Kirby and Carlson
Kirby and Carlson
Talk Radio 570 KVI
March 16, 2020
13 minutes Posted Mar 16, 2020 at 2:51 pm.
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Show notes
Corona virus COVID-19 push back put in perspective, the dichotomy on social media about the 'Coronapocalypse' on one side and then the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 economic collapse will take down Trump's presidency, the uncertainty of a new strain of virus when there's no known vaccine, a WSJ columnist writes that COVID-19 can't spread if you're at home, an Evergreen Hospital ER doc is in ICU on a ventilator after treating an early patient who became COVID-19 positive, this ER doc's case shows that younger and relatively healthier people can contract COVID-19 with severe symptoms, a Kirby listener chided him for peddling panic as he discussed COVID-19 news last week, Germany has pulled a 180-degree turn on border security with the rise of the COVID-19 threat, where American's focus should be on COVID-19 instead of trying to score political points, why the economy will bounce back due to pent up demand, where to focus the debate regarding economic or government stimulus during COVID-19,