King of Quotes-Jelani Daniel
King of Quotes-Jelani Daniel
Jelani Daniel
I am happy to share my quotes with you as it is a passion of mine to be helpful to others.Use your wooden spoon while waiting for the silver one.A working mouse is more valuable than a talking lion.Most dreams are held captive by other people’s opinions. Jelani Daniel
Dec 25, #65
Anger will be your ultimate friend during your development. King of Quotes Jelani Daniel
Dec 25, 2021
2 min
Episode 64 Forward March
The forward march movement is built on a behaviour towards others. It is not guarded by race, wealth or education. Anyone can take up the leadership. I continue to push the doctrine of helping each other as it is a natural commitment that is not bought nor sold...Jelani Daniel
Jan 5, 2021
8 min
#Ep 63 Restart —The king of quotes
Some days the thief deserves his bounty.
Nov 29, 2020
8 min
#Ep 62
The only way I can achieve my dreams is by helping others achieve theirs. King of Quotes Jelani Daniel
Jul 19, 2020
7 min
Ep 61
Ambition does not have a twin. Jelani Daniel Make your move King of Quotes.
Jul 16, 2020
4 min
#Episode 60
Use your wooden spoon while waiting for the silver one. Be brave and take action now not later. We cheer for your victory
Jul 5, 2020
7 min
# 59 Don't scare your dreams to death.
Don’t you dare give up on your dream.
Mar 30, 2020
5 min
#58 Respect to one of my teachers and we must win.
Action, limit the talk. King of Quotes
Mar 29, 2020
10 min
#57 Don't be generous with your excuses.
On my journey of limiting my excuses. Jelani Daniel
Mar 26, 2020
7 min
#56 You can't own your life following someone else’s manual.
Be brave and write your own storyline.
Mar 25, 2020
7 min
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