Kitty Radio
Kitty Radio
What happens between the sheets... doesn't always stay there! Hosted by comedian Cherelle Patrice and online personality Valorie Dash, Kitty Radio features today's hottest up and coming comedians, talking fantasies, fetishes and anything and everything sex related. It's the funniest, most raw sex talk show you'll ever hear. Who said sex can't be funny?
The Great Debate (Feat. Dave Brown & Codigo Red)
The Kitties go head to head with producer Dave Brown and radio host Codigo Red in the Great Debate! No topic is off limits and no holds barred. The panels debates everything from trapping men with babies to sponsoring lifestyles to how many sexual partners make someone a ho.
Nov 7, 2019
51 min
Trust Issues (Feat. comedian Alexis Miranda)
Trust, threeways, the morning after pill & creampies. Cherelle & comedian Alexis Miranda delve into how a trusting relationship can open up a world of sexual freedom & opportunities.
Oct 31, 2019
51 min
Kitty Conversations
Kitty Conversations is back! Cherelle & Valorie catch up & have an all out girl talk -- dating updates, break ups & makeups (one of the gals has a new boy toy!), genetically modified body parts, Build a Billionaire (aka Kylie Jenner we wanna be you!), 2020 presidential election & who you should vote for (it's not who you'd expect).
Oct 24, 2019
50 min
Press Play: Sex Tapes (Feat. comedian Tanjareen)
Sex tapes & who keeps the copy is only the beginning! Cherelle & comedian Tanjareen leave no stone unturned. They delve into how to lose your virginity, open relationships, best camera positions for taping sexual acts & much more...
Oct 22, 2019
55 min
Pregnant Sex (Feat. actor Cisco Reyes)
Can the baby feel it? See it? Hear it?! Is sex better before, after or during pregnancy? Newbie dad & actor, Cisco Reyes, dishes on pregnancy sex, scheduling sexy times post-baby & tips/tricks for inducing labor (...yes, it involves sex!)
Oct 19, 2019
53 min
Big Booty & Backshots (Feat. model Una Nedeljov)
Model & social media star, Una Nedeljov, schools Cherelle & Valorie on how to take backshots & reveals whether or not men fall more for a pretty face or a big booty. 
Oct 17, 2019
53 min
Rain Check? (Feat. comedian BT Kingsley)
Somethings in life are rain or shine... But is sex one of them? Cherelle & Valorie, along with comedian BT Kingsley, discuss rain checking sex.
Oct 15, 2019
51 min
Deep Voices Get All the Girls (Feat. rapper Jallal)
Los Angeles Rapper Jallal (& his amazing deep voice) join the ladies of Kitty Radio to discuss groupie tales & dating in LA. Plus, Cherelle ponders celibacy while Valorie gushes about her new boo.
Aug 30, 2019
53 min
"Ohhhhh God!" Great d*ck in Jesus name?! (Feat. comedian Pastor O)
"Yessssss! Oh Gooood! F*ck me harder!" She moaned... Sacrilegious? Or giving thanks to the One Above for the amazing sex you're having? Cherelle discusses morality, religion & sex with comedian (AND Pastor!) Olusheyi Adeeko aka Pastor O & debates whether you love God & great sex?
Aug 2, 2019
52 min
"Did I Just Get Peed On?" & Other Questions about Female Ejaculation (Feat. model Virdi B)
Wet the sheets? Cherelle & online personality/model Virdi B learn the difference between female ejaculation, squirting & pee, while discussing G-spots, edible panties & gym exercises that make you come (Cherelle has proof!)  
Jul 30, 2019
32 min
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