Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast
Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast
Britt Mooney
Author, pastor, former missionary, and coffee guy Britt Mooney delves into the unifying theology and powerful spiritual reality of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Gospel Jesus preached. Interviewing and discussing the theology with a diverse group of other spiritual leaders, they express the revelation that changes the world.
Ep 141 - Holistic Kingdom Health / Susan Neal
God wants each part of us-spiritual, emotional, and physical-to be healthy and vibrant. Susan Neal joins the podcast to talk about wisdom with our physical health and how it impacts our emotional and spiritual being. Check out this great conversation!  Susan Nate website: Free Ebook, The Truth Makes Us FREE: Award winning We Were REborn for This: Follow on FB: 
Feb 16
28 min
Ep 141 - The Art of Story Telling / Zena Dell Lowe
Creativity is a redemptive act, and Christians should be pioneers and excellent artists and storytellers to share truth and hope with our world. But why aren't we? Zena Dell Lowe joins the podcast to share her experience, thoughts, and to inspire a new generation of Kingdom artists.  Check her out here: FREE book! - WE WERE REBORN FOR THIS: Follow on FB:  
Feb 2
38 min
Ep 140 - The Forensic Christian Life / Patricia Hartman
We're tempted to treat small things as insignificant, but small things can have big impacts. Patricia Hartman joins the podcast to talk about how she uses her forensic experience with her writing and ministry with marriages. Check out this great episode:  Patricia Hartman's website: FREE ebook from award-winning author Britt Mooney: Check out my latest book, We Were Reborn for This: Follow Kingdom Over Coffee on FB:
Jan 19
35 min
Ep 138 - Intimacy w/ God & TRUTH / Ava Pennington
We all want a great relationship with God. But intimacy must be based on Truth not our own preferences, ideas, or lies. Author Ava Pennington joins the podcast for a great conversation about the importance of Truth in our intimacy with God. Check it out!  Ava Pennington website: FREE ebook! We Were Reborn for This for $.99! Follow Kingdom Over Coffee on FB:
Jan 5
33 min
Ep 138 - Looking for God in Christmas Traditions / Linda Gilden
What are your favorite Christmas traditions or symbols? How can you see God in these traditions? Author Linda Gilden joins the podcast to talk Christmas traditions and how truth shows up within them.  Linda Gilden website: FREE ebook: We Were Reborn for This Only $.99! Follow on FB:
Dec 15, 2023
30 min
Ep 137 - Hope and Humor for Christmas / Michelle Medlock Adams & Andy Clapp
Christmas is considered the most wonderful time of the year. But many need hope and a little humor to make it through difficult times around the holidays. Authors Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp have a new devotional where they do just that. Join this great conversation where we laugh, reminisce, and talk about the hope for all people during Christmas.  Check out the Christmas Devotional here: Michelle Medlock Adams website: Andy Clapp webiste: Free book from author Britt Mooney! - Follow Kingdom Over Coffee on FB:  
Dec 8, 2023
57 min
Ep 136 - The Shift w/ Brock Heasley
Have you ever thought God has abandoned you? Writer/Director Brock Heasley joins the podcast to talk about his upcoming film from Angel Studios, what he's learned with God in the whole process, and the importance of hope in dark times.  Get tickets at  Get my Free Ebook! Buy my latest book, We Were Reborn for This on Amazon:
Nov 30, 2023
40 min
Ep 135 - Hope for the Prodigals / Lori Hatcher
We all have prodigals in our lives. Maybe we were one ourselves. Perhaps a child or friend or family member has gone their own way far from God. But there's hope! Author Lori Hatcher has experience with her own prodigal children and offers six ways to give us hope as we pray for the prodigals in our own lives. Check out this great conversation.  Check out more about Lori Hatcher: Free Ebook, the Truth Makes us FREE: Check out We Were Reborn for This: The Jesus Model for Living Heaven on Earth! Follow Kingdom Over Coffee on FB:
Nov 17, 2023
29 min
Ep 134 - Creativity & the Christian Life / Lora Zill
We are meant to live creative lives since we've been made in the image of God, who is the ultimate creator. Lora Zill joins the podcast for a great conversation about how Christians should be involved in the arts and creativity.  Check out Blue Collar Artist: Download FREE book: Buy my new book: Follow Kingdom Over Coffee on FB: 
Nov 3, 2023
35 min
Ep 133 - Biblical Worldview for Our Children / Sandra Chambers
In a world moving further and further away from the truth of God, we as parents need to make sure our kids have a biblical worldview to face the challenges of the day. Author Sandra Chambers joins us to discuss how to teach a biblical worldview to our kids.  Check out Sandra Chambers: Get my FREE book about living FREE! Be sure to check out my new book, We Were Reborn for This! Follow us on FB:
Oct 20, 2023
33 min
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