was a conversation between the two men. He also interrupts the women or cuts them off more often. This may be unconscious, but I’d like to hear more from these really smart women. The male guests have been great, but I want to hear from a variety of perspectives, and particularly from those with specialized expertise in the subject area. Also, why does he call them by their first names when they have PhDs?
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Sarah Angel14
people are stupid and it's funny
i'm crying laughing and absolutely baffled- how do people come up with these conspiracies? it's great and provides fantastic entertainment.
Taytem K.
Unpacking the Insanity
Great for unpacking the bizarre conspiracy theory trance states that people live in.
Monk with Family
He was definitely bought by the democrats. They just deny legitimate info
Tried to listen once, this guy is so boring and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What a snooze fest.
Just a bully
Just a bully making fun of people
The sound on this podcast is trash.
5 stars
I love this podcast.
Waiting for much more informational content😵‍💫
Super funny if you’re a gay liberal
Great content!
Love the deep cut we get on stories that expose what MAGA is and how it impacts people and their behavior.
The man in the blue hat
We so need this now. As the infighting in the Republican Party it gives us a great chance to talk with family & friends. Try starting with you tell me some of your views & how did you get there. Now we all have real origin facts. I find it’s better to ask them first. Be interested & really listen. Thanks for this podcast.
De-humanizing & punching down
There is a way to get humor out of these interviews and this isn't it. Working for the establishment and mocking the working-class is not as edgy as you think it is.
Beautiful and Terrifying!
This podcast is a lot of fun- Jordan, please bring ‘Chirps’ (bugs made into potato chip like snacks) and offer them around the next Trump rally?!?!! I’ve tried them, by the way, and they taste like I’d imagine dog food does;)
ever been briefly introduced to a topic you want to know more about? so you spend 4+ hours in a wikipedia deep dive, resulting in pure despair as you throw away the towel bc you a.) only found more things you don’t know about or b.) learned that everything ever is fuxjed. this podcast is the solution. the host speaks further to the topics he’s mentioned or has alluded to in yhe last, and even though the intake likely only adds to one’s ‘grim and despicable’ knowledge base, this podcast provides a juxtaposition of comfort in that results in warmth of solidity confirming: knowledge is power and the ‘why’ behind nonsense can be made sense of while also poking fun at ridiculous state of our politcal climate.
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Pizza Gate
So we’ll done. Great program
episode 1
I enjoy your humor and insight but I request caution when mentioning organizations like Hobby Lobby whom are in support of far right Christian Nationalism. Also I hope you will do an episode on “Birds Aren’t Real”.
This dude!! I have been following him for a minute and I love,how witty and intelligent,he's,I appreciate him so much for,risking his well being,amogast all these crazy people......Thank you Jordan.
I’m dead🤣
So many questions finally answered! Normal people need help understanding these nut-bags. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Love this so much!!!!
Masterful, per usual
How do these Trumpers not understand the Jordan Klepper trap yet? You can’t escape it and it will be used against you. I’m so disappointed that the other half of the country is able to provide such a specific form of entertainment. Thank you, other half. I have no hope for humanity simply because you exist and speak the words you say.
c tooks
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