Kitchen Talk with Ken
Kitchen Talk with Ken
Ken Howell
Hey guys - my name is Ken Howell and I am excited to get this podcast going! I have over 20 years experience in the kitchen and bath industry as a designer, sales manager and owner of a successful rep agency in the Carolinas. This will be something a little different from my radio show days as we will still explore everything inside, outside and all around the home - but will put some more emphasis on trends in our industry, fundamentals in sales and marketing, building your brand and much more. We have great guests lined up from the get go! So tune in to Kitchen Talk with Ken!
Kitchen Talk with Ken - Episode #1
Hey guys - here we go! Join me this week on this introductory episode as I lay the groundwork for future shows. I did a quick 13 minute podcast will give you a glimpse in to my 20 year background as a kitchen and bath professional - from design, to sales, manufacturing, management and more! Hope you enjoy!
Apr 13, 2020
12 min