Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast
Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast
Kinda Funny
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Add timestamps back. Stop moving backwards
Great blanket news overview show
As the subject states this show is great for the basic video game news with a very likable cast and crew. Don’t expect a very deep discussion from all sides of a topic though. They seem to tip-toe around the more controversial issues unless it’s an extremely popular opinion. Also, lacking subject matter experts for some genres, so some of your favorite games may get glossed over.
Great content, but..
I originally had this show rated at a four-star, but I am dropping it down to a three because they removed timestamps from the episode details. I only care about so many stories, and I don’t have time to listen to an hour and a half show every day. like I said, great content but I don’t need to hear everything.
Not what it used to be
Been a subscriber for a long time. Maybe it’s me but just don’t enjoy their content like I used to. Outside of Greg and Tim I don’t enjoy the show as much when others host. Miss guys like Gary Whitta who is rarely on anymore. The final straw for me was when they stopped doing time stamps. Sad to say I’m unsubscribing.
Good But Too Long
Long time fan of this crew and their other podcasts, but I’m unsubscribing from this one for now. The bloat and fluff is unbelievable. The conversations. They’ve become so repetitive, rambling, obvious. Every topic does not need 10mins. Several layoff stories in a row? Bundle them into 1 conversation. Somebody’s gotta do a better job of keeping their eye on the clock. That’s my main suggestion but if they also want to trim other fat and be more selective about their topic curation, I’m all for it. A daily update podcast should not be 1hr 45m. Hoping they tighten things up. I’ll return when this is an efficient 30/45mins.
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It’s ok ….
It’s ok except they spend 30 minutes promoting all their different platforms where they talk about video games and video game videos instead of talking about video games it’s very annoying they don’t get to any topic until 30 min later and it’s you can go check that out and check this out and they will be streaming this over here so check this out and it feels like they will never get to any topic
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Not welcome in the club
I enjoyed the gaming content for about a week, up until a rant on PC gaming. I didn't realize this was a console only show. I love games and really don't care what platform they are on, but the PC insults get old fast.
Too Much Fluff for Daily Podcast
This is a great podcast for gaming news. The problem is each episode is way too long for a daily/almost daily podcast. Theres too much fluff at the beginning and end of the podcast including the Roper Report- Bakers Dozen skit which is obnoxious to hear. Shorten it up, get rid of the fluff and this podcast would be 5 stars. One last note, Bless is annoying to listen to and has the most negligent opinions.
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Corvus Anduril
Self promotion bloatfest AKA 5 minutes of ads even on patreon AKA literally only Tim is worth listening to AKA unsubscribe
Blessing is a short king!
Please leave the super hat/handshake in permanently. It’s great to have 20 more minutes of you guys every day. I love this crew for the positivity and enthusiasm for building an inclusive team and community. Greg is committed to building a team that isn’t just white guys. Love the Latino, black, and female gamers representation.
Their connection to rooster teeth scares me. They are too biased to PS and it ruins the show. GET BLESSING OFF THE SHOW
A part of my daily routine
Listening to the KF crew has been part of my routine for ~years~. I followed Greg here from IGN, and it’s been pretty remarkable to see the team grow into the persuasive, thoughtful, and eclectic bunch it is today. Everyone on the team has their preferences, but that’s the point of these shows, to watch people with different opinions and perspective compare and contrast them to cover as much ground for a topic as possible. KF has never been better than it is right now, too. Great comedy, great dynamics, great discussions, great people—a Best Friend for Life, right here.
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Untrustworthy gaming news
Every host (except the occasional snowbikemike) is biased towards PlayStation. Ever since Blessing took over as producer, every topic always seemingly turns into a PlayStation discussion. On days where there’s negative PlayStation news everywhere, Kinda Funny glosses over it and never makes it a headline. If it’s negative Xbox news they go in on Xbox (and rightfully so sometimes) but PlayStation hardly gets deserved criticism on this “gaming news” show.
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PC Thugs
Host does not like PC players. I do my Turbo Tax on mobile. Thank you very much.
Stopped listening
Use to listen for a while… not anymore, which is a shame. The organization’s leadership and some personnel come off as inauthentic & rarely offer balanced, thoughtful analysis. Aside from the Xcast, expect KFG content to be delivered through “blue-tinted” glasses, so to speak. I understand it’s entertainment. However, for many of us gaming is a beloved hobby & we want to see this segment of the entertainment industry continue to grow.. it’d be nice to have high quality content that doesn’t perpetuate the gamer caricature and is respectful to gamers of all platform preferences
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Great and kinda funny
Greg craps on pc too much so here’s 1 star
Scuba Klown
Low audio quality
As long as these guys have been doing podcast it's amazing that they have such glaring audio issues, for example when they have a "work from home" episode the quality takes a huge step down because they rip the sound from discord. They also seem to care less and less for the audio listeners because they constantly talk about a video they are watching on air and the audio sometimes is just from the video and no description for a few seconds leaving the listener abandoned. Also the intro is sometimes missing or cuts in abruptly and the latest addition of ads in the beginning worsens this issue. Content wise it is as expected, daily video game talk with time stamps so you can skip to what you find interesting. They use a read from other sites approach to delivering to news to us, it gets a little robotic at times but usually I skip ahead a few seconds to the commentary. The cast is rotating and sometimes I'll skip an episode because certain match ups I just can't get into. But Greg Miller is the glue and reason I come back. The low rating is not trolling I hope they see this and try to improve because they have all the tools to make a near perfect production.
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Bru hush
If y’all don’t like this podcast don’t even say nothing y’all are just ruining it for other people, when you say this is bad then just say it in yo head
Jonah 🖤
I Love this Show!
I love listening to your show! It’s great to hear friends laughing and talking about what they love! Your reviews are very helpful and you bring a lot of excitement to video games.
It’s evolved
When it’s started it was legit gamers and now they come off like a bunch of corpo’s pushing product all the time. Not sure if they’d opinion is sponsored by something or genuine. It’s evolved into something that feels fake and sponsored
blessing gotta go
(See 1-Star review title)
He’s back!
We have missed you!
Great show except…
…dude screams “AKA” in such an annoying manner. Prob just me….
A disappointment app
Too political
I dropped this show for over two years because it got too political. I decided to give them another try when no elections were going on and I hoped they would have dropped that stuff. It turns out they have not. They are closed to any opinions other than their own and every episode turns into a political discussion in which they virtue signal as much as possible. If you want an extremely liberal political show that sometimes talks about video games, this is the show for you. If you want to hear about video games and only video games, look elsewhere. I’m very sad to see how bad kinda funny has gotten.
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disapointed otto
Podcast isn’t kinda funny, nor is it kinda insightful or kinda engaging. Not quite as bad as the pure conversational gaming poopcasts like giant bomb but very mediocre.
Another liberal podcast…
Everyone is entitled to their own options, whether or not you are butt hurt. I don’t support mental illness, but I do support people getting professional help to overcome. Very childish, someone has a different view than what I feel is right. Waaaah. Horrible podcast👍
Video game news
Then they start talking about politics
Harley Quinnx
Pretty cool
Kinda awesome and daily
de boi 67
Won’t review games
One of the biggest games of the year and they won’t review it (Hogwarts legacy). There video editor Barry calls anybody that don’t think the way he does is and idiot. Punishing the devs that made this game because of somebody else is messed up.
Proppy gandy
Buncha prop on this show. It would be one thing if they had any diversity of opinion, but they don’t. And they don’t provide any reasoning for their claims. It’s just one big echo chamber. No thanks! Colin’s last stand does much much better on that front.
Love this show
Nice mix of news, humor, and a bit of rumors.
Justin roiland
This show had an abuser on their show, and once he was gone they covered his crimes and took a stance on them without publicaly stating that they had him on their show and made money off it. I used to love this company but now I feel like they will put profit over morality and not take responsibility for it, all whilst claiming to be against the exact things the show guests are guilty of.
Dustin p
Best video game show on the web.
90% ads promotions and rambling 10% video games
The best video games news source
Love the show. Love the hosts. Thanks!
Love it
You guys are great love everything but can you guys talk about rust or cod more
Dropped this show like a rock after it became a political platform
Skip the first 10 minutes
Skip the first 10 minutes when they circle jerk each other and put themselves over then it’s a decent show. Random ignorant takes by Barrett is also a bummer.
Wonder if these guy’s are on adderall
Great daily gaming news podcast
I have been listening for almost two years now and I can say that sometimes when I am in the mood for a little gaming news I come here. The hosts are good and sometimes balance each other out. Good show overall.
Love Tim. Hate Greg. Love Blessing.
Blessing and Tim are genuine nice people. Love gaming and are positive influences in the industry. Greg hates Nintendo, PC, and Xbox, and anime and literally everything outside his wheelhouse. He can be a jerk to everyone including listeners/fans. Atleast Tim and Blessing make the shows something to look forward to it. Greg was probably bullied when he was overweight now takes it out on everyone. Very sad.
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Would be 5 stars but they get political sometimes
Good content
Listened from the beginning and has gone down hill since Blessing. I skip every episode he hosts. Greg, Tim, and Gary are the only good hosts. Bring back Andrea.
Games not politics
We have political views shoved down our necks everywhere else.. why here? Used to be my favorite show. Greg take this back and get control
Sometimes makes you wanna skip
Maybe it’s the Tam episodes, I don’t know if it is his opinions but it just puts me off. The rest of the hosts are not as negative on occasion, so maybe it’s been the topics Tam gets to discuss.
Fruitful Listener
I have this game called “” and this funny thing happend!!! Someone said W then another guy said A and then a said T then we realized WAT lol
the END end end
Love this Podcast
Guys love this podcast and all the others, I am Kinda Funny fan all the ways lol. But anyways I have to say shout out to Tim because I understand how listeners would want the show ad free, but to be honest who wouldn’t want to hear Tim’s voice talking about ads. Look I am a full straight man but Tim’s voice would be lovely to wake up to in the morning lol. Guys keep up the good work.
Colin was right
Used to really enjoy this pod, but during the pandemic things changed. Became heavily politicized and unwelcoming to those who have differing views. They were always left leaning as many people in the industry are, which is fine, but it has gotten to an evangelical level now. They're biased towards Microsoft even though they have a dedicated pod for that. That's not what I want when I'm looking for objective game news. Janet and their producers are also insufferable. Great production value though I'll give them that
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Stater listening for the games, left for the politics.
Wanted game talk, not your opinions on political matters.
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