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Kick Rocks
28 minutes Posted May 27, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

Welcome to The Kick Ricks podcast, where we dive deep into the world of professional wrestling and beyond! In this episode, we had the incredible honor of sitting down with the one and only Samoa Joe, a legendary figure in the wrestling industry.

During our captivating interview, we explored the remarkable journey of Samoa Joe's career, from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most dominant forces in the squared circle. We delved into the pivotal moments and challenges that shaped him into the powerhouse performer he is today.

But our conversation didn't stop there. We also had the privilege of discussing Samoa Joe's rich cultural heritage and how it has influenced his approach to wrestling. We explored the importance of representation and diversity in the industry and how Samoa Joe has used his platform to inspire others.

In addition to wrestling, we took a fascinating detour into the world of pop culture and gaming. We uncovered Samoa Joe's love for the iconic video game franchise, Twisted Metal, and explored his prowess as a gamer. From his favorite games to his thoughts on the gaming industry, we got an inside look into the multifaceted world of Samoa Joe.

And how could we forget the hot topic of the moment? We dived into the highly anticipated return of CM Punk and Samoa Joe's perspective on this monumental moment in wrestling history. We got the inside scoop on his thoughts, reactions, and the potential impact of CM Punk's return to the ring.


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