Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast
Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast
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Sony and Xbox Homers
Love Tim, but everyone else is Sony and Xbox fanboys. Greg is anti Nintendo/Xbox/PC. Paris, Greg and Mike crap on Switch. Switch is outselling all of them. Bring on some Nintendo people. (Evident by dedicated xbox and sony shows but nothing for Nintendo). Sorry you guys are not balanced.
these guys just say words
Greg is miserable and it shows in the podcast
You guys are kinda funny
And I mean that in the best way. I love coming to your podcast to keep up with all things gaming. As a person who listens to podcasts all the time at work, you’re one of the better podcasts, and better ways to get my news on gaming so I know where to look in what little free time I have. Thank you for all you do! Keep up the good work and game on!
Great podcast i listen daily and it gets me hyped for upcoming games and consoles. Thanks for all the hard work. Love getting all the nerdy news I need to know about.
During ur multiverses episode u mentioned the game called vampires survive or how ever u name it reminded me of a mobile game called If u guys like the vampire game u will love the pls try it!!!!!
the wastelander lover
Just a reminder
Their mascot “Cool” Greg stalked a woman
Looking for a new video game podcast
Just done with everything KF. Negative attitudes all around. I don’t understand how they can do this for a living and hate everything they review. Oh yeah but somehow the last PlayStation state of play is 5 stars lol what a joke.
Great video game pod
Keep it going everyone!! This is an awesome video game podcast with relevant information and good takes.
Terrible host
Kinda Playstation Gamecast reviews Halo
Kinda funny rulesss
I’ve been listening to y’all for years but today I accidentally listened at half speed and at first I thought y’all were drunk then i realized. Anyway keep it coming
Doc Knox
It’s a shame
It’s hard to believe how much the quality of this podcast plummeted.
merca Hat
The Gold Standard
A masterclass of Kinda Funny Podcasting by Tim. Never change.
Hulk smash if you no listen!!
Nothing to say here
Great show, excited to see it improve as well
Hey cast & crew of Kinda Funny! I love listening to the podcast on a weekly basis. I love the flurry of random topics that show up. My only con to this show is I think Tim needs to tone down the Xbox bashing. I think the rest of the crew lately has been holding him more accountable. For example Blessing and team disagreed with him on the Xbox E3 press conference. The only reason why I bring it up (because I actually think Tim is really a great videogame journalist) is when he starts talking about anything Xbox, it can derail the show and kill the vibe. Which I don’t understand the Greg Miller hate or calling him a PlayStation fan boy, he’s a pretty big advocate for what Xbox has been doing.
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Best in the game.
Sad to see all the 1 star reviews from losers that are still mad about Greg single-handedly swinging the election with his Biden endorsement.
Purple kinda funny 10
Purple kinda funny 10. Purple kinda funny10 purple kinda funny 10 purple kinda funny 10 hold on.. I’ll just repeat this until you stop listening.
I used to love this show.
PLEASE stop talking about how so many things are racist. As a minority individual, you are lessening and manufacturing confusion of actual racism. Just because there is a stereotype or lack of a specific type of individual in a game, a movie, what ever, does not make it racist. Insensitive, maybe, but I even believe that is a stretch. I used to have so much fun with these shows, but now nearly everything involving a minority is racist in your shows. The direction the shows have taken are horrifying. For now, I will be unsubscribing.
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Long time Listener Disappointed
Every year kinda funny devolves into less analysis and more self indulgent ‘it’s funny because we yell and have said it 1000 times’. I like a lot of the people don’t get me wrong but hearing you all talk about politics when your only information sources seem to be late night comedy echo chambers and article headlines you scroll past on Reddit(even when I agree with what you say it’s not like anyone comes here to hear you say it). If you want to be political be informed, otherwise stick to your profession.
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Friends are accepting
This podcast cares more about activism then gaming and community. I just want to have fun with a gaming community. I already get enough preaching at church.
Please remove and dump Greg; he doesn’t know how to enjoy games and movies.
The Kraft Singles of gaming. Greg Miller is a try hard and believes he contributes more than he actually does to covering the industry. Cringe all around. Anything is better than this tripe.
Greg Miller
Tries to hard to be funny, he’s sucking the Fans for money, he’s loud arrogant, a hypocrite
Kinda Funny is kaka
Bad takes. Every year I try to listen to anything kinda kinda funny but it’s just dreadful.
Stevo the cruel
Kinda funny... but not really.
I don’t know what doesn’t sit well with me but not a fan. Listened for 2 months and decided I can do without.
Fake People
This podcast is so fake and corporate. Greg has gotten so much more corporate and sellout by the years. Get paid, cool. But it definitely comes across as affecting discussion and criticism. Listen to Giant Bomb or Sacred Symbols for better discussion.
Ditch Greg Miller
Good show but it would be incredible if they dumped Greg Miller.
Amazing Podcast with Great Conversations
Tim does an excellent job hosting this. Even when I don’t care about the game they’re discussing, the conversations are still worth listening to. I love the episodes with Blessing and Imran especially because they bring in new perspectives that Kinda Funny didn’t have last year. Keep it up!
Good gaming cast
Very good video game podcast. Enjoy most of the discussions. Imran is the king of spoilers so if you here him discussing a game...and don’t want to be spoiled...skip ahead. Blessing has been a great addition. Greg is a 3rd person action junky and Tim just plays Mariokart and Smash....
Marukka 0_0
Keep politics out
I cannot support their continued toxicity of their radical marxist ideas. The ever increasing political world finally broke them.
Great podcast
Been listening since Greg left IGN and of all the past hosts you’ve had, Andrea and Jarred were the best. Blessing is my least favorite and I don’t think he brings any interesting conversation to the table.
Great podcast
Fran is amazing!!!!
Show could be decent, but jeez, please get rid of Blessing. I literally unsubscribed because of how annoying he is.
Kinda Sony Pony’s But I Love It
Relatively new to podcast, and wanted to spread out and diversify the games media voices I listen too. Just started listening to these guys at the end of 2019 and have enjoyed every minute of it so far. The entire cast and the behind the scenes support they have are great, Kevin is my dude man and I enjoy it when he jumps in. Started to watch all of Kinda Funny content now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Title was not meant to disrespect btw.
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Gaming is their forte.
Even after all their shows, these is their bread and butter.
Love this podcast
For some reason I can not stop listening but it is not that good but I like the podcast way way more than I don’t
Love Greg and the boys
Kinda Funny make great content! It has not innovated enough lately however, and I only recommend this show and PS I Love You. Too bad many share the same opinions on video games and politics, and stop bringing on Gary Whitta. Guy is beyond toxic.
Could be worse, they could have Gary Whitta on every week and then we’d have to listen to nonsensical and nearly incoherent political shouting like a far left, British Alex Jones.
Hosts are terrible
It’s a video game podcast where the hosts have almost no idea about games outside of their personal bias. Bless and Imran are horrible. Trash show with trash people.
My name is Jacob
It is my birthday tomorrow🥳🥳🥳🥳
The gamescast has seemed lacking for a few months now. When I first started listening I went back and the podcasts were great but something started changing and I can’t put my finger on it. Now it feels off and is hard to get through an episode.
If you want a podcast with out the I’m the loudest in the room give me attention nonsense, checkout Colin’s Sacred Symbols podcast. His knowledge of the industry and chemistry with Chris ray gun makes these guys look like amateurs. Hindsight suggests Colin was right for leaving 👍🏼
Finally, Best Friends get a Blessing.
Blessing is the best thing to ever happen to this podcast. Sadly, because of this. I mostly only listen to PS I Love You xoxo. I don’t have a problem with any of the hosts. But something is missing from the show. It’s just not firing like it used to.
Everything About this show is awesome.
This is a great show for getting some insight on the games you’re looking forward to playing, don’t care about playing, or on the fence about playing. There is one huge annoyance I have as of late. I really really wish Fran would stop interrupting the other host right in the middle of a story. Dude we get it. You like the sound of your voice. Host your own podcast where you interrupt yourself. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not big on disliking qualities about people. But this is just a glaring issue that I cannot get over no matter how hard I try. And I don’t even 100% dislike the guy. But he seems a little too into himself or he’s trying to hard. I dunno Great show otherwise. The guys are really good at explaining mechanics, the gist of the story without spilling things and just giving an awesome overall general overview of games you’re curious about.
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Treat your fans as “best friends” not as your personal fundraiser
It has its moments, but Tim has little understanding of video games other than Nintendo, but he hosts a Gamescast? Makes no sense. The hiring of Fran was OK, and imran is completely irritating. Blessing was a terrific hire and I look forward to hearing him over the year. It all just feels so incredibly sloppy, and it’s hard to listen to when everyone is talking over each other. It’s a shame, because there is something really good there, but it fails to ever capture why video games are so important.
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Kinda over kinda funny
Gradually lost interest in this podcast. Trying to branch out too much. I used to listen to Greg and Colin back at ign. I have no animosity, just don’t find this entertaining anymore.
Jordan belcher
Volume 2 with a new cast
I am glad to be coming back to find a couple new voices. It sounds like with the variety of opinions that the conversation is more engaging to listen to. Now if they could just bring back Mobile Game or BS...
Best podcast people
The best podcast every
the most dope podcast
Best podcasters out there!
Best gaming show, very informative and funny (kinda)
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