Kicking Stones podcast
Kicking Stones podcast
Rick and James
We are a Dr. Stone manga Podcast, where we will be going through the very beginning of the series, along with chapter discussions as well as theories and predictions.
We're Back! Sort of...
We're back! well sort of, we discuss the new Dr. Stone One Shot that was featured in Jump on July 3rd 2022
Jul 12, 2022
1 hr 3 min
Creator Spotlight: Shonen Ouji
Welcome to Creator Spotlight, a new series where the cast of the Kicking Stones podcast discuss Dr. Stone as a whole with a featured guest. This episode we are honored to have Shonen Ouji on. please check out their channel
Apr 23, 2022
59 min
Final Chapter: Dr. Stone
In this episode we read through and discuss the final chapter of Dr. Stone. Chapter Readthrough-03:36 Chapter Discussion and listener Comments-31:04 Outro-01:15:52  
Mar 15, 2022
1 hr 19 min
No Maidens?
we go over chapter 231
Mar 7, 2022
45 min
Why-Man and Human
This week Robert Adams(@MasterMindRob7 and @DadNeedsToTalk) from Dad Needs To Talk Podcast along with Derek(@Greatbigsword) and James (That1WelderGuy) read through and discuss chapters 229 and 230. and also discuss the possible end that might be coming sooner than expected. chapter readthrough 11:41 Chapter Discussion 37:41 Roundouts 52:20
Feb 24, 2022
54 min
It Was You
we discuss chapters 228 and 229
Feb 21, 2022
58 min
Giant Step
We finally made it to the moon. 
Jan 31, 2022
35 min
Host James(@That1WelderGuy) along with Kendra(@sniperofmyheart) and Derek(@Greatbigsword) go over chapter 225 of Dr. stone. chapter readthrough-02:13 Chapter Discussion-14:53 Roundouts-27:54
Jan 17, 2022
30 min
In Space
The Kingdom of Science goes over chapter 224 chapter read through 1:12 Chapter discussion 16:55 roundouts 29:18
Jan 9, 2022
32 min
Taiju Get Iphone
Taiju finally get's Iphone! @Greatbigsword and @sniperofmyheart along with host @That1WelderGuy discuss chapters 221-223. Launch Day is here! Time Stamps: Chapter Readthrough 06:16 Chapter Discussion 57:01 Roundout 01:09:28
Dec 28, 2021
1 hr 14 min
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