Kings of the Ring
Kings of the Ring
Mana Sports Media
The Legend of Jimmy Buck
1 hour 11 minutes Posted Jul 20, 2022 at 6:59 pm.
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Show notes
This is the RJ City Omnibus, a special offseason episode collecting the entire Jimmy Buck storyline from Seasons 3 & 4 starring AEW's RJ City as Jimmy Buck, along with Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler and 350 Days, as his manager Morty Rosenberg! This special episodes contains excerpts from Episodes:
  • #22 "Kickstart"
  • #23 "Training Day"
  • #24 "Mr. Miyagi"
  • #25 "Calling Kennedy"
  • #26 "Meat Unleashed"
  • #27 "USA! USA!"
  • #28 "Crazy Nights"
  • #29 "The Verdict"
  • #30 "Wrestle America"
  • #31 "Keep it in St. Louie"
  • #33 "Invitations"
  • #36 "Old Dogs"
  • #37 "Being the Elite"
  • #38 "Giving Thanks"
  • #39 "Super Bowl of Wrestling"
  • #40 "Empire-Mania 2"
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"Kings of the Ring" is written and directed by @SteveTeTai.  Sound Design and editing by Mana Sports Media.  Voice characterization by Steve Te Tai, with Guest Voice Actors RJ City (AEW), Cyrus Fees (UFC), and Evan Ginzburg (350 Days, The Wrestler).  For any questions or feedback email us at  and visit us at